Northern Caesarea - Factbook

  • Official Name:

    The Federal Republic of Northern Caesarea

    General Information:

    Capital: Aza?a
    Official Language: Spanish. Catalan, French, Basque, English and Arab are official in certain regions.
    Population: 13,886,000,000 (49% Spanish, 18% French, 18% Catalan, 6% Basque, 6% English and 3% Arab)
    GDP: $497,331,893,924,447.25
    GDP per Capita: $35,815.35
    National Animal: Octopus
    Currency: Peseta


    Government type: Federal Parliamentary Republic

    Administrative Division: 6 regions, 3 administrative zones, 33 provinces.

    Exclusive competence of the regional administrations:


    Education and culture

    Media, languages, amateur sports

    Municipal affairs


    Natural resources



    Regional development





    Social Welfare

    Justice administration


    Responsibilities shared with the national government (bilateral council):


    Financial institutions






    1. Nueva Castilla
    1.1 Administrative zones:

    • Centro (Provinces of Aza?a, Jover, Roca, Barn?s and Carrer)
    • Sureste (Provinces of Alcal?, Escolano, Giral, Casares and R?os)
    • Mediod?a (Provinces of Zamora, Zulueta, Quiroga, Tuero, Prieto and Gamazo)

    2. Els Pirineus, with Catalan as second official language (Provinces of Berenguer, Sescomes, Gener, Vall?s and Empuries)

    3. Espaniola Monogolia, with Basque as second official language (Provinces of Indurain and Arana)

    4. Azahara, with Arab as second official language (Province of Azahara)

    5. Gavachie, with French as second official language (Provinces of Lerroux, Salines, Maure, Saint-Jean, Vinuailles and Carri?res)

    6. Land's End, with English as second official language (Dolwer, Liminany)

    Executive Branch:

    President of the Republic: Diana Amat (Socialdemocrat)

    Prime Minister: Izan Roch (Centrist)
    Deputy Prime Minister: Malak Kayrooz (Socialdemocrat)
    Foreign Affairs: Mar?a del Carmen Bernier (Centrist)
    Education: Hugo Basescu (Socialdemocrat)
    Economy and Commerce: Jayden Djorov (Centrist)
    Environment: Adri?n Gonz?lez (Green)
    Healthcare: Victor Tremblay (Socialdemocrat)
    Homeland Security: Valeria Varela (Centrist)
    Public Works: Noa Navarro (Centrist)
    Defense: Aar?n Hidalgo (Socialdemocrat)
    Social Welfare: Naiara Basescu (Centrist)
    Justice: Aurora Ruiz (Centrist)
    Agriculture: Diana Garrido (Centrist)
    Housing: Adri? Ben Yusuf (Centrist)
    Culture: Victor Fournier (Bloc Gavachois)
    Industry: Sergi Alonso (Centrist)

    Legislative Branch

    Lower House: Senado de la Rep?blica - Senate of the Republic

    user posted image

    user posted image

    Upper House: Consejo Federal - Federal Council

    user posted image

    user posted image

    Political Parties

    * Partido Liberal (PL, Liberal Party): Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, Social conservatism
    * Partido Socialdem?crata-Los Verdes (PSD-LV, Socialdemocrat Party Greens): Social democracy, Democratic socialism, Progressivism, Third Way, Green Politics
    * Uni?n de Centro Democr?tico (UCD, Union of the Democratic Center): Social liberalism, centrism, economic liberalism, populism, Christian democracy, progressivist liberalism, soft euroscepticism
    * Opci?n Nacional (ON, National Option): Social conservatism, nationalism, economic liberalism, euroscepticism, populism
    * Partido Comunista (PC, Communist Party): Communism, Democratic socialism, Anticapitalism, Eco-socialism
    * Bloc Gavachois - Bloque Gabacho (BG, Gavachois Bloc): Left-wing nationalism, Social democracy
    * Tradici?n Espa?ola (TE, Spanish tradition): Spanish nationalism, Christian democracy, euroscepticism, ecologism
    * Uni? Democr?tica dels Pirineus - Uni?n Democr?tica de Los Pirineos (UDP, Democratic Union of The Pyrenees): Left-wing nationalism, Social Democracy, Progressivism
    * Monogoliako Abertzale Alderdi - Partido Nacionalista de Monogolia (PNM, Monogolia Nationalist Party): Conservatism, basque nationalism, populism
    * English Party - Partido Ingl?s (EP): Conservatism, english nationalism, populism, euroscepticism
    * Azahara Justified Party (AJP): Social democracy, Islamic democracy, Progressivism
    * Espacio Alternativo (EA, Alternative Space): Freedom of Information, privacy, copyright and patent reform, transparency of government, education, Civil libertarianism, Populism, Environmentalism, Anti-corruption, E-democracy, Euroscepticism


    Our principal newspapers in spanish are: El Sol (progressive), La Prensa (conservative), La Voz de la Patria (fascist), La Unidad (communist), El Ecologista (green), El Diario de Aza?a (liberal). Among regional newspapers: La Naci? (catalan), El M?n (catalan), Le Courrier de Gavachie (french) Le Messager (french), Egunkari (basque), The Gazette (english) and Al-Ayam (arab).

    Radio stations: We have 5 national networks in spanish, 3 regional networks in catalan and one in basque.

    TV stations: 25 national networks in spanish and 5 in catalan and french. We have 15 regional networks in catalan, french and spanish 5 networks in basque, 5 in english, and 5 in arab

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