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    Comissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi - ELDL President

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    Delegates, Executive Members, Activists, Friends we convene here today for the first of hopefully many conferences of the European Liberal Democrats League Comissionary Europarty. Since I took office not only in my role as Comissioner of Internal Affairs but also as Party President of our great party I knew progress was needed. My predecessor Senator Zelezny managed to start the part off well and put us in the comission where our views could be heard. But I am not hear to applaud our acheivements. I am here to assert what the ELDL stands for and that is the protection of civil liberties for it is in liberty we place our trust.

    I fear the age we live in has created a culture of the individual seeking ones own gain without the consideration of others as a prevalent right-wing political force is sweeping across our great union. The European Liberal Democrats League speaks for social mobility while protecting the individuality of culture in a way that regardless of creed, skin colour, partisanc conviction, age or indeed social standing can be celebrated. We must work together within Europe to ensure everyone has an opporunity to be receiving the fullextent of their human civil rights and liberties and as liberals we trust liberty's prevalence in the way we politically support the union's development. I want to end my speech with a simple thought, if we all thought about those people to our left and to our right regardless of if we know them we can protect their future as one united in a union. Thank you.

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    Praetor Eldert Trilstrea - ELDL Chair

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    Thank you madam president for an excellent opening keynote speech. As chair of the Comissionary European Liberal Democrats League Europarty it is my duty to officially declare the conference opened and convened. In this short time I have to make a speech I wish to reflect on the party's progress something I have collated with Comissioner Liszckoszi.

    We have seen two elected terms of ELDL comissioners takin the offices of economics and internal affairs respectively. We have managed to question a whole manner of legislation from healthcare presecription and international health schemes legislation to the pressing matters of nuclear weapons displaying a united front of opposition. As we know thework is never to stop and we need to channel more thought into developing legislation to protect civil liberties. We call conference to decide on how we should utilise our role in the comission and how we can press for liberal change. So please contribute and make Europe have a brighter future, a liberal future. Thank you.

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    Senator Hoiricus Malstern - ELDL Membership Secretary

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    Delelgates and Party activists I welcome you to our first ELDL conference, an acheivement to be celebrated in itself as we see so many members here gatehred to hear the way forward and what work is happening within this great union to protect liberty. As membership secretary a lot of you particularly the delegates will know me. For those who do not I'm the bloke who signed your membership letters and cards.

    We have had a massive increase in membership from what initially started out as a europarty backed only by one national party and a handful of european councillors and know sees the likes of the Chancellor of Grossdeutches Reich a strong economic nation within the union adressing the party in conference, a personal highlight I must admit. But what is most important to us all is the commitment of acitivists, party members who are not parliamentary politicians but politicians of the real social conscience who we want to give a more official opportunity to direct your views and comments to those in a position to make change. So let me hear your voice and direct this liberal ship to port. Thank you.

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    Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo - Os Corelius Party

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    Delegates of the Europarty conference I have been invited to address you by the ELDL executive as the Prime Minister of this nation we are in Os Corelia. I am not the head of state but hold the prime position in political votes. It is also my responsiblity to forward the party motions and lead cabinet in making decisions. I have been asked to address you on how we can move forward as a party within the European political system.

    The current constitution means that councillors present a vote on behalf of their nation to elect the premier comissioner and the 4 comissioners surrounding him or her in a concurrent order of succession in the event of death or political misdemeanor. At present only a small number of nations directly elect by refferendum where the councillors vote is cast, Corelia now included. As the comission is now a partisan affair of political opinion we urge every nation to allow its citizens to decide where the national vote is cast to mobilise the true spirit of democracy. Comissioner Liszckoszi needs your help councillors of the European Council to create an ELDL voting bloc whereby enough support can be solidly given to the ELDL agenda she represents. This will allow us to function as a party wihtin europe and only with your support and support for democracy can we achieve are more open transparent and liberal europe. Thank you

  • Eleanor Kelly, leader of the Libertarian Bloc and Foreign Affairs Minister
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    Fellow liberals,

    The Neoliberal Republic of Monogolia in Exile was founded as a nation where Economic and Personal Freedom were references of its whole political, legal and social systems.

    Our party, the Libertarian Bloc, has been both in office and in opposition, but freedom has always been its priority, as, like many other parties in the ELDL, it is the only political option in the country to defend freedom both in the boardrooms and the bedrooms.

