The Constitutional Republic of Spitzenbergen

  • The Constitutional Republic of Spitzenbergen
    Ustavno Republike Spitzenbergen

    ?ivimo za na?o republiko
    National Anthem:
    Za večnost se na? standard podlaga!

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    Flag of the Constitutional Republic of Spitzenbergen - the Veličasten Zastava

    Formal Name: The Constitutional Republic of Spitzenbergen/Ustavno Republike Spitzenbergen
    Informal Name: Spitzenbergen
    Abbreviation: SPZ

    National Information

    Capital City: Celje
    Official: Spitz
    Official Religion: N/A
    -C. Republic: 15 July 1939
    Population: 494.800.000 (Role Play Population, September of 2010)
    Currency: Imperial Franc (₣)
    Internet TLD: .spz
    Calling Code: +69
    Government Website:


    Government Type: Constitutional Republic
    Head of State/Government:
    -Premier, Lucille d'Montcalm
    Members of the Vi?ina:
    -Vi?inakancler, Alexander Werfel
    -Minister of Defence, Dominik Schmidt
    -Minister of the Interior, Pierre Tardif
    -Minister of Foreign Affairs, Royden Rochefort
    -Minister of Economy, Zacharie Cressac
    -Minister of Health, Laurent Beausoleil
    -Mnister of Education, Yvon LaGrande
    -Minister of Trade, Juliette Bisaillon

    Legislative branch:

    Bicameral Parliament:
    -Ljudska Senat (Upper House)
    -Hi?aljudi (Lower House)

    Ljudska Senat:
    The Senat is the Upper House of the Parliament of Spitzenbergen. It's members are not elected to office, but simply appointed by the parties. It doesn't necessarily have to change based on election results.

    Seats: 90

    This is the lower, directly elected body of the Parliament. It has elections once a majority of Parliament votes in favor of elections. At the very latest, elections are called after the 12 year point.

    President: Ralf Brauer

    Seats: 494

    Next elections: September 7th 2010.

    _You can access the latest economic data of Spitzenbergen at

    Communications and Transportation:
    Spitzenbergen has a vast transportation network of 30,000 km of railroad tracks, 70,000 km of roads, and 35,000 km of highways.
    SpitzerCom, the largest telecommunications company in Spitzenbergen serves 189 million users in the nation.


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    The SNN Logo_

    The Times of Spitzenbergen has a daily circulation of 22 million papers, the largest in Spitzenbergen. SNN, the government-funded news network caters to 112 million viewers every day. Its official website is snn.spz

    Foreign Affairs:

    Diplomatic Relations:

    International Organisations:

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