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    I've decided that perhaps EUOT isn't going to work. The name isn't entirely appealing, and there aren't that many people who'll want to come to a region with the specific idea of being a non-European member of a European country.

    Therefore, I have decided that it would perhaps be a good idea to create one or more new regional blocs as sister regions to the EU. I've already created a NAFTA for safe keeping, but perhaps we could also have an African Union. Hopefully, we'd see greater influx to and activity in NAFTA than we have with EUOT. The setup would be much the same as before, but if it were to be successful then we might have to look at some serious changes.

    So, what do you all think?

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    Great idea! biggrin.gif

    I don't think new nation would search EUOT on the Regional Search anyway. The African Union sounds very promising.

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    I'm for it. We could also divide the EUOT regional map so that we can have a continent for each regional bloc. We could also create an Asian Union as well and have the entire world. (Australia may come in the future if it is seen necessary)

  • I support this idea smile.gif

    what about Organization of American States (OAS)

  • Mercosur would be great!

  • I really like this idea.

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    Actually, I was thinking that instead of artificially creating regions to form a closed RP universe, we would approach real world inspired regions and ask if they would like to participate in an RP community.

    Here were some of the regions I was thinking about approaching:

    North America
    South America

    If we were to piece together the Americas, Africa, and Asia with ourselves we would effectively have an environment for roleplay that were similar to the real world but also allowed us wiggle room for NS fun as well. We could have our own closed universe and roleplay on what would feel like a global level.

    Imagine establishing trade agreements, diplomatic agreements and even launching wars on a global scale! The ultimate agreement would have us all establish a common website with a forum, and a common map of the world as well with each region making up its own continent. We already have the framework, we just need to glue all the pieces together.

  • I prefer Belarum's idea. While Angleter has a good plan, why create regions that we then need to populate when we could ally our selves with current regions and save everyone a lot of hassle. Also it could be more realistic to have other regions rather than our own creations as they would be trying to get there region on top, and that would make sure none of the regions answer to us, hopefully.

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    Perhaps, but I do wonder about the activity of these established regions, and whether they would be willing to join.

    I'd say try Bel's plan first and see if it works out. If not, I'll see if we can create the same thing, but with NAFTA, etc. Indeed, if one region does opt out, we could create a replacement.

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