Os Corelia - Pax Aurea - Summit of Friendship

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    Stratton Beck Parliament Centre

    Os Corelia - Pax Aurea Summit of Friendship

    Stratton Beck, Starliousa

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  • Channel I News
    by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Company (CBC)

    Os Corelia Hosts a Historical Corelian-Aurean Summit of Friendship

    The face of a lovely, dark-haired woman in her mid-thirties appears on the TV screen.

    "Good evening. I am your news anchor, Amanda Petruvius.

    Today marks a historical event in our nation's foreign relations with our fellow European Union member Os Corelia, as the Commonwealth's highest leadership began its four-day-long visit in the Parliamentary New Republic."

    The newsfeed cuts to a panoramic view of the international airport of Stratton Beck. Three sleek airplanes tinted with golden shades have just landed, and a number of Aurean politicians are making their way to the Corelian soil.

    "President Julia Glorius, Prime Minister Gaius Proctus, Consul Servilia Daniolaus, several ministers and special representatives from various ministries are taking part in the diplomatic visit. The purpose of the Summit is to strengthen the ties between the Aurean and Corelian people and discuss about trade pacts and cultural exchange, among other topics, between the leadership. President Glorius gave a short speech to the press immediately after her arrival to the city of Stratton Beck."

    The camera focuses on a small woman of frail build standing behind a podium, with both the Aurean and the Corelian flags behind her back. For the visit, she is dressed in the traditional blue-white-gold palla and long stola. Her raven-black hair is short, her eyes calm and grey. Smiling gently, the 44-year-old President addresses the journalists.

    "I am honoured and pleased to be able to visit this beautiful nation and get a chance to become more familiar with her people and leaders. I wish to express my warmest thanks to Viscount Xavier for this opportunity, and I remain confident that these four days will usher forth a whole new era between our two peoples."

    The camera cuts back to Amanda Petruvius.

    "From the airport, the Aurean delegation was taken to their respective lodgings. President Glorius and Mr Glorius were warmly received at the magnificent Stratton Palace while Prime Minister Proctus met with his colleague, Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo, at the Leigard House.

    Later that evening, at 19:00 local time, the delegation were treated with a formal dinner with the members of the Corelian Parliament. The dinner was served in the lovely Parliament Center of Stratton Beck."

    The camera first shows a view of the Parliament Center, then a few selected shots of the delegation and the Corelian politicians having their dinner of exquisite vegetarian courses.

    "After the dinner, the delegation was escorted to Dock Keys where the leading musical talents of Os Corelia entertained their Aurean guests. The famous Dock Keys Grand Band received standing ovations, and the President in particular seemed pleased with the performance."

    A short clip about the Grand Band is presented to the audience.

    "President Glorius will meet with Viscount Kalistus Xavier tomorrow, after which the two heads-of-state will have a private discussion. We will continue to monitor the progress of the Summit and return to the topic in our news later today..."

  • From the personal diary of Julia Glorius

    Tired but happy. After all the formalities, the dinner, and the performance at Dock Keys, Flavius and I have finally been able to retire to our quarters. I should be already in bed and not writing this -- tomorrow is an important day, and not only to me but to the entire Pax Aurea.

    Hmm. Maybe that sounded a bit pompous, but I really believe this Summit to be one of the most important events in this year's foreign relations.

    It is almost a shame the Commonwealth has had so little official dealings with the Corelian people until now. But if it's up to me, I try my best to ensure that this will change soon.

    Everyone's been extremely friendly to the entire delegation. For the generations to come, I must record the unending patience of the gently smiling gentleman with a mustache -- a member of the Corelian parliament, certainly, but I'm afraid I never got a chance to learn his name -- who listened to Gracchus Hironius's overly eager chatter during the entire dinner. Hironius is always bustling with energy, to the extent I sometimes fear he might just explode. A nice young man, but... a bit wearing, at times.

    Ah, yes, the dinner! If Flavius cooked as well, we wouldn't need a chef. The olive pastries in particular were heavenly. I must remember to do some grocery espionage and get that recipe. Hmm. Too bad we didn't bring any members of the Secret Service with us.

    I have to confess I'm very curious about the Viscount. Despite reading his file, I know little about him. I do have a good feeling about him, though. Flavius tends to say my instincts about people are often right, so I'm confident about the upcoming negotiations. There's a lot both Pax Aurea and Os Corelia can gain from closer ties.

    And here I am, politicking again. Poor Flavius. He never complains, although I know he's not too enthusiastic about these formal visits and other events. He's never been into politics... so of course his wife had to become the President of the Commonwealth! And I know he'd rather be out there exploring the museums and historical sites of Stratton Beck than smiling to the press and the foreign politicians. He's always been passionate about history. The third day of the Summit should allow us a short break or two during which we might be able to get a few glimpses of this beautiful city and learn more about the culture of our generous hosts.

    Earlier today, when we were on our way to the Parliament Center, I saw an adorable little girl who was waving tiny Corelian and Aurean flags, both of them. Smiling ever-so-sweetly. If that's not a good omen, then I don't know what is.

    Oh, look at the time. I really have to put away my laptop and head to bed. I can hear Flavius's snoring already. Oh dear. I do hope he doesn't cause a diplomatic incident with that terrible noise he makes.

