Political unrest in Borvosky

  • [Borvosky Communist Separatists Forcefully Attempt To Overthrow Current Government]

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    (The city of Konakovo under separatist attack)

    **The 42nd Borvosky presidential elections had only just ended, with Kyle Lee retaining his presidency, when on the 12th of November, an organized attack by a communist militia group calling themselves the "People's Army" armed with soviet brand small arms, vehicles, and equipment, have launched a large scale attack across several major towns and cities in the southern region of Borvosky. Early estimates place the number of militia members to be around the thirty thousands, though that estimated number might double by the end of the day. The Borvosky military has already responded to the separatist attacks in force, unfortunately, due to Borvosky's recent economic trouble, the number of military personal serving in Borvosky's armed forces has decreased by almost half, and the same would also apply to the amount of armored vehicles that the military possesses, so currently the military is struggling with how to allocate the present number of military personal. To answer for this, The Borvoskian president is asking allied nations to help send military aid. Currently the nation of Inquista has agreed to send forces to help combat the separatist threat to Borvosky, but Borvosky's president is asking any possible allies to help send aid to this now fractured country. **

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    As stated above, North Inquista has answered the plea of help. North Inquista, personally knowing the dangers and effects of separatist movements and civil war, can't be more willing to help. Many troop divisions have departed by boat and plane to occupy Slavan.

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    At the end of the first day of the separatist attacks, the eastern Borvosky city of Konakovo had fallen with the separatists establishing a provisional government and a military HQ inside the city, while the rest of the separatist armed forces have gained territory in Brovosk's southeast mountain ranges.

  • The Kingdom of Marrakechia urges both sides to stop fighting.

    Prime Minister of Marrakechia:
    **Marrakechia urges both side to stop fighting and instead of war we can have talks with both sides.

  • Galicia-Ruthenia too understands the plight of Borvosky with the Black Army continuing to expand it's influence in our own borders.

    Galicia-Ruthenia is unable to pledge military support at this time, as there is no way for our armies to travel through occupied territory and what armed forces we have left are all committed to fighting the Black Army.

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    The government of the Gro?deutsches Reich, with the objective of preserving peace in a friendly neighboring country, will be sending a 50.000 men expeditionary force to the city of Terek to help the democratically-elected government of Borvosky deal with insurrectional activity in the southern territories of the country.

  • As of yet we are wondering if Bade-Wurttenburg can send in a unit of the State Peace Corps?
    If not what resources can we send?

  • Bade-Wurttenburg, Use the war system 2.0 to make your military, use the IC calculator and the spreadsheet provided by the Soviet Union on this page LINK to make your military, then post it on the war list page, but if you want, you could tell me what town or area you would want your military to establish an HQ at.

  • Marrakechia has invited both Government Officials and the Borvosky Communist Seperatists leader to have talks and end this conflict.

  • 25,000 men of the Imperial Sovereign Guard, permission granted, will stage east of Borvagrad and move south with elements of the 3rd field army. Bade-Wurttenburg is sending its brand new Leopard A2M4 MBT's. Their orders to stop this insurrection before it spreads further and to work with Brovosky locals and troops.

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    With Inquista and the GDR providing support along major defensive lines and major cities, the Borvosky 3rd Field Army has begun to push its way towards Konakovo.

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    Outside the city limits, the 3rd Field Army begins its preparations for the assault on the city tomorrow morning. The 3/A Mechanized Division will push into the city using the National 3 Highway, entering the eastern commercial district come tomorrow morning. The 3/B Infantry Division will enter the south west residential district, then push east towards the two known anti-air batteries and demolish them so that the gunships of the Terek Air Guard would have free range of movement in the southern portion of the city, moving out of their current holding pattern in the north west direction of the city. The 3/C Artillery Brigade will set up a position outside the city so that they would be able to provide fire support missions for the rest of the Field Army. The attack will begin tomorrow morning, with updates of the battle coming in later in the day

  • also Bade-Wurttenburg, please post your war list before participating, and Marrakechia, assuming how tomorrows battle turns out, negotiations may or may not develop, though we do not currently know the where-abouts or the identity of the separatist's leader

  • it can be 50/50.

  • 25,000 men of the Imperial Sovereign Guard, permission granted, will stage east of Borvagrad and move south with elements of the 3rd field army. Bade-Wurttenburg is sending its brand new Leopard A2M4 MBT's. Their orders to stop this insurrection before it spreads further and to work with Brovosky locals and troops.

    Check war lists mine's there. happy.gif

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    Bade-Wurttenburg your War list is extremely unaccurate due to one small failure. In Europe . (period) = , (comma) and vice versa. So 1.500 = (1, 500). So most divisions of your army is made up of 12 and a half men.

  • I finished my changes to the list for accuracy.

  • In response to the ongoing crisis Unfreedomia has increased it's alert status and increased the size of its military forces

  • Klara Vilikesh, a Diplomat, of Farashinikov "We, if allowed, would be happy to help by sending a Platoon, a squadron of aircraft, Combat Squadron of Airborne Troops . We will be sending them to Terek/Kosakovo area to set up HQ there. "

    Squadron : Consists of 4 Flights [Est. 64 Aircraft]

    *40 Eurofighters, 4 Tornado ECR, 20 F4 Phantom II. There Will be a mix of CAP/CAS Fighters, most bombs that will be used can be sgb or mgb (Small guided Bombs/Munitions, Medium Guided Bombs.) also will be using Iris-T air to air missiles. If possible, we would like to rearm and refuel at some of your airfields, we will sending engineers with munitions and fueling trucks if you allow to one of your designated airfields, hopefully Terek.*

    *4 Combat Squadron of Airborne Troops will be delivered via 32 C160 to Terek, these will stay stationary until needed. Following behind the C160's will be 48 EH101 Merlin Transport Helicopters, they will be stationed and be ready to do sorties with the airborne troops when they reach Terek and Refuel."

    Platoon :
    [4 Armored Divisions, 4 Combat Squadron]
    [Total est. of Company 3,000 units]

    *Will move Along your highway National 1 and transit to National 3 up to Terek, we will keep a contingent of 1000 units here and set up a HQ there. The rest of the platoon will move towards Konakovo area and will be on standby and will guard your flank, or possibly help secure Konakovo with your forces. *

    *HQ will have Leopard 2A5 tanks, with ATF Dingo 2's with Puma IFV. There will be Special Forces units in reserve at the HQ and will respond if needed. This being a small majority watching over the HQ, The rest including mobile artillery (Panzerhaubitze 2000) will move up to help provide support for your army. *