EPP Party Conference

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    Welcome to the EPP Party Conference 2011!

    The first order of the day shall be Commission nominations. Any EPP-affiliated nominee can request the party endorsement, and that shall be given on the 13th of January, to coincide with the end of nominations.

    Then, we shall have speeches, and finally votes on logos and policy.

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    Alexander Kligenberg wouild like to represent the EPP in the Commission.

  • Marwa Olaizola, of the Kristau Demokrazia, would like to represent the EPP in the Commission!

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    Angleter supports Mr. Kligenberg.

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    Houston, we have a problem. Presuming Eleanor Kelly of Monogolia in Exile runs for the Commission now she has full ELDL backing, any Monogolian candidate would have to beat her- the preferred candidate of the largest Europarty and thus favourite to win- to get elected to the Commission ((OOC: since Monogolia and Monogolia in Exile are the same person, and one person can't have two Commission seats)).

    In order to heighten the likelihood of there being two EPP members of the Commission, it would be much preferable were we to have another candidate from a party affiliate.

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    If only NI was here....

  • Marwa Olaizola withdraws in order to improve the EPP chances in this election with Alexander Kligenberg as official candidate

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