Eurovoice 2010, 11 Host city Bidding

  • Hi there, Eurovoice 2010, 11 has be born!

    For the first contest, we must select a host city/country but in order to do that we must have your country bids to pick the first ever host of the Eurovoice Contest smile.gif

    user posted image

    In order to sign up please enter this:

    **Country Name:
    National Final Name (Optional):
    Candidate City:

    Current Bids:
    North Inquista - Saint Dominico
    Angleter - New Birmingham
    Gro?deutsches Reich - Hanover
    Borvosky - Borvagrad

  • Admin

    Isn't this the exact same as Eurovision? Ah well, might as well give it a shot.

    Country Name: North Inquista
    Candidate City: Well lets see, there is only one city in North Inquista so... Saint Dominico it is!

  • This is actually a contest that has started this year smile.gif

    It is bit similar to Eurovision but it is different.

  • Admin

    Looks like it was an unmitigated disaster- so this ought to be fun!

    Country Name: Angleter
    National Final Name (Optional): A Song For Angleter
    Candidate City: New Birmingham

  • To Angleter:

    Your bid is now accepted.

  • Admin

    Country Name: Gro?deutsches Reich
    Candidate City: Hanover

  • Country Name: Borvosky
    Candidate City: Borvagrad

  • Gro?deutsches Reich & Borvosky bids are accepted.

  • Proposing candidate bids stage is now finnish now to find our hosts there will be a poll.

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