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  • Moya reshuffles cabinet

    President of the Government, Izan Moya, met this morning with president of the Republic, Isabel Garaikoetxea, and announced important changes in his cabinet. Moya has fired Social Welfare minister Erika Zubeldia, an icon of the Liberal Party right-wing, the Freedom Movement, and Public Works minister Rafael Vera, related with corruption schemes. The economic crisis has cost her head to Irene Arias, minister of Economy and Commerce. She is replaced by former Defense minister, Fernando Soler.

    Another representative of the liberal old guard, Education minister Nicol?s Nieto, cedes his post to the veteran Iker Conde, who was in charge of Agriculture.

    New faces arrive to the government, with young MP's taking charge of Social Welfare (Alexandre Quintana), Public Works (Ainhoa Cant?) Defense (Maxim Garaikoetxea) and Industry (Mikel Espinosa).

    Political analysts have described this moves as an attempt to show a less right-wing image, as the regional elections approach and the centrist Republican Alliance is growing in the polls.

    The Ministry of Environment has reflected the turmoil in the Green Party, after the resignation of Alejandro Russo, because of his strong opposition to the government educative and social policies. He is replaced by former Green leader Judit Santana.

    New government in Northern Caesarea

    President: Izan Moya (Liberal)
    Vicepresident: Irati Ben Yusuf (Republican)
    Foreign Affairs: Alexandra Moreno (Green)
    Education: Iker Conde (Liberal)
    Healthcare: Clara Gonz?lez (Republican)
    Economy and Commerce: Fernando Soler (Liberal)
    Environment: Judit Santana (Green)
    Homeland Security: Guillermo Bernier (Liberal)
    Public Works: Ainhoa Cant? (Liberal)
    Social Welfare: Alexandre Quintana (Liberal)
    Justice: Francisco Javier Aparicio (Liberal)
    Defense: Maxim Garaikoetxea (Liberal)
    Agriculture: Saray Sierra (Liberal)
    Housing: Emma Luque (Liberal)
    Culture: Ava Zubeldia (Liberal)
    Industry: Mikel Espinosa (Liberal)

  • Results of the regional elections

    Socialdemocrats win in Els Pirineus

    PSD (38.0% popular vote): 19 seats

    PL (22.0%): 10

    UDP (11.0%): 5

    LV (9.0%): 4

    AR (8.0%): 3

    PC (8.0%): 3

    AS (3.0%): 1

    The government will be formed by the Socialdemocrats (PSD), who lose their majority, and the Greens (LV). The governor will be Marie Rivas.

    Liberals win in Espaniola Monogolia

    PL (40.0%): 19

    PNM (25.0%): 12

    PSD (18.0%): 8

    AR (8.0%): 3

    FN (6.0%): 2

    AS (3.0%): 1

    The government will be formed by the Liberals (PL) and the Monogolian Nationalists (PNM). Joshua Uranga wins a new mandate as governor.

    Republicans win in Azahara

    AR (32.7%): 16

    PSD (23.8%): 11

    AJP (22.8%): 11

    PL (11.9%): 5

    LV (4.0%): 1

    PC (3.0%): 1

    The government will be formed by the Republicans (AR) and the AJP nationalists. The governor will be Jayden Djorov.

    Republicans win in New Castile

    AR (27.0%): 13

    PL (21.0%): 10

    PSD (17.0%): 8

    AS (9.0%): 4

    PC (9.0%): 4

    FN (6.0%): 3

    TE (4.0%): 2

    BG (3.0%): 1

    The government will be formed by the Republican Alliance (AR) and the Liberals (PL). The president will be Valeria Varela.


    PSD (30.0%): 10

    BG (23.0%): 7

    PL (16.0%): 5

    LV (11.0%): 3

    AR (7.0%): 2

    PC (6.0%): 2

    AS (4.0%): 1

    The elections for the first General Council of the Special Administrative Zone of Gavachie were won by the Socialdemocrats, with Oc?ane D?ez as first councilor. She will govern with the help of the Bloc Gavachois.

    Land's End

    PL (34.0%): 11

    EP (26.0%): 8

    AR (16.0%): 5

    PSD (12.0%): 3

    FN (10.0%): 3

    The elections for the first General Council of the Special Administrative Zone of Land's End were won by the Liberals, with Sonia Ferrari as first councilor. She will govern with the help of the Republican Alliance.

    National Total (Popular vote)

    AR 25,8%
    PL 22,3%
    PSD 18,8%
    PC 8,5%
    AS 7,9%
    FN 5,6%
    TE 3,0%
    LV 2,2%
    BG 2,1%
    EP 1,5%
    UDP 0,9%
    PNM 0,9%
    AJP 0,3%

  • Regional elections: the aftermath

    The regional elections hold recently in Northern Caesarea are the origin of tons and tons of analysis from political experts. Here are some conclusions and possible consequences in the next legislative elections, by Irene Merino, professor of Political Science at the Univesidad Nacional (Aza?a):

    Liberal Party (PL): The Liberals had paid dearly the scandals about embezzelement, corruption and illegal financing which have hit the headlines during the last months. President of the government Izan Moya has tried to compensate its impact by a cabinet reshuffle and a turn to the political center, but it seems that is not enough to secure his reelection. Mantains its political stronghold of Espaniola Monogolia and gains Land's End.

    Socialdemocrat Party (PSD): The once hegemonic party in Northern Caesarean politics needs a change of leadership and politics. Under former president of the Government Isaac Gauthier, the PSD has nothing but lose electoral support and even had an escision, Socialist Alternative. The primaries to elect the candidate for the Legistlative Elections will be a change to reshape the party and its message to the people. Keeps Els Pirineus, despite losing almost 20% of support, and gains Gavachie.

