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    As we now have two actual parties in power here, we might as well set about creating a manifesto. Basic principles (based on the Prague Declaration of the real ECR) would be:

    -Opposition to a federal Europe
    -Family values
    -Immigration control
    -Energy security
    -Individual freedom/Free market

    Any other ideas/things to discuss?

  • We would add these points:

    • Support of traditions against political correctness and/or ecologism (bullfighting/fox hunting)

    • Support small and medium enterprises and local stores and shops, as supports of economy and community life

    • Give special powers to the police forces and the army to fight terrorism

    • More spending in defence.

    Joxean Larrazabal
    ECR Liason, Alderdi Nazionala

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    The ECR Manifesto

    We, the European Conservatives & Reformists, are parties drawn from across this continent with common aims, objectives, and ideologies. We seek to defend our principles and our nations in the European theatre as members of this Europarty.

    Internal Affairs

     We oppose any further federalisation of the European Union. As an organisation of patriots, it is the ECR?s belief that all nation-states of Europe have an inalienable right to national sovereignty regarding internal matters, and that the EU should not continue, as it has done in the past, to encroach on this national sovereignty.

     The ECR does not believe in European military intervention in matters between states unless it is absolutely necessary- i.e. it must be undertaken to prevent terrorism or a gross humanitarian crisis. An example of this is the case of Neo-Venetia, which was annexed by Angleter in 2008 based on a threat to the Angleteric border from the anarchic r?gime, only for EUSC forces to force out the Angleteric military presence and establish a republic now ruled by a far-Left coalition. The ECR continues to recognise Angleter?s right to sovereignty over the Neo-Venetia area.

     We believe in the European Union?s fundamental notion of ?unity in diversity?. However, we oppose the false notion of ?multiculturalism? that threatens the unique national characters of each nation in the Union. Thus, we believe in nations? rights to immigration controls and to impose assimilation programmes on its immigrant populations. The ECR shall oppose any EU attempt to thwart these rights.

     We support the preservation of national traditions, such as bullfighting, against politically correct movements to ban them. Similarly, we recognise the religious heritage of the EU, and oppose any movement to enforce secularism on individual nations or to curb traditional religious belief across the EU.

     The EU must develop a credible plan for the energy security of all nations in the near future- one that is compatible with the trend away from polluting energy sources and towards ?greener? alternatives. The ECR particularly favours nuclear power.

    Foreign Affairs

     The ECR is committed to improving healthy relations between the European Union and other regions around the world, through both defence pacts and embassy programmes.

     We believe that nations should be free to join the EU and that we should encourage nations to do so. However, we believe that this is useless if we do not strongly encourage those nations to become active participants in the European system. Most nations in this region are not active participants, and this is a sad state of affairs that we should do the utmost to change.

     We do not wish for the European Union to involve itself in the abhorrent process of raiding- although we do not exclude the possibility of maintaining ambassadorial relations with raider regions. Similarly, we shall not become a defender region unless we are called on to do so by a region with whom we have a defence pact.


     The ECR strongly believes in the free-market economic system, and encourages all EU nations to work together to remove trade restrictions and open up their economies. However, our views on national sovereignty stipulate that we shall by no means compel nations to act against their governments? wills. We oppose a compulsory single European currency.

     We support the creation of a formalised EU budget for the operations of the Commission and other such pan-European organisations. In funding these operations, we oppose any form of direct taxation on the citizens of individual EU states.

     Small and medium sized businesses form an important part of European nations? communities, and provide an important contribution to the economy, but they are coming under threat from big businesses and their cartels. The ECR thus desires that governments provide grants and tax breaks for small businesses to help them survive and to help their being established. An EU-wide grant is a possibility we would consider.

     The ECR opposes the creation of cartels between large corporations, and would support the implementation of a EU-wide ban on such groups being formed or continuing to exist. This would not affect state monopolies.

    Defence & Peacekeeping

     Terrorism is a growing threat across Europe, and so we advocate the creation of a co-ordinated pan-European police force formed by the contributions of member states, and Europe-wide databases and information sharing to accompany it. This European force can fight terrorism and catch criminals across all nations that would allow it. This police force would be under the control of the Department for Defence & Peacekeeping.

     The ECR supports the right of every nation to have a military of the size of its own choosing. We would favour disbanding the European Nuclear Applications Authority, a useless bureaucracy that infringes on national sovereignty.

     We favour a strong, armed EDF with the right to take military action against rogue states with the consent of the Commission and EUSC.

    Author: Terry Draw, with thanks to Joxeba Larrazabal for his input.

    Any objections?

  • We endorse this manifesto at 100%

    Joxean Larrazabal
    ECR Liason, Alderdi Nazionala

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