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  • Progressive government threatened, polls

    The most progressive administration in Monogolia in Exile history affronts its toughest challenge: the opinion of the citizens in the general election scheduled for this month? and they not seem very happy with its performance, according to the latest opinion polls published by the media.

    The Democratic party (ELDL) of CEO Timothy Medina would only get 13% of the vote. The other members of the ruling coalition would get respectively, 20,5% (Libertarian Bloc-ELDL), 2,5% (Green Coalition) and 11% (Socialist Party MiE).

    According to the polls, Paul Holmes and the right-wing Republican Party will be the great winners of the Medina administration popularity slump, with 30% of the estimated vote.
    Further at the right, the Conservative Party would get 9,5% of support and the Fascist Movement, 7%. On the far left, the Communists are likely to get 6,5% of the votes.

  • Medina administration ousted! Republicans take helm

    Results of the legislative elections:

    Republican Party (EPP-ED) (30.0% of popular vote): 106 seats

    Libertarian Bloc (ELDL) (20.5%): 72

    Democratic Party (ELDL) (13.0%): 46

    Socialist Party MiE (11.0%): 38

    Conservative Party (ECR) (9.5%): 33

    Fascist Movement (ECR) (7.0%): 24

    Communist Party of Monogolia in Exile (6.5%): 23

    Green Coalition (2.5%): 8

  • Johnny Watson re-elected

    President Johnny Watson of the Republican Party (EPP-ED) has been re-elected for a new mandate by the General Assembly. 272 votes of 350 were enough for the former Transportation Minister to conserve his job of head of state of the Neoliberal Republic of Monogolia in Exile.

    The Presidency of the Republic is a mainly ceremonial institution, but it still has very much prestige both in national and international stages.

  • New administration in Monogolia in Exile

    Approved this morning by the General Assembly

    President: Johnny Watson (Republican)
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Paul Holmes (Republican)
    Foreign Relations: Eleanor Kelly (Libertarian)
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Amanda Harrison (Republican)
    Security: Cynthia Young (Libertarian)
    Healthcare: Ralph Freeman (Republican)
    Education: Harry Olson (Libertarian)
    Justice: April Hanson (Libertarian)
    Transportation: Scott Schmidt (Republican)
    Natural Resources: Kathryn Nguyen (Republican)
    Housing: James ?lvarez (Libertarian)
    Human Resources: Florence L?pez (Republican)
    Defense: Tony Martin (Republican)

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  • Eleanor Kelly will not seek a new term in Europolis

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    European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Eleanor Kelly, has declared today that she will not be candidate for the European Commission in the next election of that continental organism.

    Although she has explained that she has taken that decision for "personal and familiar reasons" there is a strong rumor that she will be the candidate of the Libertarian Bloc in the next legislative elections, in an attempt to return to the General Assembly, as the party has no seats in this legislature.

  • "Kelly effect" may give Libertarians victory, polls

    The official presentation of European Foreign Affairs Commissioner, Eleanor Kelly, as candidate of the Libertarian Bloc to the Legislative Elections has made skyrocketing the vote intentions for that party, which could get 39% of the popular vote.

    The ruling Democratic Party also grows, but not enough to win. The main opposition group, the Conservative Party, is likely to be out of the General Assembly


    ? Libertarians (ELDL) 38%
    ? Democrats (ELDL): 29%
    ? Republicans (EPP): 12%
    ? Greens: 15%
    ? Fascists (ECR): 4%
    ? Communists: 2%

  • Eleanor Kelly to be new Chief Executive Officer

    With 41,7% of popular vote and 148 seats in the General Assembly, the Libertarian Bloc, with European Foreign Affairs Commissioner Eleanor Kelly as leader, has won the Legislative Elections in Monogolia in Exile. Kelly will have to wait the outcome of the European Elections to leave her job in Europolis and assume her new responsibilities as head of the government.

    ? Libertarian Bloc (ELDL) (41.7% of popular vote) 148 seats
    ? Democratic Party (ELDL) (25.6%): 91
    ? Republican Party (EPP) (14.7%): 52
    ? Green Coalition (11.5%): 40
    ? Fascist Movement (ECR) (4.5%): 15
    ? Communist Party (PEL) (1.3%): 4

  • New administration in Monogolia in Exile

    Approved this morning by the General Assembly

    President: Cynthia Young (Libertarian)

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Eleanor Kelly (Libertarian)
    Foreign Relations: Sandra Gonz?lez (Green)
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Harry Green (Libertarian)
    Security: Harry Olson (Libertarian)
    Healtcare: James ?lvarez (Libertarian)
    Education: April Hanson (Libertarian)
    Justice: Lois Douglas (Libertarian)
    Transportation: Brandon Woods (Libertarian)
    Natural Resources: Anna Henry (Green)
    Housing: Ricky Elliot (Libertarian)
    Human Resources: Debbie Arnold (Libertarian)
    Defense: Clarence Romero (Libertarian)

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