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    The latest polls for Tuesday's elections were released today, in a survey of 50,000 people the following data was gathered.

    Office of the Premier:

    Angelique d'Gallan - 35%
    Alexander Frei - 31%
    Phillip Eichmann - 34%

    The Hi?aljudi

    The Current Projections are as follows:

    Le Partij Populaire de Spitzenbergen - (Le-PPS) - 199
    Union d'Democratique Constitutionale - (UoCD) - 238
    Social Democratique Union - (SDU) - 57

  • September 6th, 2010

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    The final poll places Philip Eichmann tied with current Premier, Angelique d'Gallan. Eichmann gained after negative publicity over remarks made by Alexander Frei pushed his party down in the overall standing of the public. Therefore, the race is currently too close to call.

    Office of the Premier:

    Angelique d'Gallan - 35%
    Alexander Frei - 30%
    Phillip Eichmann - 35%

    The Hi?aljudi

    While Eichmann may be popular, his party is not. The people support Eichmann, and this is reflected in his home constituency where he has the support of 82% of the people. Nationally, the SDU is not faring well. They have picked up several close races which they were losing by a few percent yesterday, but not enough to prevent them from becoming the third party. If this happens, this will be the first time the Premier would not have his party in the majority, or even the largest minority in history.

    These are the current projections:

    Le Partij Populaire de Spitzenbergen - (Le-PPS) - 208 - +9
    Union d'Democratique Constitutionale - (UoCD) - 217 - -21
    Social Democratique Union - (SDU) - 69 - +12

    Many people believe that a coalition of the SDU and the UoCD is possible, due to the fact that the SDU and the Le-PPS are notorious for their bad relations. This coalition would decide who the Visinakancler would be. Most likely, the SDU would not control that position as the Le-PPS currently do, meaning that they would control both of the top jobs.

  • September 7th, 2010
    Election Day: Spitzenbergen

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    Today is the day that the people go to the polls all over Spitzenbergen to vote in the 2010 General election. Yesterday's polls places Eichmann tied with d'Gallan - we aren't that sure who is going to capture the Premiership. Alexander Frei may not become the Premier, but he has a good chance to become the Visinakancler after his party captures the majority stake. However, there is a chance that the opposition may form a majority government. This year is still a Constitutional Democratic year, and they are expected to be swept into power. Many races flip-flopped between candidates last night, and many races may change at the last moment.
    Our correspondents were at the polls, and this is what they have seen after interviewing voters.

    Office of the Premier:

    Angelique d'Gallan - 35.3%
    Alexander Frei - 29.3%
    Phillip Eichmann - 35.4%

    Also, based on those polls at the polls, the current projections for the seats in the Hisaljudi are as follows:

    The Hi?aljudi

    Le Partij Populaire de Spitzenbergen - (Le-PPS) - 198
    Union d'Democratique Constitutionale - (UoCD) - 236
    Social Democratique Union - (SDU) - 60

  • September 8th, 2010
    Election Results: Spitzenbergen

    Yesterday was the day of the general election. With an estimated turn out of about 17.6 million people it remains one of the highest in recent memory. This election brought about a first in history. It is also by far the closest general election in recent history. Angelique d'Gallan has ordered a recount, which should be done tomorrow or the day afterward. The recent introduction of the electronic voting system has certainly sped up election recounts.

    Office of the Premier:

    Angelique d'Gallan - 35.4% - 6,230,498 votes
    Alexander Frei - 29.2% - 5,156,894 votes
    Phillip Eichmann - 35.4% - 6,230,504 votes

    Difference: 6 votes.

    The Union d'Democratique Constitutionale secured a larger majority than projected.
    The Hi?aljudi

    Le Partij Populaire de Spitzenbergen - (Le-PPS) - 188
    Union d'Democratique Constitutionale - (UoCD) - 248
    Social Democratique Union - (SDU) - 58

    The UoCD has captured an absolute majority. Even if the opposition forms a coalition, they would not have a majority. But they cannot even form a minority government in the Hisaljudi, they would have 246 seats, 1 short of the 247 required.

  • September 9th, 2010
    Forming the Government

    Yesterday Philip Eichmann and his SDU party defeated the current Premier, Angelique d'Gallan to become the next premier. But Le-PPS, d'Gallan's party, has shouted electoral fraud, and the situation is quickly becoming mired in charges of corruption.

