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  • The Soviet Republic of Unfreedomia

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    General Information

    Official Name: The Soviet Republic Of Unfreedomia
    Short Name: Unfreedomia
    National Motto: "The capitalists waltz around the fires of humanity"
    National Anthem: "Pax Aurea, Pax Aeterna"


    Form of Government: Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
    Executive Branch: Politburo with the Prime Minister
    Legislature Branch: Unfreedomian Parliament
    Judiciary Branch: Supreme Court

    Number of Provinces:24
    Provincial Autonomy: None

    Head of State: Dmitri Lathon
    Head of Government: Prime Minister Dmitri Lathon


    Capital: Pacifica (62.3 million)
    Primary Terrain: Plain-land/Hill-land/Mountainous
    Primary Climate: Maritime
    Total Land Area: 4 002 100 sq km
    Time Zone: GMT 0 / GMT -3


    Population: 387 million (Aug 2010)
    Ethnicity: British (72%), Georgian (12%), Polish (9%), mixed/others (7%)
    Official Language: English


    Currency: Unfreedomian Mark (UM)
    Exchange Rate: 1 AM = 1.4088 US$ (2010)
    Major Industries: Information technology, military products
    Major Exports: High-tech electronics, computer software, military equipment
    Major Imports: Agricultural products

    Notable Laws

    Voting Age: 18
    Age of Consent: 16
    Marriage Age: 18 (16 with parental consent)
    Same-sex Marriages: Legal
    Adoption by Same-sex Couples: Legal
    Education: Free universal
    Healthcare: Free universal healthcare
    Abortion: Legal (with some restrictions)
    Drugs: Illegal (excludes tobacco)
    Alcohol: Legal
    Gambling: Illegal
    Gun Control: Firearms not allowed for private citizens
    Military Service: Compulsory 2 year service at 18

    Religions in Unfreedomia

    Atheist-- 92%
    Russian Orthodox-- 5%

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