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  • General Assembly holds vote on European Commission

    The General Assembly has not been able to reach an agreement about who to endorse as European Commissioner, in the elections which are being held in the continent.

    The low support for foreign affairs minister and supposed official candidate of the ELDL, Eleanor Kelly, had a strong weight in the high level of abstention between the MP's: "We feel demotivated about the election. It seems that other nations are not holding to their words. It makes us think about a kind of conspiracy to keep the EU area biggest economy out of the commission, just because it is an Overseas Territory. No doubt this attitude will increase euroscepticism and far-right alternatives in our country in the following years!", said an anonymous Libertarian MP.

    A second session is to be held in the next days, to decide definitely the MiE vote between Kelly and Kligenberg.

    Results of the Vote:

    Eleanor Kelly (MiE, ELDL): 118 votes

    Alexander Kligenberg (North Inquista, EPP): 106 votes

    Abstention: 126 votes

  • Kelly leaves for Europolis

    user posted image

    Foreign Affairs minister and Libertarian Bloc leader, Eleanor Kelly, has been elected member of the European Commission. In the following days, Kelly will have to leave these two jobs. It seems she has already a successor.

    The Libertarian Bloc National Committee has elected MP Jamie Alvarado (see picture above) as new leader of the party. It is likely that she will be recommended to CEO Paul Holmes to fill the post of Foreign Affairs minister until the next elections.

  • Elections to the General Assembly: results

    Conservative Party (ECR): (35.4% popular vote): 126 seats

    Democratic Party (ELDL): (23.1%): 82

    Socialist Party, MiE (15.4%): 54

    Green Coalition (9.2%): 32

    Communist Party of Monogolia in Exile (6.9%): 24

    Fascist Movement (ECR): (6.9%): 24

    Republican Party (EPP): (2.3%): 8

  • New administration in Monogolia in Exile

    Approved this morning by the General Assembly

    President: Donald Williams (Conservative)

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sandra Wheeler (Democrat)
    Foreign Relations: Jason Morgan (Socialist)
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Sandra Gonz?lez (Green)
    Security: Jeff Peterson (Communist)
    Healtcare: Steve Anderson (Socialist)
    Education: Michelle Contreras (Democrat)
    Justice: Emma Mason (Socialist)
    Transportation: Timothy Medina (Democrat)
    Natural Resources: Anna Henry (Green)
    Housing: Edwin Little (Democrat)
    Human Resources: Randy Bradley (Democrat)
    Defense: Leonard Hall (Democrat)

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