New Paristan

  • The Second Commune of New Paristan has recently emerged from a period of isolation and bourgeois nationalism. We are engaged in the mighty endeavor of building a state in which the working class takes its rightful place at the helm of national affairs, as material history dictates that all workers, all over the world, eventually will.

    We are in the process of rebuilding a military decimated by our recent civil class war. By this time next year, we anticipate that every Paristani worker will be a member of New Paristan's militia, with the duty and obligation to defend our borders from bourgeois invaders.

    We seek no war with our neighbors, but will defend to the death the progress of our revolution. We are willing, able, and ready, to trade military technology with any nation who wishes such a trade. Our collective efforts to rebuild our military forces will result in major advances in technology and defense capability, which will easily eclipse the technological capability of bourgeois nations hampered by the inefficiency, bickering, and economic tyranny of so-called private enterprise.

    Our currency is the Franc, but only so long as we still find the bourgeois notion of "money" necessary.

    Ultimately, our goal is the same as the dream of all workers, all over the world - a classless state, with no coercive government, in which all contribute to the well-being of each, and each contributes to the well-being of all - a cooperative commonwealth of total freedom and total equality, the final resolution of economic history, of the class war.

    Our capital city is Montmartre, a huge city at the base of Mont Paix, the mountain of peace. It is a city built during New Paristan's medieval period, with narrow, cobblestoned streets, but with modern amenities and world-class cuisine and cultural attractions. [blah blah blah Montmartre is Paris but at the base of a mountain, bigger, and governed as if the Paris Commune didn't fail.]

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