    In the last Medina administration, we have defended the freedom to earn money and make businesses from the attacks of other "progressive" coalition members, that's liberty in the boardroom. State must have nothing to say about how business is done in the EU and the nation.

    In the new Holmes administration, we are going to defend our countrymen and countrywomen from attacks to their civil, social and sexual liberties, which may be triggered in name of security, tradition, decency, religion of whatever. We are going to stand for scientists investigating in hightech domains like genetics.

    European citizens must know that there is only one alternative to defend their freedoms and their prosperity: the politics promoted by the ELDL and its affiliated parties.

    Thank you very much,

  • Sir James Wilson
    (Official Assistant to Aaron Danials, Foreign Minister of The Star Kingdom of Clorinaia)

    Friends, I am here today to represent the People of Clorinaia and to show that even as a relatively new nation o the world stage we are here to help and stay.

    I represent the Liberal Protector Party, the current incumbent party and the ones who have held power for the last several decades. We represent the Moderate liberals in our nation, those who are progressive but not overtly extreme in this. We realize that great improvement must come from small change and that any sort of hurried legislature is doomed to be dangerous.

    During the many terms in office our Prime Minister has repealed anti-homosexual laws, help re-regulate the banking system, which has lead to a vital revitalization of our Economy, re-vamped our educational system and allowed us to reach a level of technological supremacy that would have been impossible without liberal politics.

    To close I would like to say on behalf of my nation that it is an honer to be a part of such a great league and region. Thank you.

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    Chancellor Robert Mainzer - Freie Demokratische Partei

    Dear delegates, members and collaborators. Thank you for letting me address you today.

    We have worked hard this last years for a better world for us all. For freedom, for social justice, for wellness. In this speech I'd like to really point at the efforts we must make to defend freedoms and the rights of the individual people and the peoples of all over the world. Rights like self-determination, a right which we recently helped to return to Spain, where new nations of long oppressed peoples have arisen. We should never forget the defense of those rights. Though not only national rights, but individual rights too. We must not forget we are liberal, but we are also people, and thus we should have more socially-focused policies, defending the right of the people to a fair wage, a home, education, healthcare.

    We must reaffirm ourselves in our commitment to mantain those basic rights as essential and promise to never let anyone suffer unnecessarily. That is our obligation as rules and representors of the people who voted us. They gave us their confidence, then be more fair and let them be free and safe once and for all. It is the time for social equalty and freedom.

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    Viscount Kalistus Xavier - Os Corelius Party Leader

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    Delegates and friends it is a great honour to be invited to give the conference's closing address. We are today and have been for the past week gathered in this great city of Kaldoon, the port city where the founders of Os Corelia landed many years ago laying the foundations to a future in a brave new world. We have made an important step this week by convening a conference of politically like-minded peoples to act upon a future with a vivascious vigour that can only see an outcome of change.

    My good friend Chancellor Mainzer asserted a need for us to recognize that we as politicans represent people and we are entrusted with the job of protecting our electors an densuring they receive their full civil ad human rights. He asked us to promise to let noone suffer and this hit me hard. We have to stand by this promise as we are the liberals coalition in europe.

    Minister Kelly called for us to protect citizen's rights to prosperity and free enterprise in the face of mass conglomoration some the european market has to ensure. Sir James Wilson asked for us to make the upcomin decision with great consideration and make the smaller changes before we try to hurry any legislation. Also my great friend and colleague in Corelian Government Prime Minister Astollo explained to us hwo as a europarty we can utilise the constitutional parliamentary system to make the liberal changed needed.

    Comissioner Liszkoszi unfortunately cannot be here today to see the first party conference close as she is already moving the wheels of change discussing health care reform with the Premier Comissioner in Europolis as I speak. I thank her for her contstant commitment to the liberal cause in Europe and support her re-election to the presidential position when the voting process begins.

    So what have we achieved by these speeches? we have shared with you the members what the executive have been discussing for months and giving you an idea of what this party WILL acheive with the european comission and council. New thoughts and opinions have been converged and by next comission election I think we will see a regular fixture of an ELDL comission member if not the premier comissioner. Here is to our bright liberal future. thank you and I call this conference convenence to an official close

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