    The governing party has also said that there is a chance that one UoCD seat may switch over to them. That race, which is in the city of Valm, may be the deciding factor in this election. If the seat does switch, than the SDU-Le-PPS coalition may tie with the UoCD, with neither side capturing a majority of the vote. They would both have 246, the bare minimum necessary to form a minority government. They would then get the office of the Visinakancler, but they would not have a majority. Any legislation would have to be a compromise.

    This has ramifications for the race for the Premier as well. The Parliament would create a commitee to go through each and every race in the nation. It would look for corruption and fraud. If either are found, then measures would be taken, and a new election in that district would commence.

    The Recount:
    The recount requested by Premier d'Gallan has found that a few votes were fraudulent, however it is not in her favor. The recount shows that the gap is now only a few thousand. These fraudulent votes were mainly found to have come from her party's strongholds - not a reassuring sign.

    Angelique d'Gallan - 35.4% - 6.226.794
    Philip Eichmann - 35.4% - 6.229.598
    Alexander Frei - 29.2% - 5.157.890

    **UoCD - 248
    Le-PPS - 188
    SDU - 58
    The situation in Parliament has not changed, though both sides have leveled allegations of corruption and fraud at each other. A Parliamentary committee will be investigating. That investigation should begin within the next few days, most likely tomorrow.

  • September 10th, 2010
    Stability Restored by the Constitutional Court

    The Constitutional Court of Spitzenbergen put an end to the last few days of unrest across the nation, after disputed election results caused a succession crisis in the government. In a 9-8 ruling, mostly along idealogical lines, the Court ruled that no recount was to be held, and that Philip Eichmann is the next Premier of Spitzenbergen. They said that;
    "As close as the results may be, the people have spoken. More people support Philip Eichmann than Angelique d'Gallan. A larger proportion of the voters support Eichmann. This succession crisis is over. There is no issue."

    In the Hisaljudi, things are a little harder to figure out. There is no doubt now that the SDU and the Le-PPS will ally together, many expect the party leaders to announce it within the next few weeks. It is likely that Angelique d'Gallan will lose her post in the government, except in Parliament. The reason for this is that Union d'Democratique Constitutionale has a majority in Parliament, regardless of what if a coalition forms against it, due to the fact that it has 248 seats. The most the opposition can muster is 246, one short of the number of seats required to form a minority government in the Hisaljudi.

    While members of the SDU hate the UoCD in the Hisaljudi, the same cannot be said in the Senat, the upper house. As you may or may not know, the seats in the Senat are divided based on the compromises and support of the political establishment. Party leaders come together and work with each other to divide the seats up based on favors and other such political things. It is with no great surprise that the UoCD and the SDU are the majority parties here. Even if they disagree in the Hisaljudi, the simple fact is that they have similar idealogies.

    All three main party leaders revealed this morning the composition of the Senat until the next election.

    UoCD - 37
    SDU - 34
    Le-PPS - 29

  • September 16th, 2010
    Political climate of Spitzenbergen stable once again.

    Crisis was averted once again in this election year, as the election committee appointed by the Parliament voted in favor of the current Hisaljudi standings. The vote means that the coalitions in the Hisaljudi stay at 248 for the UoCD and 246 for the opposition. This means that the possibility of having 247 seats for both coalitions (creating the question of who gets to form a government) has been averted. The UoCD has indicated that they will announce their choice for Visinakancler later tommorrow. That coincides with the swearing in of Premier Philip Eichmann, as Angelique d'Gallan leaves the Premier's Palace early tomorrow morning. She will remain in the Hisaljudi even after this, she is apparently not done with politics just yet.

    Tomorrow is also the day that the Third Quarter economic summary will be released to the public, and stocks have risen - some say in preparation for a mass selling tomorrow. Many investors remain confident however, but the outgoing government warns people not to be too optimistic.

  • September 18th, 2010
    Andreas Ebersbacher is Visinakancler. Economy growth rate down sharply...

    The UoCD announced today in an early morning that Andreas Ebersbacher is the new Visinakancler. The said that he, the current party number 2, will take over tomorrow in the first session of Parliament.
    This comes after repeated attempts by the opposition leader Angelique d'Gallan to muster the support needed to take power failed.

    The economic report for the second quarter are down sharply, to the point that they are surprising many analysts.
    Growth Rate: 0.4 %
    Unemployment Rate: 23.59%
    Worker Enthusiasm: 53%
    Government Efficiency: 80%
    Consumer Confidence: 44%
    Population Growth Rate: 0.12%
    Literacy: 77%
    Economy: Struggling

    The Spitz Stock Exchange opened for the first time since the elections. The stocks are currently down 553.

    - 553, closing at **13,258 **

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