    Republican Alliance (AR): The centrist party has made interesting gains in this elections. It mantains its grip over Azahara and gains the governorship of New Castile, the nation's most important and strategic region. The main obstacle is ahead: the primaries, where the party old guard, leadered by former president of the government Izan Roch, will try to challenge the power of Irati ben Yusuf, incumbent vicepresident of the government.

    The Greens (LV): With a 7% fall in popular support, the ecologists are paying its alliance with right-wing Liberals and Republicans in the national government, which has not been well understood by the electorate and the party membership. Foreign Affairs minister and party leader, Alexandra Moreno, will live tough times until the general election.

    Socialist Alternative (AS) and Communist Party (PC): Gains huge support from former socialdemocrat and green supporters.

  • Government approves huge tax cuts

    user posted image

    Izan Moya administration has just approved an extensive tax cut. Some taxes, like the oil tax or the tobacco or alcohol taxes, will be eliminated. The income tax will be reduced 10% across the board.

    "Our objective is to give an impulse to our economy by allowing individuals to spend or invest more money", says Economy and Commerce minister, Fernando Soler. "We can`t forget that we are european leaders in trade deficit. We must reactivate our economy giving more chances to our companies to gain in R&D and productivity and more chances to our consumer to buy their products", adds Soler.

    Isaac Gauthier, leader of the opposition Social-democratic Party (PSD), considered this cuts as "a populist way to make electoral campaign for the legislative elections, selling public deficit and social spending cuts to buy a bunch of votes".

  • Government choked by corruption

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    Embezzlement, corruption and cronyism cases queue at the first page headlines and the doors of the Supreme Court and put in danger the survival of Izan Moya as president of the Government.

    The last investigations by the Guardia Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard) points directly that Moya was aware of the Uhal corruption ring when he was Espaniola Monogolia governor and that he nominated people implicated in that network for relevant posts in the central administration during both his tenure as Environment minister and president of the Government.

    It seems that Moya had a personal intervention in giving the Arana Convention Center project to a construction company controlled by Uhal entrepreneurs, despite of cheaper offers by Northern Caesarea main firms. The final cost of this building, which still has to be finished, two years and 5.000.000 of pesetas over its schedule, is still unknown.

  • Foreign Affairs Minister resigns to cure her breast cancer

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    Alexandra Moreno, Foreign Affairs Minister and Green Party leader, resigned yesterday in a sea of tears after revealing in a press conference that she has breast cancer and that she has to undergo a long treatment to get rid of that illness.

    Her functions a chief of the Northern Caesarean diplomacy will be assumed directly by the President of the Government, Izan Moya, until he nominates a new person for the job.

  • President of the Republic to address Parliament in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europolis

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    Isabel Garaikoetxea, president of the Republic of Northern Caesarea, is in the Senate Building preparing an address to the parliament to expose the position of the nation as a whole about the terrorist attack which has shocked Europolis this morning.

    As the head of state reserves her right to speak to the Senate to critical moments for the nation and one of her reserve powers is to seek authorization to send troops abroad, it is likely that Garaikoetxea will ask senators to approve a military intervention against "Free Hashimia".

  • New cabinet reshuffle

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    After the resignation of Alexandra Moreno due to her breast cancer, president of the Government, Izan Moya, has communicated to president of the Republic, Isabel Garaikoetxea, the new composition of his cabinet.

    Former Environment minister, Alejandro Russo, will replace Moreno as chief of the Northern Caesarean diplomacy. The Green Party also recommended Moya to fire Judit Romero as Environment minister. She will be replaced by L?a Etxebarr?a.

    In Homeland Security, the persecution of the police officers in charge of the investigation of the Uhal corruption ring, ordered by phone calls from the Ministry headquarters, has cost the post to Gonzalo Bernier. Moya has decided to call back Erika Zubeldia, the Freedom Movement sweetheart, to asume the job.

    Maxim Garaikoetxea had had a short tenure as Defense minister, as he is been replaced by senator Abril G?mez. His resistance in giving information about emblezzement cases in military supplies has been lethal for his carreer.

    Finally, Judit Romero leaves the Environment portfolio as a new victim of the internal strife of the Greens. She is replaced by L?a Etxebarr?a, who is closer to Foreign Affairs minister and caretaker Green leader Alejandro Russo.

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  • Elections in Northern Caesarea: Republicans win

    New senate composition:

    AR (ELDL) 44
    PL (EPP) 31
    PSD 24
    FN (ECR) 10
    PC 6
    AS 5
    LJ 5
    BG 3
    UDP 2
    LV 1

  • New government in Northern Caesarea

    President: Irati Ben Yusuf (Republican)
    Vicepresident: Gabriel Villar (Socialdemocrat)
    Foreign Affairs: Noa Navarro (Republican)
    Education: Claudia Ferrer (Socialdemocrat)
    Environment: Clara Gonz?lez (Republican)
    Economy and Commerce: Marie Rivas (Socialdemocrat)
    Healthcare: Gabriel Ram?rez (Republican)
    Homeland Security: Claudia Miguel (Socialdemocrat)
    Public Works: Adri? Guti?rrez (Republican)
    Defense: Isabel Almunia (Socialdemocrat)
    Social Welfare: Izan Roch (Republican)
    Justice: Ana Carrasco (Republican)
    Agriculture: Sophie Bernal (Republican)
    Housing: Judit Romero (Republican)
    Culture: Silvia Est?vez (Republican)
    Industry: Viktoria Navarro (Republican)

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