  • From: Prime Minister Gaius Proctus
    To: Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo

    Dear Prime Minister,

    With this informal note delivered to you, I would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the topics President Glorius would be interested in discussing with the Viscount during their meeting on Friday.

    • EMBASSY PROGRAM. It would greatly benefit our nations to establish a larger ambassadorial presence to our nations' capitals. Pax Aurea would be ready to offer the historical Porpyrus House in the capital city of Pacifica to the Corelian ambassador's use; the building has enough room to house a staff of 100 persons. The building is located close to the Senate Hall, next to the picturesque Arboretum Rosarium.

    • INVESTING IN CORELIAN INDUSTRY. Despite the worldwide depression, the economy of Pax Aurea has been growing steadily in this year. We would be interested in getting more involved with the various markets of Os Corelia.

    • INVESTING IN AUREAN INDUSTRY. Several branches of Aurean industries are eagerly looking for foreign investors. The most prominent examples would include our computer software companies, hi-tech electronics firms, solar panel and wind turbine technology producers, vertical farming corporations, and employers of our aquacultural sector (which includes for example kelp, seaweed, and plankton farming, industrial biomass production, coral jewellery industry, and oceanic luxury products such as exotic aquarium fish).

    • LOOKING FOR TRADE PARTNERS. Being a nation of islands, Pax Aurea has limited supplies of metals. We would be interested in making deals about raw materials such as iron, aluminum, and copper, and refined products of heavy industry. Also, we would be most keen to offer you any of our major exports.

    • IMMIGRATION & CULTURAL EXCHANGE ISSUES. At the moment, there's but a very small Corelian minority residing in Pax Aurea. We would like to seek ways to increase the free movement of people between our nations, for example with student exchange programs, science & technology conventions, joint cultural events and exhibitions, and more.

    • SAFE SEAS. Pax Aurea has no army of its own beyond the small Border Guard and Coastal Guard divisions that are more a police force department than soldiers. If and when traffic between our nations grows, coordination and cooperation between our customs, police, and coastal authorities would benefit both parties in the EU's common strife against smuggling, drug dealing, and illegal human traffic. The very low crime statistics of both of our nations will most likely ensure, however, that dealings between Pax Aurea and Os Corelia will proceed without friction.

    Gaius Proctus
    Prime Minister

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    To: Prime Minister Gaius Proctus
    From: Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo

    Dear Prime Minister,

    The topics have been welcomed by the viscount who is keen on engaging on the subjects your President has requested. Feel free to speak you mind freely on issues and give your full opinion as our Viscount is a man who likes to talk things straight and not butter things up.

    This discussion can lay down a foundation for both of our nations to prepare a relavent treaty document to present.

    We hope you enjoyed the night's entertainment and food, we certainly enjoyed your company,I simply enjoy finding out about your culture as it fascinates me and especially about your arts programmes.

    kind regards,
    Dorelia Astollo

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    Viscount Journal

    Our evening has been entirely enjoyable engaging with our Aurean friends discussing a wide variety of things form our cultural similarities and differences to European Matters.

    The President of Pax Aurea is a strong politican who I know has the same passions as I even though our conversation was not as lon as I would have liked. I do look forward to our conversation tomorrow.

    I feel our inter-nation relations with Pax Aurea will aid in uniting our European Community into a time of friendship where our differences are nto our problems..hmm might use that line in a speech!

    I have seen our topics of discussion but feel that preparing a response would be nothing short of an insult, we have to be honest to make relationships work. I enjoy conversing in politics and talkoin about the betterment of our nations.

    Right journal I better get my cup of cocoa and take to rest with my wife has been a long day!

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    Stratton Palace Reception Room

    _The Viscount entered the chamber after a delightful lunchtime meal of soup de les legumes as tasty treat indeed. He felt trim in his new suit he ordered for the occasion but chose not to wear a tie, he wondered if the press would comment but then thought that was not a realistic worry, he was not a shallow man.

    He sat down in his favourite chair, the reception room chair had to exceptionally comfy as for good business one's posteriere must be suitably pampered!

    He read through the statistics he was given by the Prime Minister to use at his disposal and often raised his eyebrows at the impressive stats infront of him.

    His PA Leilandera came in to inform that President Glorius had arrived. _

    Ah President Glorius welcome to my reception room you are the first foreign dignitary to christen this room

    The Viscount warmly gesutred the President to take a seat

    Right shall we begin? Is there a particular topic you would like to beign with?

  • [OOC: I was unsure about how to address a Corelian Viscount, so I decided to settle with the plain and simple "Sir".]

    President Julia Glorius gave the Viscount a bright smile as she took her seat next to him.

    "Thank you, sir. If I may be frank here... I would like to offer you my sincerest thanks of the treatment me and my delegation have received here. So far, every single one of us has thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your beautiful country. The Summit could not have begun better.

    I trust that Mr Proctus delivered the unofficial note to his Corelian colleague? Excellent. As said, the list contained some of the aspects the cooperation between our two nations might include. For my part, I must apologize for the way these matters were brought to your attention -- because of my tour in our Caribbean provinces, commonly known as the Outremer Colonies, I did not have as much time as I would have preferred to prepare for this meeting; but then again, I trust that these issues are better to be discussed face to face anyway.

