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  • Glaswegian Announces Commission Candidacy
    Glasgow - Today Glasgow native Paige Danielle Wallace announced her candidacy for the European Commission.

  • Independence Declared

    Stirling (11 February) - Today, the Scottish Declaration of Independence was agreed to, and signed by, our former queen Elizabeth II and Aserila Lyn Elizabeth Mary Stewart, our First Minister. Under the Declaration, all cessions made to ---Scotland--- by Edgar of England as well as Durnfries and Galloway were ceded to England resulting in the restoration of Stirling as capital. The other major parts of the Declaration were Aserila's immediate ascension to the Scottish throne as Aserila I, recall of all Scottish members of the British Military to
    ---Scotland---, and recognition my the newly-formed Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Queen Appoints Chief of Staff Committee

    Stirling (12 February) - Queen Aserila I has appointed her Chief of Staff Committee (CSC). Each branch of the Royal Military is represented in the CSC, which is made up of two Generals from the Royal Army, an Admiral from the Royal Navy, a General from the Royal Marines, and a Chief Air Marshal from the Royal Air Force. Stirling natives Generals Lady Margaret Anne Beattie, 45, and Lady Judith Anne Churchill, 48, of the Royal Army were appointed Chief of the Defense Staff as well as Chairperson of the CSC and Chief of the General Staff respectively. Royal Marine General Sir Malcolm Geoffry David Anderson, 57, of Fife was appointed Vice Chief and Chairperson of the Defense Staff. Royal Navy Admiral Sir Evelyn James Ferguson, 50, of Dundee was appointed Chief of the Naval Staff. Royal Air Force Chief Air Marshal Lady Lyn Marie Darrow, 50, of Aberdeen was appointed Chief of the Air Staff.

  • Queen Privatizes GLCs

    Stirling - In a landmark decision for business, Queen Aserila I signed the GLC Privatization Act 2011 into law at 09:30 GMT this morning. The signing of the into law sold the stake Her Majesty's Government held in each GLC the the company's management team. The companies effected by the law were NWS Group (formerly Newswire Scotland), Air Scotland, and NBS Financial (formerly The Bank of St. Andrew).

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