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    (OOC: Your answer should be the majoritary opinion of your country's citizens. You can post different opinions from citizens from your country supporting different parties)

    Party profiles:
    FDP (Free Democratic Party):
    Chancellor candidate: Robert Mainzer
    Ideology: Liberalism, Federalism
    Political position: Centre-left

    CDU (Christian Democratic Union)
    Chancellor candidate: Waldemar Jaruzelski
    Ideology: Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy
    Political position: Centre-right

    NSEP (Nationalsocialist Unity Party)
    Chancellor candidate: Martin B?hm
    Ideology: Pangermanism, Nationalsocialism (non-racist), Anticommunism
    Political position: Undetermined

    SPD (Social democratic party of Germany)
    Chancellor candidate: Julian Schumann
    Ideology: Social democracy, Federalism
    Political position: Centre-left

    KOPA (Communist Party)
    Chancellor candidate: Elisabeth Dupont
    Ideology: Democratic socialism
    Political position: Left-wing

    DG (The Greens)
    Chancellor candidate: Gerhardt Schr?dingen
    Ideology: Green politics
    Political position: Centre-left

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    "I'd vote the nationalsocialists. I think that they can truely restore the Reich's reputation and take us again to the european stage. And I also like their social policies regarding holidays for state workers."
    -Johann Gruber, office clerk in Luxembourg

    "I prefer the FDP. We have to remember that if it wasn't for Mainzer, we couldn't be here expressing our opinions freely. We can't make the same mistake we did 77 years ago."
    -Ludmilla Dubicsky, bus driver in Krakow

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    Angleteric support is mostly behind the CDU:

    "The CDU seem like our Democratic Party, and they supported the monarchy they had for a while a few years ago, so I'm for them" said Paul Hall, a butcher from Fiecen.

    "Another EPP delegate in the Council is what the EU needs" said lawyer Caroline Watson of New Birmingham.

    There was limited support for the FDP and NSEP:

    "The FDP are free-market, and so am I" wrote Waris Hamid, owner of newsagent chain Hamid's, in a letter to 'The National Observer'.

    "An NSEP government will really put Spain to the sword" said retired army officer Brigadier Marius Burdon-Stevens.

    But there was one party nobody seemed to want in:

    "Oh, that would be a disaster, KOPA in Germany? Surely not," said Alan Pearson.

    "They can't elect KOPA- not after Prussia" was the headline of an editorial in the 'The Angleteric' newspaper.

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    The majority of Corelians are backing the FDP:

    'I really like Chancellor Mainzer, he seems a trustworthy guy and he made a great couple of speeches when he was in Kaldoon for the summit earlier this year' - Trilik Manderveile - refuse collectorfrom Kalirin, Falleija

    'The majority of Corelians willback Mainzer as he has the charm and sophistication as well as the policies that have liberated Grossdeutschian thought and revitalised the national politics. Leit Kreiff, Corelia Today politics editor

    'Mainzer is there version of our Viscount politically so if I lived in Grossdeutches reich I'd definitely vote for them, he is kind of handsome too! - Kreilina Myenyen - Hairdresser from Aerodina

  • Breconian support is mostly behind KOPA, although the Greens and SPD are also somewhat popular.

    KOPA is the party for me. They seem the most likely to value public ownership, take care of the elderly, and work for a fairer society.
    -Alain Mateau, civil servant at Brecon Statistics Bureau in Amiens

    I have voted for the Greens here my whole life, so I suppose I would probably support DG.
    -Patric Gery, grain and dairy farmer in the northwest

    Julian Schumann might make a fair Chancellor. The SPD would be a good choice for the Gro?deutsches Reich; they would move the country in the right direction without having to deal with the same criticism as KOPA.
    -Monika Lund, geography student from Compiegne

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