Echelon European Tour

  • Foreign Relations Secretary Franz Webber will be conducting a tour of diplomatic missions which are meant to find new trading partners in order to facilitate Echelon's future economic growth. For this reason Comerce and Industry Secretary Peter McGarif will be going with Franz Webber to help on the economic side.

    Countries of Trade and Diplomatic interest are as follows:

    GroBdeutsches Reich
    Os Corelia

    Franz's first lot of diplomatic missions have been assigned to make relations with these countires. That is under the concent of thier governments.

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    The Grossdeutscher Government will be pleased to welcome Secretary Webber and Secretary McGarif to Berlin.

  • The Kingdom of Marrakechia will give Secretary Webber and Secretary McGarif a warm welcome to Marrakechia.

    Preperations for the Secretaries visit will start and the flag of Echelon will be displayed everywhere with the Marrakechian flags.

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    The Grand Marquessate of Angleter will be happy to meet Secretaries Webber and McGarif in New Birmingham.

  • The Echelon Executive Office is pleased to hear warm welcomes for it's delegates. Secrataries Franz Webber and Peter McGarif will be starting their diplomatic tour in Berlin, then going on to New Birmingham. and then Marrakechia.

  • OOC:So how do we normally do this, do we just talk, or do we RP the entire diplomatic process as well?

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    OOC: What we normally do is roleplay the entire visit. You ought to read threads from previous visits so you know how this works.

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    Secratary Franz Webber and Peter McGarif touched down at Berlin International Airport. Tnhe tow where using the airline known as Lufthansa. The two phoned ahead to the Gro?deutsches Reich Executive office to let their counterparts know that they where in the country, and also to find out where they should meet specificly.

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    Yes, you must go to the Chancellery building. Don't worry, there is an official car waiting for you at the main entrance of the airport. Ten minutes? Okay. Thank you. -the Chancellor's secretary hung the phone and turned.- Chancellor, Franz Webber and Peter McGarif are at the airport. They are now going to take the car here.

    Thank you Brenda. It's time to get down to the entrance to welcome them here.

  • THe two Secrataries went to the front entrance of the airport, where a large black car with the Gro?deutsches Reich flag on it was waiting for them. They had finally arrived at the front entrance of the Chancellory building.

    It seemd like an official waiting for them at the front entrance of Chancellor's Building. Franz Webber extended his hand to greet the official. "Hello there, I am Franz Webber Echelon's Secretary of Foreign Relations, and my counterpart beside me is Peter McGarif Secretary of Trade and Industry, we are pleased to meet you on arrival"

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    Welcome to Berlin, herren Webber and McGarif. I'm Robert Mainzer, the Chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich. If you wish so, you can follow me to the inside of the Chancellery.

    The Chancellor, the Echelonian government secretaries and the chancellor's aides went inside. They entered the 'Bismarck Meeting Room' and sat at the table.

    Firstly, welcome to the Reich. What topics would the Echelon government like to talk about in this meeting?

  • We would be honoured to accept the delegation from Echelon to our nation. We will extend all our usual priveleges for visitng governance.

  • QUOTE (Os Corelia @ Nov 5 2010, 08:19 PM)

    We would be honoured to accept the delegation from Echelon to our nation. We will extend all our usual priveleges for visitng governance.

    THe Foreign Office in light of this new Development will make Os Corella the last place of the European tour.

    Meanwhile in Berlin....

    Franz Webber Speaks. "Yes Chancellor, the topic we wish to disscuss is mostly trade. and freindship. as you probably know by now our major industry is the manufactoring of arms and weapons systems, due to the fact our government is a Stratocracy we felt that this industry was nessasry, however our curent administration wants a more freindlier image and less of a war based economy."

    Peter McGarif then speaks. "Our indusry sector is still in it's infancy, but we have begun a series of policies to expand our economy, and in order to do that we need Trade partners, we currently have a trade deficit , which we hope to turn to a surplus, thus we have adopted the Japanese model of economic growth, due to the fact our natural resources are depliting, we feel it nessasry to make some economic allies to trade with, we know your nation's major industry is Infomation Technology, whcich we can use in our sevices sector, logistics, and manufactoring industries, we feel that Gro?deutsches Reich can be a long term ally, in order to trade with when our natural resources deplete, we can at least count on some trading partners to export our finished products to."

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    **If you'd really like to abandon your military-based economy then we could have an agreement. Some of our hi-tech companies could open factories and research centers in your country. Meanwhile, you could shut down your military industry and Grossdeutscher military providers would become your military's main provider for lower than normal prices.

    We would also look forward for a trade agreement, maybe reducing tariffs for goods of our countries.**

  • "Oh no Mr Chancellor you misunderstand us" says Franz. "We do not wish abandon our military sector, we only wish to diminish our dependants on it, and diversify in every other sector we wish to make our economy more peace driven rather than war driven, We will be willing let your tech companies open shop on our soil regardless of either of our nations diplomatic standing. However we cannot completely shut down our military sector, and rely on the sole military provisions of another, such a deal, with all do repect would be illogical, we ha ve lost our sovewrignty that way to other powers in the past, we have been a puppet state before, and do not wish to do so again, besides our defence econopmy is very nationalised and state regulated. However a trade agreement in order to benifit us both, might be in order, we can certainly agree on tariff reductions good being traded between our countries is a good idea. We have a rough idea of a treaty in mind, but what is your idea of a viable trade agreement, in which both of us can benefit?"

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    Okay. Please excuse me. I think we could agree on a deal on free tariff trade for the goods of our countries and also on the establishing of hi-tech research centers in your country. Also, if you'd like to improve your military industry, experts could be sent to your country to help your companies design better, modern weapon systems. But, which is your idea of how this treaty should be? A strictly economic one?

  • Peter McGarif says "For now economic yes, our government has delared an overhaul of fiscal policy to a more expansionist route, by making dals, like the one we will hopefully agree with here today, but we we also wish for the Gro?deutsches Reich government to allow us to open business here, mostly anythin from retail to defence and services, basically we will reduce tarrifs on goods being exported to our country, so long as your government grants us reciprical treatment, an overall opening of all economic borders, for both of our countries, which should help us deversify our economy more, you will also be happy to know that we have reduced taxes overall and changed our tax code to a flat tax rate, also the fact that our Franc is weaker than many other currencies in the region making purchses from our country cheaper, which should even our current account balance."

    Franz Webber interjects " As for your question of the nature of this hypothetical treaty, we see it as an economic one. Right Now our foreign policy is diplomatic neutrality, and try not to let political ideology get in the way of our international relations, basically ideology should net get in the way of practicality. I beleive your poeple call it 'Real Politik'. However we do beleive through good and natural process of economic friendship will lead to a defacto political/diplomatic relationship, though a natural evolutionary pah to closer ties between our two countires."

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    Of course. We would be happy to agree on that terms. Low tariffs and opening economic borders between our countries is acceptable. We would also be willing to accept on opening physical borders. And of course Echelonian companies will be more than welcome to open offices, factories and research centers at our country.

  • Excellent. With that said. I beleive we are done, that is if you don't have anything else to add, Cancellor?