Readmittance of Aleutia

  • General Arthur George, the Aleutian dictator, took the stage and address the Union for the first time since he violently united the nation;

    "Esteemed Representatives of the Union,

    First, I'd like to thanks the people of Europolis and the Council for their warm welcome. It is such an honor for me to stand here among the most honorable individuals and nations of Europe to represent my beloved country.

    As many of you already know, we, Aleutians, have always considered our country an inseparable part of the Union. For years, when Aleutia was still a stable and prosperous country, we had never stopped working for and promoting a united, rich, and tolerant Europe. Nonetheless, three years ago, our beautiful nation was saddenly struck by an unprecedented disaster, a communist rebellion. The ruthless communist terrorists had destroyed our capital, our economy, and the very fabric of our society, national unity.

    But as God will it, the mighty armed forces of Aleutia, under the leadership of my brilliant generals, have successfully subdued the Godless communists and anarchists and have put them back to their place: non-existence. Order rose from chaos. Peace has triumphed over war. And unity once again reigns over Aleutia.

    Now standing before you, I, on behalf of my country, formally petition for and request:

    • The Union and the member states to RECOGNIZE the Republic of Aleutia as the legitimate successor of the former Confederacy of Aleutia.
    • The cessation in recognition of the Confederacy of Aleutia and all claims made by the self-proclamed government of the Confederacy.
    • The admittance of the Republic of Aleutia to the European Union.

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen. We, the people of Aleutia, are looking forward to hearing from your quick and just decision."

    Some backgrounds on Aleutia:

    Prior to the Communist Revolution, Aleutia existed as a constitutional monarchy and federation called the Confederacy of Aleutia. The country was ruled by a democratically elected and often centrist government. Aleutia successfully maintained its armed neutrality in the heated competition between the Soviet Union and the Western countries, namely Belarum and Triera, for many years.

    The Aleutian government's failure to lift the country out of an economic depression 3 years ago resulted in mass demonstration and finally a revolution staged by the communist party, a rather large and legitimate party, with the supports of the moderate socialists and many frustrated citizens who had recently been unemployed by the depression.

    In response, the government of the right centrist, Christian Democrat Prime Minister Joseph McLauren, sent in the army, led by General Arthur George, to break up the demonstrations and rebellion. Subsequent skirmishes broke out between the army and the communist militia, armed by [fill in], in numerous cities across the country. Heaviest fightings took place in Anchorage, the nation's biggest and most industrialized city.

    The brutality of the conflict and international pressure prompted the Prime Minister to seek negotiation with the rebels. But as the army was ordered to withdraw from Anchorage, General Arthur George, a ferocious anti-communist and ambitious personality, refused to obey the order and instead, staged a military coup which ousted the centrist government of Aleutia. The Prime Minister and many members of the cabinet and the Parliament fled the country and take refuge in [fill in] and [fill in]. General George went on to battle both the communist, based in Anchorage, and the supporters of the democratic government.

    After 3 years of civil war, general Arthur George eventually gained the upper hand as he successfully suppressed the democratic fraction as well as pushed the communists out of the big cities and into the isolated mountainous region along the border with Belarum (spot #3 on map).

    In May, general Arthur George declared himself Lord Protector of all Aleutians and declare Aleutia a Republic.

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    Howard S?nger, Grossdeutscher envoy to the European Union Council, stood up to speak:

    The government of the Grossdeutsches Reich will only accept a democratic Aleutia to the union. However, we are in favour of provisionally recognising and integrating the Republic of Aleutia into the EU until elections take place and democracy is restored.

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    Angleter concurs with the German position, and we would also desire a plebiscite on a return to monarchy.

  • Hans K?chler stood to speak, arguing against recognition of the 'Republic of Aleutia':

    _While it may sometimes be necessary to negotiate with those who currently hold power in Aleutia, we must not forget that General Arthur George has no mandate to govern on behalf of the people of Aleutia. The general and his supporters have overthrown their nation's democratically elected government and, through use of military force, gained control of the state. To recognise the general's government would only serve to discount the voices of the people of Aleutia, who not only did not vote for the military 'government' but fought to preserve Aleutia's democracy from this general who now stands before the Council.

    Additionally in his speech to the Council the general argued that non-existence was the proper place for communists and anarchists. Surely this argument implies violations of the human rights of Aleutian citizens based on their political opinions.

    In short Brecon will not trample upon the rights of the Aleutian people by recognising the military-imposed 'government' of general Arthur George as the legitimate Aleutian government. _

  • MEP Antonio Panzeri stood next.

    "Nazione Italiana will support Aleutia in this bid only because it is a sign toward national unity and normalcy in a disorganized state. However, we urge the General to prove to this Council that the rights of its citizens, whom he wishes to make Europeans once again, are indeed standard with the rest of Europe and are constitutional."

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    Praetor Hoiricus Malsteern, Os Corelia's European Council Member was the next councillor to take to his microphone

    _'I believe what I have to say will echo resonant with previous councillors comments. Os Corelia is a strong believer in Democracy and we need evidence of this. European support in organising elections would be useful but we want a provisonal level fo entry into the Union. Aleutia should be offered assistance by the EU until elections are carried out, if they are deemed fair and democratic then Aleutia can be admitted as a member.'

    'To summarise EU asisstance should given for elections but Aleutia should not be granted EU membership until the democratic system is complete and deemed within line to EU protocol'_

  • _"We fully understand the concerns our friends in the Union about the state of democracy in Aleutia. However, my esteemed representatives of the Union, you also need to consider that since the war just ended in less than three months, Aleutia is in dire need of stability. Hence the provisional government of the united Aleutia has deemed it is necessary to maintain a strong military rule in the country to restore order.

    Nonetheless, the revival of the democratic values of Aleutia has always been the cornerstone and the main goal of the Council of General's policies ever since we took up this fight against the communist terrorists and the corrupted and ineffective government of the former Prime Minister. Therefore the provisional government has decided, in a period of three months, to hold a general referendum in which the people of Aleutia will decide the form and political composition of their government.

    In meantime, we request the European Council to withdraw its recognition of and supports for the Confederacy of Aleutia and the former government of Aleutia for these entities no longer represent the people of Aleutia."_

    OOC: btw, anyone wanna host the Aleutian government-in-exile or support the communist revolutionaries?

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    The Government of the Reich is highly satisfied by the Council of General's wish for peace and will give it's full support to the democratic referendum. Thus, we will be oficially, and temporarilly, recognising the Republic of Aleutia as the successor of the Confederacy of Aleutia until the celebration of the referendum. Then, we'll see what happens... If the people of Aleutia declare that they want to be a Republic, then we will definitely recognise the Republic of Aleutia as the official and legitimate successor to the Confederacy of Aleutia.

    Edit: OOC: If you want, the exiled Aleutian government can be hosted by the Reich in Munich.

  • OOC: I would be happy to provide support to the communist faction.

  • OOC: I too could pprovide support for the communists

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