National Week Of Peace (NWOP)

  • This is a week long gathering of officials and the public to try to bring about peace. It will be held at Bade-Wurttenburgs Memorial national fair grounds an area of about 2 squair miles. We are looking for any participation we can get. This event starts January 1st 2011 and goes to the 8th.
    Negotiations between waring factions are allowed but will be monitored for security reasons.
    Please understand.

    A sportily attitude.
    Ethnic participation.
    Willingness to help with preparations.
    And a willingness to stop all wars for a one week period (this is negotiateabl).
    Other than that all particeipents must be signed up by December 27 2010.

    Current participants:
    Vatici (Occitania)
    Marrakechia (European Union)
    The Genovian Monarchy (Occitania)
    Northern Ooblah (Eastern Pacific)
    Southern Ooblah (Eastern Pacific)
    Thank you to all who participate.

    Xavior Von Kampfen Imperal Chancellor.
    Guther Koening Office of Foregin Affairs.
    Johanna Von Stroussmann Public relations and propaganda.

  • Marrakechia would like to participate.


    some information will be sent to you soon

  • Galicia-Ruthenia will not be participating. We believe peace to be for the weak and indecisive.

  • Admin

    QUOTE (Galicia-Ruthenia @ Nov 17 2010, 02:18 AM)

    Galicia-Ruthenia will not be participating. We believe peace to be for the weak and indecisive.


    *no comment*

    North Inquista has to kindly decline, we support peace, but the tyrannical terrorists in Borvosky cause only pain and suffering and must be stoped, we hope that the EU understands what risk Borvosky is actually at, it is far worse than it seems.

  • Really? the week is not meant to be the end of peace but the beginning we are trying to strive for peace and this is an annul launching point .

  • Admin

    Angleter would like to ask as to whether this is a general celebration of the joys of peace or an actual week of major peace negotiations? If the latter, then which wars are meant to come to an end at this meeting?

  • It is meant to try and spread a more peaceful attitude through out the world.
    Any waring factions that want to end their war are welcome to participate.

  • Because of Lack of interest in the European Union we will NOT hold the National Week Of Peace. Sorry to all who wished to participate.

  • Admin

    I think we have realised somethig important...

    ...The EU can never handle peace. laugh.gif

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