Constitutional Amendment: Chapter IV Article XX

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    Ladies and Gentlemen of the European Council;

    I would like to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the European Union as follows:


    An Amendment to Chapter V, Article XX of the Consitution.

    CONCERNED at the slow nominations process for the European Court of Justice's most recent elections;

    NOTING the general lack of interest in these positions thanks in part to the exclusion of candidates from nations with Commission candidates to the ECoJ;

    IN ORDER to harmonise the EU's election season for the ECoJ and Commission;

    THIS AMENDMENT MANDATES the changing of the wording of Chapter IV, Article XX, sub-article 4 of the European Commission from the following:


    The term for judges is 2 months, after which, elections will be repeated.

    To the following:


    The term for judges is 5 months, after which, elections will be repeated.

    The effects of this amendment shall apply to the current ECoJ.

    Councillors, I believe that this amendment, which shall normally make Commission elections and ECoJ elections coincide, shall simplify the electoral process in the EU, enable greater interest by enabling candidates from the nations of outgoing Commissioners to run for the ECoJ, and shall give us a lengthened period of stability in the ECoJ so as not to have the ridiculous mockery of the system of the ECoJ spending more time being elected than being in office.

    DEBATE begins now (1600 BST 19/9/10);
    AMENDMENTS begin at 1600 BST 21/9/10;
    VOTING begins at 1600 BST 23/9/10 and ends at 1600 BST 26/9/10.

    Get engaged in the debate and POST TO VOTE!

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    _Newly elected EC representative for Os Corelia Praetor Eldert Trilstrea stood up making her first address to the council _

    I would like to open this debate by Agreeing with my fellow councilman from Angleter. It would make much more sense for the ECoJ and EC to be elected at the same time with the same term length. Two months is not enough time for the elected justices to carry out the tasks which they need to.

    By equalling the length of a comission term we thus enable collaboration between the two comittees to allow the social advancement of Europe as a region.

    This is a matter of stability of infrastructure and in the event of a case such as the Mauresmo election fraud we need a team in place to counteract such devious crimes.

    My fellow councillors this a step in the positive direction and this amendment must be supported. Thank you.

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    And so we go to a vote!


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    Voting is over!

    The AYES have 5,
    The NAYS have 0.

    This Constitutional Amendment is thus PASSED for review by the ECoJ.

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