ECoJ Election Jan 2011

  • In keeping with the recent ECoJ term length changes, the ECoJ shall now dissolve in order for a new ECoJ to be elected simultaneously with the Commission. Nominations shall thus end 13/1/11 at 23:59 GMT.

    No nation running in the Commission elections may run for ECoJ.

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    Name: Sir Kenneth Aloysius Frobisher
    Nation: Angleter
    Incumbent: Yes- Chief Justice.
    Previous Experience: Sir Ken Frobisher, 69, was elected Chief Justice of the European Court for his first term in July, and such led the judiciary in the landmark North Inquista vs Mauresmo case. Prior to this, he was Chief Crown Prosecutor in New Birmingham for 17 years.

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    **Name:**Countessa Gwilis Kwensee

    Nation: Os Corelia

    Incumbent: No

    Previous Experience: Countessa Gwilis Kwensee, 64, was a Former Cheif Justice of Os Corelia for 7 years before setting up the Mutantian Socialist party and running the political opposition for two terms. She led the war crimes trials of the Taloshian regime which successfully convicted the military generals for their attrocities against Faladorians.

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    Name: Alexander Neumann
    Nation: Gro?deutsches Reich
    Incumbent: No
    Previous Experience: Alex Neumann, 46, spent the last three and a half years as President of the Federal Supreme Court of the Reich, with the previous eleven years serving as lawyer in K?nigsberg.

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    Name: Hibus Heth
    Nation: Borvosky
    Incumbent [Y/N]: No
    Previous Experience:
    6 Years Chief judge, Court of Appeals for the Borvagrad Circuit
    5 Years Administrative law judge
    8 Years Borvagrad University, School of Law

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    Name: Richard Sprengel
    Nation: Brecon
    Incumbent: Yes
    Previous Experience: Born in 1968, Richard Sprengel has 5 years of experience as a Councillor of Justice in Brecon and has served one term as a justice of the European Court.

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