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    _Intervention at the Parliament of Os Corelia (21:00 PM UTC+1) [15/10/2010] _

    Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Parliament of Os Corelia. I have come again here today, invited by herr Xavier, to talk to you about our friendship and its accomplishments, as well as it's future.

    Four months ago from today, I was standing right where I am standing now, talking to this body of government about our bright future together.

    It hasn't been much time since then, but our accomplishments have been many and great. Since then, an Os Corelian and a Grossdeutscher descended from a steel ladder to the surface of our Moon and held our flags together there while walking around, extending humanity's grasp to the stars. That image will become a symbol, an iconic representation, of our commitment to this friendship.

    Our brotherhood, however, didn't just stop there. Together, along with other nations, we were able to defeat fascism and spanish imperialism. Now, the fascist bastards in Madrid have fallen to their knees and General Villar is now at Europolis, waiting for the ECoJ to judge him.

    Thank you. However, however, our brotherhood is not an exclusive two member relationship. Through the last two years, a brotherhood has also been forged with another nation, very close geographically to ours: Angleter.

    We think that the time has come for an Aerodimus-Berlin-New Birmingham axis to take lead in European politics. It has come the time to put an end to Belarian and Soviet monopoly over world geopolitics. Belarum is too capitalist. The Soviet Union is too communist. Now we need a balancing power. An Angleteric-Grossdeutscher-Os Corelian alliance.

    Our three nations have, hand to hand, subjugated the Spanish genocidal government and prepared the way for a safer and better Southern Europe. Now we must walk a leap forward and band together to defend our interests in Europe an the world.

    We can create a better and powerful Europe, but we must come together and do it, because Europe won't do it by itself. We must do it.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    _Intervention at the Parliament of Os Corelia (17:00 PM UTC+1) [16/06/2010] _

    Esteemed MPs. I have come here to adress you and to deliver a speech, a speech of friendship. Yesterday, our governments signed a pact of cooperation and friendship that will shape, along with the German-Italian pact of Rome, the geopolitical landscape of southern Europe for the next ten years.

    We're not talking of only creating a better way of interacting, but of full-scale cooperation in military, explorative and trade policies. With this treaty we create an open border area of cooperation. With this treaty we create a closer understanding between our militaries. With this treaty we will advance towards the stars together. I would like to take the oportunity this adress gives me to announce that, according with what this treaty specifies and taking advantage of the incoming launch of Artemis 4, that an Os Corelian will set foot on the Moon before the end of this August, along with two Grossdeutscher and one Italian astronaut.

    With this flight we will make this friendship advance up to the skies, to the Moon and beyond.

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    Press conference on Alexander Kligenberg's victory at EU Commission election June 2011 [28/06/2011]

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the press and other media and welcome here.

    We have to, first of all, begin by congratulating herr Kligenberg for his 57% victory in this election. We are pleased to see this election got the highest number of countries voting ever, but we are sorry our fellow party member and leader of the ELDL, Maleeka Liszckoszi, wasn't able to garner the support of a majority of members at the 2nd round. However, we're proud Maleeka stood firm defending her views and proposals, such as the Human Rights Charter, something we will ALWAYS defend, in spite of facing opposition from some national representatives from the extreme right of the european political spectrum.

    Some people in New Birmingham and Saint Dominico, who are now taking their seats as our region leaders in Europolis, have publicly opposed human rights by showing their frontal opposition to a european human rights charter, using peoples' fear of an EU superstate as a justification. Our government won't tolerate human rights violations in the European Union, and won't be afraid to use military power if necessary. Diplomacy will always be the first option, but if it fails, we won't hesitate using military force. Our intention isn't to become Europe's policeman, but if no one is willing to defend human rights, we will have to.

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    Official Communication of the Right Honorable Chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich in response to the Aelir of the Duxburian Union's statement regarding GDR foreign policy change [30/6/2011]

    Ladies and gentlemen, good day. Our recent announcement regarding the pursue of a more daring foreign policy in the defense of human rights has met opposition from the Duxburian Union. The government of the Duxburian Union has nothing to be afraid of as long as they comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the european Union Constitution.

