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    Elections to be held next Saturday

    In the next Saturday, the citizens will vote in the elections for the Parliament. After 8 years, Konrad Erhard, the Chancellor of Headingtonia, will retire from politics after leaving office. The favourites to succeed him are Ludwig Adenauer, from the CDU, and Oskar Steinmeier, from the SPD. After the elections, HM the K?nig Wilhelm VI will ask the winner of the elections to form government on his behalf.

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    Weather Warning

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    Berlin today at 18:00

    Today the Royal Meteorological Centre issued a weather warning due to the severe weather that will afect the entire country later tonight. Strong winds, extreme minimal temperatures and heavy snowfall will afect all the country in general, but in the north there is even the risk of blizzard. Public transports will be strongly affected by the severe weather and at 23:30 of today, all the airports of the country will shut down. The bad weather conditions are expected to continue affecting the country in the next days.

    "We advise people to not leave their homes, the weather conditions are really bad now, and things will worse. All the country is now in Yellow Alert, but the alert level will increase to Orange at 23:30 of today. And if the risk of blizzard in the capital and surrounding areas become likely, then we will be forced to increase the level to Red." - said today Oskar Merkell, a spokesperson from the RMC.

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    Severe weather will continue next days

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    Berlin this morning

    The severe weather that is affecting the country since last night will continue in the next days. At 04:00 hours of today, heavy snowfall and strong winds were affecting all the country. Berlin, and the surrounding areas, were under intense snowfall all night. According to the latest weather forecast, things will become even worse.

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    Circulation was complicated due to the snow

    "The conditions will become worse. More than we expected, honestly. From 01:00 hours of tomorrow, all the northern and central regions will be under Red alert due to the heavy winds and the snow storms that we are expecting." said a spokesperson from the Royal Meteorological Centre.

    As of now, all the airports of the country will remain closed.

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