Commission nominations (Jan 2011)

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    European Commission nominations are open as of 06/1/2011. They shall close at 23:59 GMT on 13/1/2011.

    You must submit your candidate in the following format:


    [IMG]Candidate photograph or image[/IMG]
    [B]Candidate Name:[/B]
    [B]Home Nation:[/B]
    [B]Incumbent?[/B] (Y/N)
    [B]Political Party Affiliation:[/B]

    Feel free to add a short CV if you wish.

    _I remind candidates that adding a CV does not constitute an open debate on policy and discussions, debates and question sessions shall occur in the run up to the opening of the Polls. Any candidate not taking part in such 'question-time' discussions will be noticed by the region, especially myself as administrator of this election and it shall be made clear to the region that there is a lack of activity from this candidate.

    These elections are supposed to give our member-states fair representation in this region - if candidates cannot take it upon themselves to be active, then I in particular, question their ability and willingness to take part in a body who must be active, accountable and able. I do not wish to threaten nor scare, but I want, for once, our European Commission to consist of Commissioners who are active and who play a part in the region both on and off this forum._

    If you have any question about the electoral procedure, about nominations or about any other thing related with this election, feel free to contact me via PM.

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    user posted image

    Candidate Name: Alexander Kligenberg
    Home Nation: North Inquista
    Incumbent? Yes
    Political Party Affiliation: The Christian League - EPP

    ((What happeed to the image? :/ ))

    Oh look, it's back! laugh.gif

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    Candidate Name: Moulay Ismail
    Home Nation: Kingdom of Marrakechia
    Incumbent: Yes
    Political Part Affilation: Istiqlal Party (ELDL)

    Current Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, Moulay Ismail had the foreign relations with Conservdom and had supported the alliance move with the SMA.

    We Believe if Moulay Ismail got re-elected he will try and do better job then last time.

  • **Candidate Name:**Charles Monty
    **Home Nation:**The Kingdom of Clorinaia
    Incumbent? No
    Political Party Affiliation: The Liberal protectors (ELDL)

  • Withdrawn

  • Candidate Name: Paige Danielle Wallace
    Home Nation: Scotio-Alba (Scotland)
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: The Scottish Independent Party

  • user posted image

    Candidate Name: Dr Henry Jerard Waterman PhD
    Home Nation: Prince-Bishopric of North Briton
    Incumbent? No
    Political Party of Affiliation: EPP-ED

    Dr Henry Jerard Waterman PhD has the academic skill, talent and insight to inject some much needed energy into Commission proceedings. Being a new and fresh face, hopefully promote ever closer union and solidarity for new region members.

  • user posted image
    **Candidate Name:**Eleanor Kelly
    **Home Nation:**Monogolia in Exile
    Incumbent? No
    Political Party Affiliation: Libertarian Bloc, ELDL

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