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    As you may know, Unfreedomia is gone and thus Peter Petrenko, the Commissioner for Economics, is gone as well. Here you can post your candidate before Friday 12th, November.


    [B]Candidate name:[/B]
    [B]Country of origin:[/B]
    [B]Political Party:[/B]
    [B]European Affiliation (Europarty, if any):[/B]

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    Candidate name: Joanna Anzio
    Country of origin: North Inquista
    Political Party: European Christian League
    European Affiliation (Europarty, if any): EPP

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    So...what now?

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    I think there is no need for a vote. In my opinion, you could now be declared Commissioner of Economics. Any opposition?

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    ((Beware of the sarcasm in this next post))

    *Runs on stage*

    I am so thankful that I am now elected, this wouldn't be possible if Unfreedomia hadn't mysetriously disappeared, thank you again. More importantly, thank you Mr. Putin for doing business.

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