    Among the topics of importance, the Prime Minister mentioned the possibility of a cultural exchange program between Pax Aurea and Os Corelia. Personally, I feel that the best way to bring two peoples closer to each others is to give the people a chance to see, feel, experience, and explore the uniqueness of the culture in question -- not only on statesman level, but also bring these matters to the Average Caius, so to speak.

    Therefore, I would like to propose -- if it pleases you, sir -- that we could form a committee consisting of both Corelians and Aureans hailing from various important fields of cultural life: academics and scholars, artists and musicians, writers and inventors, clergymen and entertainers. This committee would then be responsible for organizing joint events, such as art exhibits, rock band tours, summits for the important religious figures, sport events, "The Ten Things You Should Know About Os Corelia/Pax Aurea" theme days in schools, and so forth.

    How would you feel about this proposal, sir?

    My husband Flavius, I should add, would love to take part in this committee. History in particular is his passion, and nothing would please him more than to be able to immerse himself in your museums, national libraries, and archaeological sites. He could also be of great assistance when it comes to highlighting some of the noteworthy aspects of Aurean past and present."

    Glorius flashes a quick, a bit lopsided smile to the Viscount.

    "He would also sigh a little when we must move on from matters of culture to matters of, well, money. But I think I speak for both of us, sir, when I say that during these times of economic uncertainty, both Pax Aurea and Os Corelia would greatly benefit from increased trade and investments to our respective markets.

    The ministries of commerce, finances, and foreign trade have prepared a draft proposal I would like to present to you.

    First, to attract especially Corelian investors to our domestic markets, Pax Aurea is ready offer a -10% "discount" on corporate taxes for two years for those Corelian corporations that open up a new office of operations in the Commonwealth during this year.

    The same discount would be offered to those corporations that are ready invest a certain -- at this time still undefined -- sum of money to Aurean stocks of any kind.

    I'm sure the Prime Minister brought up some examples of the branches of industry our nation excels in?

    Second, I would like to investigate the possibilities we Aureans would have with the companies and experts of your nation on the field of engineering and city planning. Allow me to elaborate a little..."

    Glorius brings out a tiny tablet computer, not larger than a sleek cell phone, and shows the Viscount a few images and diagrams.

    "As you know, Pax Aurea is an island nation. Besides the main island -- Aurea -- off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the Commonwealth is scattered on many smaller isles along the western coast of Africa and the Caribbean Sea. There is only so much land for the ever-growing cities. We have large nature preserves, especially in the tropic; many of those rainforests contain rare wildlife not seen in anywhere else on this planet. And as the population of our nation grows year by year, we're running out of building space, simply put, and the skyscrapers of our metropolises raise ever higher.

    More and more people need to be housed with less and less space available, especially since we like to have room for parks and gardens in our cities. Already, vertical farming in very large building complexes is used to provide food to the swelling cities... and now we're turning our eyes to the possibilities the so-called megastructure engineering can offer us.

    Megastructures, or arcologies, are basically little cities themselves, huge complexes with apartments, offices, shops, medical clinics, schools -- everything, really. The Japanese Shimitzu Megacity concept is a good example of this kind of building style. But, obviously, projects of this magnitude need brilliant engineers and architects, large shipments of raw and processed materials, durable but light composites and alloys, and so forth. Not to mention the financial burdens.

    Therefore, my question is this: would Os Corelia have anything to offer us on this front? We would be most interested in cooperating with Corelian material producers, corporations and specialists with these near-future projects.

    Ah, yes, and that reminds me of yet another matter... Our Minister of Aquaculture, Mei Li, asked me to inquire about the possibilities of our seafood producers and developers might have in Os Corelia. Thanks to the recent growth our economy has been blessed with, many corporations are looking for new areas where to expand.

    And, naturally, I am open for any and all suggestions you might have, Mr Xavier."

    The President took a breath after her long monologue and leaned back in her chair, eager to hear what the Viscount would think of the proposals.

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    _The Viscount leant forward with folded hands with his chin rested on his index finger _

    First of all none of this sir business President my name my mother bore me is Kalistus and that's a name you can call me.

    These ideas you have, president, are on face value impressive and something I know we are interested in as a nation.

    Culture & The Arts are held in high steem and importance to Corelian society as a whole our citizens love to creatively express ourselves from great murals to political satyr, I personally enjoy the cartoons that make fun of me very ingenius comedy and what are we if we can't laugh at ourselves once in a while.

    The comittee is nothing short of an excellent idea gathering like minded people to arrange such cultural events that can teach us so much about each other and celebrate our differences and similarities. This must be on our treaty and will be on our draft we release at the beginning of the meeting tomorrow.

    From what you speak of your Husband it would be invaluable to have him on such a comittee.

    Now to the business of business

    The Viscount chuckled at himself pleased with his joke

    Our chancellor of the national economy has given me some last minute stats to deal with

    he put on his glasses and picked up a document form the seleciton of the coffee table

    Our building industry is quite prominent -CosBuild Industries the conglomerate of our building materials and production industry companies have yielding a sizeable profit and would be willin to undertake such a project. They recently built the ELDL headquarters complex in Kaldoon as well as Embassy District.

