Austrur, Kingdom of

  • The United Kingdom of Austrur

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    National Information

    ?Vive la R?publique imp?riale!?

    General Information

    Official Name: The United Kingdom of Austrur
    Short Name: Austrur
    Demonym: Austrurian
    National Motto: "Vive la R?publique imp?riale!"
    National Anthem: "Le Mars de la Garde Imp?riale" -- Link Here... (Click)


    Form of Government: Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy
    Executive Branch: Prime Minister, and their Cabinet
    Legislature Branch: Parlement de Austrur
    Judiciary Branch: Cour Supr?me

    Number of Provinces: 19
    Provincial Governor: Ministre Provincial
    Provincial Legislative Branch: Provincial S?nat

    Head of State: President Mireille Cailot (Lib Dem)
    Head of Government: Prime Minister Pierre Gladu (CDA)
    Speaker of Parliament: Speaker Arnaud Berthiaume (CDA)

    Length of Term: President 4 years, Parliament 5 years

    Cabinet Currently Forming...

    Number of Members of Parliament: 675

    • Christian Democrats -- 342 seats
    • Social Democrats -- 212 seats
    • Liberal Democrats -- 121 seats
    • Total: 675 seatsGeography

    Capital: Austras (19.8 million)
    Other Large Cities: Breithaus (10.1 million), Vaistas (9.5 million), Port d'Austrur (6.8 million), Fort du Aus (4.5 million), Nove Austras (3.2 million)

    Primary Terrain: Mediterranean/Tropical
    Primary Climate: Coastal
    Total Land Area: 440 898 km^2
    Time Zone: GMT 0 / GMT +1


    Population: 201 million (2011)
    Ethnicity: French (73%), Alsace (10%), Helvetian (8%), German (5%), mixed/others (4%)
    Official Languages: French, High Austrurian
    Recognised Regional Languages: English, German
    Official Religious Body: The Church of Austrur


    Currency: Austral (ATR)
    Exchange Rate: 1 Austral = 1.4331 USD (2010)
    Major Industries: Information technology
    Gross Domestic Product: $42,760,355,866,215.85 (42.76 trillion USD)
    GDP Per Capita: $27,658.70
    Unemployment Rate: 2.73%
    Exports: $5,448,301,622,832.25
    Imports: $5,270,064,158,670.00
    Trade Surplus: $178,237,464,162.25

    National Codes

    National Abbreviation: ATR
    ISO Nation Code: PATR
    ISO Currency Code: AUTR
    International Calling Code: +909
    Internet Domains: .aut, .co.aut, .gov.aut, .com.aut, .atr, .co.atr
    Sports Code: ATR


    Voting Age: 20
    Age of Consent: 17
    Marriage Age: 17 (16 with parental consent)
    Same-sex Marriages: Legal
    Adoption by Same-sex Couples: Legal
    Education: Free primary, secondary, and academic education
    Healthcare: Free universal basic healthcare
    Abortion: Legal (with some restrictions)
    Drugs: Illegal (includes tobacco)
    Alcohol: Legal
    Gambling: Legal (with major restrictions)
    Gun Control: Firearms not allowed for private citizens
    Military Service: Compulsory national service in the military, coast guard or national guard.


    Church of Austrur (Roman Catholic) -- 72%
    Orthodox -- 18%
    Sunni Muslims -- 4%
    Shi'a Muslims -- 3%
    Other -- 3%

    24 religions and/or denominations represented.

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