Le Echelon R?seau de diffusion

  • L'Offre d'Union europ?enne A Accept?/ Europa?sches Unionsangebot Hat Angenommen/ European Union Bid Accepted
    Echelon?s bid to join the European Union has been recognised. The years of economic and political insecurity have been very trying since the collapse of the Franco-Prussian Confederation, which our country was a member of.
    Foreign Relations Director General Franz Webber is especially grateful to the Eur commissioner for accepting.

    The Adaptation of the 4 freedoms such as
    1. Freedom of the movement of Goods
    2. Free movement of services
    3. Freedom of Establishment
    4. Freedom of movement of Labour (People)

    All of these freedoms and reform shall be implemented immediately by the Echelon government as to show the Federal Republic?s support for the Schengen Agreement. However the Echelonian government keeping thier own currency that is the Echelonian Franc.

  • Tertiary Education Funding Reforms

    The Bureau of Education and Training has issued out a new policy to help loosen the financial burden of prospective university students and their families. The Government is introducing new places called Government Subsidised Placements, whereby students attending university do not need to pay for tuition fees. That is until the students gets a job and starts earning an income, which then gets taxed at 15% which will get sent back to the university.

    Secretary of Education and Human Development; Julia Schilburg said that this policy will be a good way for the university market to be more fair, and competitive at the same time. The universities will make money trough government funding, by student?s taxes being sent back, and this practise will insure more liberal and accommodating student admission practises, due to the fact that the more students attend and graduate, the more federal funding the university gets, thus encouraging more efficient educational market practises. This will be available to students from polytechnic to PhD students.

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