Proposal - To lift the ban on nations

  • If I had it my way, I could have banned you all from the European Nation. Yet I didn't.

    Think about that for just a second... why didn't I? I banned one nation to show I was capable of doing it, yet refrained from doing it on mass to show that I had sincere intentions. Whether you like it or not, GDR has banned my nation unjustly.

    I call upon the members of the European Council to lift the ban on nations and start afresh with reform, rather than regression.

  • Admin

    You are not a member of the European Union, and thus are not allowed to make proposals to the European Council, let alone the Commission, which is meant for discussion between the legitimate Commissioners- i.e. not you.

    As much as you didn't ban anyone except Europ-e from the EU, you also seized power illegitimately and trampled all over the Constitution for which you have shown nothing but disregard. You seek only to disrupt and make trouble, and hence you have been banned.

    Topic locked.