    Our investment interest would be in computers and renewable energy we could infact use you assistance in creating more sources of renewable energies.

    Seafood industries are also key here fishing is the major industry in our cities of Kaldoon, Port Harbour and there are multiple communities off the coast. We would like to to track a link with distributers of our fish as we only have the means to distribute within our country. We can see things flowing on a European scale.

    This again will be written into our agreement drafts for tomorrow.

  • The President nodded.

    "This sounds very promising indeed. Although I cannot claim to be an expert on the matter, I do remember reading many positive reports and evaluations about the contributions and effectiveness of CosBuild Industries. Their participation in the arcology projects would be extremely valuable to us.

    And", she smiled a bit mischievously, "a foreign competitor on the market should also stir up the soup a little and make our own Aurean companies double-check the contracts they're trying to advertise to our government.

    Now then... When it comes to helping you with your seafood distribution, well, this is something Pax Aurea can indeed do something about. Because many of our provinces lie in great distance of each others, and the ancestors and our ancestors' ancestors have all been seafaring people, our maritime capabilities are superb, if you allow me to boast a little. We have numerous large-scale cargo companies doing shipping to, from, and in all parts of the world, and I'm certain they would be more than willing to add Os Corelia on their list of clients. Hmm. Golden Line Shipping Services and PAX Cargo are two of the most notable freight companies operating under the Commonwealth flag.

    I'm certain this agreement would help your companies get an even more firm foothold on the Caribbean and Far East markets. Fish food, on the other hand", the President smiled somewhat apologetically, "would not find too good a market in the Commonwealth itself because of the unpopularity meat-eating, hm, "enjoys" among our people these days. However, as said, I'm sure our Ministry of Foreign Trade can broker many profitable deals between your producers and our distributors.

    The renewable energy technology is my personal pet project of a sorts, something I've treasured during my entire term as the head of state, and something that began while I was still the Minister of Environment. And at the moment, I am more than pleased to say that approximately 75% of Pax Aurea's energy needs are produced using renewable energy sources: rooftops are covered with solar panels, windparks dot the shorelines and are even built in the sea, new tidal powerplants are being constructed, cheap biomass of plankton origin is turned into biofuels, and we are becoming more and more independent from the fossil fuels, thank goodness. It's been far from cheap", Glorius sighes, "and I must confess I myself had moments of doubt when the expenses kept growing... but now that the technology has at last taken major steps forward, and there is a healthy competition on the market, I'm more than confident today that this will all pay itself off very soon.

    Because so many Aurean engineers and scientists have done their best to improve the existing technology and created new innovations, the tech we can now sell to other countries, Os Corelia included, is no longer as expensive as it used to be. I'm positive that the Ministry of Foreign Trade can, together with the Ministry of Environment and Energy, negotiate with your respective ministries and come up with a trade treaty that makes both parties happy.

    Glorius leaned forward. "As we are both members of the Union, free and uninhibited trade between our nations comes naturally of it. No tariffs hindering the distribution of any products. And as for the draft, I would also like to propose that neither of our nation would -- at least for a certain number of years -- add additional goods and service taxes of any kind on the retailed products manufactured in either Os Corelia or Pax Aurea. That would ensure that the competition between our companies would stay healthy, keep the investors busy, and bring the greatest benefits to the average consumers.

    I look forward to the draft we can present to our administrations and to the international press as well, if you so desire... Kalistus. And please -- call me Julia."

  • Channel I News
    by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Company (CBC)

    The Summit of Friendship Continues in Stratton Beck

    Once again, the viewers get a chance to enjoy the pretty face of Amanda Petruvius, one of the most popular news anchors in the Commonwealth.

    "Good evening. I am your news anchor, Amanda Petruvius.

    The Summit of Friendship between the Aurean high delegation and the leaders of Os Corelia continues. During the second day of the official state visit to the Parliamentary New Republic, President Glorius had a private meeting with the Viscount of Os Corelia, Mr Kalistus Xavier."

    The news show the historical hand-shake between Glorius and Xavier in the splendid reception hall of the Stratton Palace.

    "Both heads-of-state informed the press that there were many topics they would be discussing, among them several trade pacts and matters of cultural exchange, but no more details were revealed before the meeting took place. Afterwards, President Glorius refrained from making any elaborate comments, saying only that she thoroughly enjoyed the company of the Viscount and that a draft of the deals between the Commonwealth and the Parliamentary New Republic would be crafted on Saturday."

    The camera shows a panoramic view of the city of Stratton Back, giving the audience a good impression of its architecture, busy streets, and most notable sites of historical importance.

    "Today, the Aurean delegation will meet with the Corelian cabinet to formalize the details of the agreement. The summit will end tomorrow with the delegation and the leaders of Os Corelia officially announcing the treaty to the Corelian parliament in the capital city of Aerodimus. It is rumoured that the President will address the Corelian nation there."

    The camera cuts back to Amanda Petruvius.

    "We will continue to follow this historical summit and bring you more news as the events unfold themselves. But now, let us turn to the other important topics of the day. The civil war of Menuskiv has ended..."

