Eurovision 2011

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    You can post your candidacy for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest of 2011 by filling the fields posted here as follows:


    [align=center][IMG]Proposed Logo[/IMG]
    [B]Nation:[/B] Nation name
    [B]City:[/B] City name
    [B]Venue:[/B] Venue name
    [B]Capacity:[/B] Capacity
    [B]Host broadcaster:[/B] Host broadcasting company name[/align]

    Bidding ends on February 7th at 11:59PM CET and the host is going to be voted on from February 8th at 00:01AM to February 15th at 11:59PM CET. The contest will be taking place during the first two weeks of April.

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    Nation: Zuid-Oranje
    City: Windhoek
    Venue: Deutsch-S?dwestafrika National Stadion
    Capacity: 75.000 (85.000 concert capacity)
    **Host broadcaster:**Zuid-Oranjse Uitsaaikorporasie (South Orange Broadcasting Corporation, SOBC)

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    Nation: Austrur
    City: Austras
    Venue: Le Imp?riale de Austrur
    Capacity: 87,000 person capacity with possibility to expand to 92,000
    Host broadcaster: T?l?vision Austrur

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    Nation: Os Corelia
    City: Aerodimus
    Venue: The Zention Arts Arena
    Capacity: 80,000
    Host Broadcaster: OsCos TV

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    Nation: North Inquista
    City: Saint Dominico
    Venue: St. Daniel's Square Concert Hall
    Capacity: 92,500
    Host broadcaster: European Broadcasting Company: North Inquista

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    Nation: Borvosky
    City: Borvagrad
    Venue: Grand Savor Stadium
    Capacity: 87,000
    Host broadcaster: Borvosky National Broadcast Center (BNBC)

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    Nation: Marrakechia

    City: Casablanca

    Venue: Grand Stade Casablanca

    Capacity: 98,000

    Host Broadcaster: 2M - 2 Maroc

    Pictures of the venue:
    user posted image
    user posted image

    Video Presentation of the Venue:
    Grand Stade De Casablanca

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