Healthcare Reform Bill

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    I wish to bring this proposed bill before the council from the Comission office of internal affairs.

    As usual we have a debate period until friday and a vote from friday until the following wednesday.

    The following is proposed under this bill:

    1)An EU wide insurance card scheme whereby a citizen of the EU can pay for the healthcare through their own system of insurance or if the nation has a national health service can have the cost covered.

    2)All EU nations offer either a free national health service or have a government regulated insurance scheme.

    3)Creation of an EU watchdog for medicinal costs such as prescriptions and creating categories whereby those with a chronic illness can access prescribed medication for free.

    Comissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Comissioner for Internal Affairs

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    I'm down and ready for debate.

    *Rolls up sleeves*

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