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    Os Corelia - Pax Aurea Treaty of Friendship - Draft Copy One

    The Government of the Parliamentary New Republic of Os Corelia and the Government of the Commonwealth of Pax Aurea, exercising their legitimate power to defend themselves and to achieve a better future within the framework of the European Union, agree to the following:

    Title I: Defence

    Article I
    The Governments of Os Corelia and Pax Aurea agree to participate in annual joint military exercises

    Article II
    The undersigning parties agree to assist each other in case of military conflict

    Article III
    Both parties shall grant each other complete military mobility within the national territory, jurisdictional waters and airspace controlled by said Governments

    Article IV
    The government of Os Corelia agrees to allow the armed services of Pax Aurea to build one military base per armed service in its territory. The government of Pax Aurea agrees to allow the armed services of Os Corelia to establish a military base in Aurean territory

    Title II: Cooperation

    Article V
    The undersigning nations agree a 10% discount on corporate taxes for 2 years for Corelian and Aurean Industries to establish themselves. Further more the Corelian government wishes to offer a tax break incentive oa further 2.5% for fishing distribution companies.

    Article VI
    The undersigning governments agree to the free passage of people and goods between their two countries without the necessity of border checks or controls. The undersigning governments deserve the right to suspend this article for a limited ammount of time for security purpuoses

    Article VII
    The undersigning nations shall for a cultural comission where 5 cultural experts from each nation will convene to organise a myriad of events to further cultural understandings and toadvance relations.

    Title III: Validity and entry into force

    Article VIII
    This document shall enter into force by August 23, 2010

    Article IX
    This document shall remain valid for 10 years. When this period is overcome, the treaty shall be renovated for another 10 year period if the undersigning parties wish so

    Article X
    The Treaty is official in either the Aurean or the English language. Each Party will receive an official copy of the Treaty in both languages to be kept in the protection of their Governments

  • Last Minute Backstage Discussions

    President Glorius put down the draft of the treaty, looking quizzically at the people gathered around the oval table.

    "Right. You've all read the document, ladies and gentlemen. What do you think?"

    Colonel Abhimani Singh raised his hand. "Umm, Madam President... they do know about the fact that our military is... well..."

    "Not really a military?" Glorius asked, cocking her eyebrow. The wizened Aurean Indian nodded. "Yes, they're fully aware of that. And considering how unlikely it is for a full-scale war to strike either one of our nations, these articles are, I feel, more symbolic than..."

    "Yes, I understand that", Singh interrupted, "but if our friends get into trouble, we don't have much to help them with. We don't have a standing army."

    "And we won't have in the future if I'm going to continue as the president of this Commonwealth", Glorius agreed. "But what we have is our Coastal Guard with its 20,000 serving men and women, and with their fast patrol boats and air surveillance UAVs, and our Border Guard authorities with 10,000 serving personnel."

    "They're police with a little better equipment than the doughnut-eaters", Singh sighed. "Back in India, we used to..."

    "I know", Glorius said, smiling affectionately to her advisor in military matters. "But they're good when it comes to the kind of crises that are possible in our near future. Smuggling, international drug traffic, slave trade, terrorism -- these are the threads that might strike even our peaceful nations, and these are also the kind of foes that our boys and girls are trained to handle."

    She glanced at the members of the delegation. "And I trust that we all want to help our friends as much as we can on this front?" A murmur of approval and rows of nodding heads filled the room. "Very well then. The Senate will have to approve these articles first, of course, but I'm certain that we can -- to the extend of our capabilities -- offer aid to our Corelian friends if need be."

    "Except for Article I-IV", Prime Minister Proctus mused.

    "Yes indeed. I don't think this has been brought to the Viscount's attention, and I take responsibility for that. As you all know, the Constitution of Pax Aurea forbids the presence of foreign military bases on Aurean soil. As much as I would like to please our friends in Os Corelia, I cannot see how this could be done. The pacifism of the people is simply too high to accept any changes to the Constitution's military section."

    "Like you're the one to talk, Julia", Proctus chuckled, and the President, an ardent peace activist herself, had to smile, too.

    "As for the other articles of section one, are we in agreement, then?" Consul Servilia Daniolaus asked, and again, an approving murmur rippled across the table.

    "As much as we're useful to Os Corelia when it comes to times when people have to wave a gun", muttered Colonel Singh under his breath. A veteran of two Indian-Pakistani wars, he found himself amazed by the pacifism of his new homeland, time and time again.

    "Very well then", Glorius said. "I shall inform Kal... I mean, the Viscount that we would like to drop article I-IV from the draft. Besides the military section, how do you feel about the other articles?"

    Prime Minister Proctus, after glancing at his fellow delegates, speculated: "I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all agree on these points."

    Once more, nods and "yes-indeeds".

    "And what about you, Julia?"

    "Definitely. This treaty is a perfect start for the deepening of relations between Pax Aurea and Os Corelia. Nothing would stop me from signing this pact."

