Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of G-R

  • Hetman Vladislav in a public address
    Lviv, East Galicia
    November 12, 2010

    _Citizens of Galicia-Ruthenia, I come bearing horrible news.

    The Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Galicia-Ruthenia, commonly known as the Anarchist Black Army, has taken the industrial centre of Dnipropetrovs?k. This band of criminals is not a new one, having been plaguing the countryside around the city with thefts and murder, but never having taken a city such as Dnipropetrovs?k. The area around the city is now known as the self-proclaimed Free Territory of Ruthenia by the Anarchist Scum. The area has been cordoned off and the armed forces are mobilizing and converging on the occupied city. All members of this terrorist organization will be swiftly executed and there will be no vestige of them remaining. Let this serve as a reminder to all who believe they can rebel against the Hetmanate and escape detection.

    Galicia-Ruthenia prevails!_

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