• Republic of South-Oranje
    Republiek van Zuid-Oranje

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    Ex Unitate Vires
    National Anthem:
    Die Stem van Zuid-Oranje

    Formal Name: Republic of South-Oranje/Republiek van Zuid-Oranje
    Conventional Name: Zuid-Oranje
    Abbreviation: ZO

    National Information

    Capital City: Kaapstat
    *Official: Afrikaans, Dutch, German, English
    Official Religion: N/A
    -Colonisation: XVIIth Century
    -Republic: 1918
    Population: 13.000.000 (RP as of Sept. 2010)
    Currency: Rand [R]
    Internet TLD: .zo
    Calling Code: +27


    Government Type: Republic
    Head of State: Horsten Koehler (President of the Grossdeutsches Reich)
    Head of Government:
    -Prime Minister: Jan de Klerk
    Members of the cabinet:
    -Vice Prime Minister,
    -Minister of Defence,
    -Minister of the Interior,
    -Minister of Foreign Affairs,
    -Minister of Agriculture and Fishing,
    -Minister of Economy,
    -Minister of Health,
    -Mnister of Education,
    -Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism,

    Legislative branch

    Bicameral Parliament:
    -Kolonienrat (Upper House)
    -Kolonientag (Lower House)

    Is the upper house of the parliament. It's members represent the different provinces of Zuid-Oranje.

    Seats: 99

    It is the lower house of the parliament of Zuid-Oranje. It's 491 members are elected for a five year term.

    Seats: 491
    Next election: 2012

    iEconomic info at: http://nseconomy.thirdgeek.com

    Foreign Affairs

    Diplomatic Relations

    *Nation/organisation name (ambassador name)

    International Organisations




    Foreign Travel

    Citizens of Zuid-Oranje can travel without passport or visa to the Grossdeutsches Reich, the colonial administrative power of Zuid-Oranje. As citizens of the colony also have Grossdeutscher citizenship, they can also travel to EEC countries, as well as to Nazione Italiana, Os Corelia and Miudea.

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