    The President straightened herself to her full height, which wasn't much. "Then we are in agreement, my friends. Provided that if anyone of you has no objections, I shall inform the Viscount that Pax Aurea wholeheartedly supports this draft, except for the article I-IV. I must also express him my apologies for rejecting that part and explain the situation to him... Sorry, did you say something, Abhimani?"

    "Oh, nothing, nothing at all, Madam President", the old Indian grumbled.

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    The Corelian cabinet were sitting in the cabinet office when a knock at the door came and in entered parliament speaker Leijna Patran who was acting as a mediator betweent he two nations for communications. She passed the viscount the letter he examined and place on the desk

    Right I've had a letter here form President Glorius and she wishes to inform us that the provisional document is looking likely to be agreed upon apart from the military section they wish to be removed from the treaty.

    Now before we comment I have been given an explanation for this removal request. The aurean military is not capable to offer any significant contribution to any conflicts due its small number that can only handle domestic affairs. Also the Pax Aurean constitution forbids a foreign military presence.

    Kairos would you like to comment on the matter

    The Vice-president flicked through his papers to fid his copy of the draft treaty

    As you know with most negotiations we have to compormise and seeming as the Aureans are willin to agree on all other articles of a treaty I believe this a fair deal

    The Kaiserin interjected
    If I may just make a response to the letter

    The Viscount nodded
    Thank you Viscount, The state home office would examine this in terms of a more wider field. We are currently instigating treatise and our inter-military relations are quite high on the agenda. Part of national friendship should really secure assisted military intervention if not more than a deterrent

    The prime minister took her glasses into her hand gesturing with them as she spoke
    Military assistance is nothing but an added bonus to a treatym I appreciate your office Kaiserin and what you must query within but we must respect a constitution of a nation

    audible sounds agreement were heard round the table

    We need to respect that and if their military can not handle assisting us then so be it we just remove the agenda. I suggest we send word to President Glorius we accept and have this deal organised with compromise

    _The viscount sat up straight _
    Thank you Prime MInister and Kaiserin for your input thos ewho agree on this request please raise your hand

    All but the Kaiserin raised their hands, the Kaiserin responded
    Please duely note an abstention as opposed to a rejection

    The viscount gathered his notes and drafted a letter to the President

    Abstention noted Kaiserin.

    I shall write the following:

    Dear President Glorius,

    We wish to accept your amendment and wish to finalise the treaty as requested.

    Viscount Xavier

    The note was handed to the speaker who returned on her way to the Pax Aurean's chamber of discussion

  • From the personal diaries of Julia Glorius

    Even though the second draft of the treaty was approved by both parties, and it includes articles that will no doubt bring major benefits to Aurean and Corelian people alike, I feel that we have disappointed our hosts.

    Gaius and I had a private discussion before sending the "all green" signal to Kalistus and his cabinet. The Prime Minister and I both agreed that, despite the fact that the Constitution would allow us participate in joint military exercises, it would probably do little good to the Corelians to include articles I-I, I-II and I-III in the treaty. Though their symbolic value would be great, in practice I'm afraid we would only end up frustrating our new allies -- and indeed, costing them a lot of money.

    During my travels abroad, I've noticed that people react to Pax Aurea's strong, maybe even defiant, pacifism in very different ways. To some idealists, it is a very literal representation of the Golden Peace that we bear in our nation's name. To many, it is a quaint little attribute that gives us a curious reputation but doesn't matter much, really, in today's world political atmosphere. And then there are people like my dear Colonel Singh who feel it's, simply put, stupid.

    As the President of my nation, I've often had to consider how, exactly, I should try to present our nation's stance to military matters to foreigners who are not yet well immersed in our culture and customs. I've come to realize there are no simple explanations, nor are there any definite crossroads in history to which we could point our finger and say: "See here, this is the day when Pax Aurea became a na?vely pacifist country."

    It is the result of many different factors, in the end. Religion plays its own part. The Christian churches of Pax Aurea have ever since the first century AD embraced pacifism and universalism. With the coming of the various traditions from the Far East, especially the Pure Land schools of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, "thou shalt not kill" was taken for granted. Philosophy has its merit, too: the Hellenic philosophic schools that survived the collapse of the Roman Empire in our island had their own impact, and the later political philosophies created in our academies certainly expressed clearly a will to peace: "War is only the failure of politics", as Calvinius Morillaus once said.

    But ideology is not everything; practical matters weight on the scales, too. Pax Aurea's relatively remote location as a small island some 500 km off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by the waves and treacherous currents of the Atlantic Ocean, have always kept us a bit isolated from continental matters. We've had our merchant fleets, of course, but when it comes to mounting a full-scale invasion to take a distant, cumbersomely reached location as Pax Aurea... During the Albigensian Crusades, in the 16th century, and in Napoleon's era, we've been threatened by foreign invasions, but we managed to stick to our neutrality during the wars of the 19th and 20th century that left Europe scarred and bleeding.

    And all that merely strengthened our resolve to never participate in wars.

    The small army was finally disbanded entirely in 1947, leaving only the Coastal Guard and the Border Guard, and even they went through significant changes. I wasn't even born back then; I've never known an Aurean army in my life.

    And from the bottom of my heart I must say this: if I am fortunate, then I will never have to.