    The Rt Honorable Avoldran Dehn says, in his wise opinion, that I have personally branded the european right wing as 'extremists' who opress their people. I have NEVER talked about right wing politicians (I have, however, talked about some Angleteric and Inquistan politicians) or said they were opressive extremists, only herr Dehn has, so I may interpret that he may have some suspicions regarding right wing politicians and their attitude regarding human rights and dignity. So don't worry herr Dehn, you have nothing to take offence at, at least from my part.

    He also notes that the EU Constitution forbids unilateral sovereignty violation but, as he also noted, the Constitution also proclaims in it's Declaration of Human Rights the protection of human rights. If any state violates the human rights of its people, what should we do? Stand out, looking at how people is opressed? The duxburian Aelir talks about respecting human rights, but he is not willing to take action to actively pursue it's defence and protection.

    Yes, I have to admitt that I hadn't taken the UDHR into account, but we have stated that we will be actively protecting human rights around the region, militarily if necessary, and defending the human rights which are referenced at the UDHR. The Aelir has just said he respects human rights, but words are enough, actions are needed to give those words any credibility.

    Our government won't change its stance on this issue, but if herr Dehn wants to talk more about human rights and bilateral DU-GDR relations I personally invite him to come to Berlin.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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    Official Communication of the Right Honorable Chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich in response to the Tamil Islands government's war ultimatum on the GDR [1/12/2011]

    Good evening to everyone. Yesterday, the tamil government unexplainably gave us an ultimatum not to call for the Hohenschwangau grossdeutscher foreign policy meeting to take place. We would like to clarify something: the federal government of the Grossdeutsches Reich has it's right to celebrate a foreign policy meeting with anyone it finds it necessary. We have NEVER said it was to decide the outcome of European regional government policy, it was in fact a meeting of the Grossdeutscher government with it's closest allies, but the Tamil Islands' government is so paranoid that they think we are trying to run Europe in some sort of conspiracy. We don't mind what they think about us, but we won't remain silent while they accuse us of something we have never done or pretended to do.

    Therefore, from now on the Grossdeutsches Reich is in a state of war with the Tamil Islands. Our armed forces, both at the Reich and at Zuid-Orange, have been ordered to respond to any attack from the tamil military.

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    ((IC Secret))

    To the Office of the Reich Chancellor,

    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter wishes to inform the Reich of its intention to join the war against Dromund Kaas.


    Office of the Prime Minister,
    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter.

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    Press conference on the official stance of the government regarding the collapse of Dromund Kaas govt. [27/1/2012]

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. We've received news from Dromund Kaas pointing that the Oversector and it's government have fallen and the country now seems to be in anarchy after the nuclear attack. Considering the size of our common land border, the threat it means to our nation and the need for relief in the country, I have personally given my support for military action. A force 600.000 men strong will be entering our neighbour to re-establish peace and security and to restore democracy there.

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    Official response to the Polish President regarding a tripartite summit with Os Corelia. [21/09/2014]

    To the Office of the Polish President,

    I am glad to hear of your acceptance for the celebration of a tripartite summit in Berlin between your government and the government of Os Corelia with our acting as a mediator to solve the recent debate arisen between your governments. As soon as we receive notice from the Corelian government accepting the invitation we will announce the proposed date and venue of the summit.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gertrude Maria Meyer
    Chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich

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    Press conference on the results of the Havnwasser referendum [02/10/2014]

    Good morning dear members of the press and thank you for being here. As you already know, we have just got the news that the Havnwasser Agreement has been rejected by a very very little majority of the voters.

    In spite of the narrow margin, a strong message has been sent to this government. I have therefore decided, after consulting with fellow members of the federal cabinet, to call for an early general election so that the people can vote for a new Reichstag and a new government to lead the country. The current federal cabinet, and me personally, feel no longer the confidence of the people to represent it politically.

    Now is the moment to solve in a political way the division this topic has caused in the grossdeutscher people. If a nation wants to look forward and advance it must try to find again the long-lost consensus that once made it a great nation. And we feel there is no better solution than an early election. That is why a federal election shall be taking place on Sunday, november the 9th.

    Thank you all and good morning everybody.

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