    Hmm. I must find some time during our trip to the Corelian capital today to explain these matters to Kalistus. And yes, prepare for my speech! Now where's Flavius when I could use some of his insight...?

  • Channel I News
    by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Company (CBC)

    The Aurean Delegation Travels To Aerodimus

    Amanda Petruvius is once again giving the latest details about the Summit of Friendship to the Aurean audience.

    "Good day. I am your news anchor, Amanda Petruvius.

    Today marks the final day in the four-day-long Summit of Friendship between the Aurean and Corelian governments. After lengthy negotiations and private discussions, it is rumoured the parties have come to an agreement, and that a treaty between the two nations will be revealed to the public today, when Viscount Kalistus Xavier will present the articles to the Corelian parliament."

    The newsfeed shows selected clips of the negotiation chambers of the Stratton Palace. Heads-of-state Glorius and Xavier can be seen absorbed in conversation. A number of delegates is chatting cheerfully with their Corelian colleagues.

    "Later today, the delegation will travel to the capital city of Os Corelia, Aerodimus, where the President is expected to make a formal address to the Corelian parliament. Political experts speculate that during her speech, President Glorius will invite a Corelian delegation to visit Pax Aurea in the near future.

    Earlier this morning, before the delegation left Stratton Beck and its beautiful palace, President Glorius gave two gifts to Viscount Xavier: a marble figurine of our national hero St Aurea, and an aquarium holding a rare and expensive purebred Patrician seaslug."

    The audience can admire a foot-long statuette of a aristocratic young woman, sculpted of the finest milky-white, crimson-veined Aurean marble, commonly known as "wounded marble". The camera then cuts to the scene of Glorius presenting the surprised Viscount with a aquarium holding a colourful sea creature.

    "Channel I News will provide the President's speech live later today."

  • Background of the Gifts Given to Viscount Xavier

    St Aurea And Her ?Golden Peace?

    When the Roman Empire annexed the small archipelago west of the province of Hispania in 6 AD, Proconsul Servius Aegyptus Aurelianus was quite happy with his new assignment. A scarred and aging veteran of the civil war, Aurelianus was content to retire to the new and remote Roman province and spend the rest of his days in peace. For a man who secretly harboured Republican sympathies, life in Rome had become too uneasy.

    When Aurelianus became Proconsul, the three islands he had annexed to the Empire were known to his people as Terra Ultima Occidentalis. The only noteworthy settlement was an old Greek colony called Okeanopolis, at that time little more than a forgotten fishing village. But the islands held a hidden treasure: not long after the Roman colonists had moved in, a rich vein of gold was discovered from the largest of the three islands.

    Aurelianus renamed the island Aurea, after the gold mines and after his only child, Aurea Aurelianus (4 AD ? 92 AD), who had become the joy of his later years. When the old Proconsul died in 30 at the ripe age of 86, the provincial council wanted to name his young nephew Claudius as the next Proconsul. Claudius was also married to Aurea. His health was fragile, and from 30 to 40, Aurea assumed more and more responsibilities of her husband, becoming the de facto ruler of the island bearing her name, and in 40, when Claudius died, she was accepted as the first female Proconsul in Roman history.

    This didn?t raise shouts of glee in Rome, but the Aurean colonists had grown to love and admire their governess. From 40 to 92, Aurea Aurelianus ruled the remote island colony, and her reign was a prosperous one. From the backwater fishing community of Okeanopolis grew a bustling trade port of Pacifica, and the gold mines made the colony wealthy. Aurea was a well cultured and learned woman, and she excelled as a patron of arts and culture, founding libraries, academies, and temples, and attracting numerous scholars, philosophers, artists, and religious figures to her quickly growing provincial capital.

    One of the most notable persons who arrived in Pacifica during the 40s was a Hellenic Christian missionary called Apollonia of Antioch, later canonized. Aurea became her patron and later, in 45, converted to Christianity. Some have rumoured the two women may have been more than friends. After her conversion, Aurea funded the construction of the first basilica of Pacifica; the church still exists and is today known as the Basilica of St Aurea. Because of her conversion and support to the early church, Aurea was officially canonized in the fourth century, and she became the patron saint of the country. The scholarly Aurea and Apollonia together were responsible for the seeds of pacifism and universalism that later became central elements in the Aurean branch of Christianity.

    Under Aurea?s benevolent rule, trade flourished, people prospered, and different philosophical and religious traditions lived in peace and friendship. Her 52-year-long reign was later named ?The Golden Peace?, or Pax Aurea; after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476, that became the official name for Provincia Aurea.

    Today, St Aurea is still the most popular historical leader among the people bearing her name.

    Of Aureans And Their Seaslugs

    Not many creatures enjoy as much popularity in Pax Aurea as wild cats (the national animal) and seaslugs. Though an average person might not find much common between the two, a typical Aurean would reply: ?They?re both extremely adorable.?

    The odd fascination to seaslugs has its roots in the Roman era. The colourful seaslugs found in the shallow lagoons of the Aurean isles were considered a delicacy among the wealthy population. During the later centuries, as meat-eating slowly became less popular, seaslugs lost their place on the menu, but retained their place firmly in the Aurean tradition.

    Seaslugs became an object of interest again during the nineteenth century. In 1832, a Confucian scholar named Patricus Venerabilis began experimenting with seaslugs. He noticed that is was possible to breed seaslug varieties of different colour by crossbreeding specimens that shared same colour patterns. Patricus?s tests gave birth to the biological research that many decades later became the Aurean genetics program. This also increased the popularity of seaslugs, and people started to grow them in aquaria.

    The most coveted seaslug breeds were the ?purebred? varieties of Patricus. Today, three of these lines still exist. They are commonly known as Patrician seaslugs, and they are very rare and expensive; a single slug can cost more than a thousand Aurean Marks. Any family that owns a Patrician seaslug will experience an immediate raise in status in the eyes of a typical Aurean.

    Patrician seaslugs have also given birth to the well-known humorous Aurean proverb. When a foreigner boasts about the brilliant achievements of his homeland, an Aurean can jokingly reply: ?That may be, but our seaslugs have pedigrees.?

    user posted image

    A Patrician seaslug.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    Os Corelia - Pax Aurea Treaty of Friendship

    The Government of the Parliamentary New Republic of Os Corelia and the Government of the Commonwealth of Pax Aurea, exercising their legitimate power to defend themselves and to achieve a better future within the framework of the European Union, agree to the following:

    Title I: Cooperation

    Article I
    The undersigning nations agree a 10% discount on corporate taxes for 2 years for Corelian and Aurean Industries to establish themselves. Further more the Corelian government wishes to offer a tax break incentive oa further 2.5% for fishing distribution companies.

    Article II
    The undersigning governments agree to the free passage of people and goods between their two countries without the necessity of border checks or controls. The undersigning governments deserve the right to suspend this article for a limited ammount of time for security purpuoses

    Article III
    The undersigning nations shall for a cultural comission where 5 cultural experts from each nation will convene to organise a myriad of events to further cultural understandings and toadvance relations.

    Title II: Validity and entry into force

    Article IV
    This document shall enter into force by August 23, 2010

    Article V
    This document shall remain valid for 10 years. When this period is overcome, the treaty shall be renovated for another 10 year period if the undersigning parties wish so

    Article Vi
    The Treaty is official in either the Aurean or the English language. Each Party will receive an official copy of the Treaty in both languages to be kept in the protection of their Governments

  • President Julia Glorius Addresses Os Corelia

    In the hallowed hall of the Parliament, in front of the multitude of the representatives of the Corelian people, President Glorius took the podium. She smiled warmly as she became her speech.

    My Corelian friends.

    Today is my fourth day in your beautiful country. Later this evening, I shall return back to Pax Aurea. But part of Os Corelia will travel with me, for even during my short stay, this nation has found a place for herself in my heart.

    My delegation and I arrived to Os Corelia to participate a Summit of Friendship, so named by Prime Minister Astollo. And the name tells it all: this was not a mere meeting of two heads-of-state and their respective governments, but a meeting between two peoples.

    Until last Thursday, we have been like neighbours who have exchanged greetings while passing each others on the street. But when I will soon depart, it is a hearty farewell between two friends.

    We were received into your homeland with open arms and warmest hospitality. You have shown us the true face of Os Corelia; and though these few days have allowed us to witness only a passing glimpse of the splendour of this nation, we have already become enamored by her.

    It is my fondest wish to be able to show similar generosity and amiability in return. I hope to see your leaders and the representatives of your people in Pacifica later this fall, so we might present you with the best Pax Aurea has to offer.

    Today, a treaty has been signed. I may be holding in my hand but a lone sheet of paper, but this paper will find its way into history, for, mark my words, these lines have heralded a new era of cooperation, wealth, and friendship between our motherlands.

    I have no doubt that the this treaty is only a beginning of a prosperous and lasting friendship that will give birth to an entire library of equally profitable treaties. May future smile upon our aspirations!

    The sun will set soon, and my people await for my return home. The woman who will return back to Pacifica is a different woman than the one who left, however. To quote a very famous colleague of mine, today I can say this: "I am Corelian."

    Thank you for your hospitality, people of Os Corelia. If fortune favours, this will not be my last visit to your homeland."

    The President bowed her head and stepped down from the podium.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    The Viscount took to the podium

    This summit has been a success, that is a fact clearly evident we have made a friendship that will be passed down through generations, of that I am sure.

    President Glorius I stand here today as your friend and I mean every sense of the word. Your nations shares value systems with our nation as I have come to discover: We both believe in freedom, we both both believe in peace and we both believe in unity and friendship.

    We understand that it is better to understand each other as nations than to contstantly explore our differences. Difference is what sets us apart but it can also be a cause for concern. We need to relish our similarities and celebrate our differences by understanding them.

    This trety we present to our nations today is a treaty where we can work together for a birght future, a peaceful future where we can learn new excitin things about each other. For learning and knowledge is what man thrives upon.

    I very much hope you have enjoyed your time with us and feel free to return anytime you want. I speak on behalf of the Corelian people when I say welcome friend and we bid you the sweetest and safest of journies. We will not say farewell as we expect nay demand your return!

    Let this moment shape the future of our nations

    _The Viscount stood down form his podium and shook the Presidents hand before embracing her _

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