The republic of Bohemian Volta

  • The Republic of Bohemian Volta

    Motto: "Onward, to the workers state"
    Anthem: The Internationale

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    (official state flag)

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    (official emblem of the state)

    Official name: The peoples democratic republic of The Bohemian Volta
    Capital: Dresden
    Currency: euro

    Type of government: Parliamentary democracy

    Current Ruling Prime Minister: MP Michel Ney (Libertarian-Socialist party)

    Population History: The population of Bohemian Volta have a long standing history. Originally a colony set up for Napoleonic Frances intelligentsia, it long outlasted the emperors reign and continued to exist as an ethnic minority in Germans Confederation, paying tributes and supplying professors, musicians and painters to the various Principalities in Germany. When unification was established, it joined the new empire, but still remained a place of seclusion and diversity. When Germany went to the Nazis, large parts of the population were arrested, and only technical staff, such as engineers and scientists were permitted to stay and work on government ordered projects. After its liberation by the Soviet Union, it was still kept as a base for Soviet science, but its surrounding areas became a colony of sorts for Soviet officers and Comintern supporters. It eventually spread out and started to encompass the suburbs of Dresden, and when independence was offered, was made the official capital of the new nation, which is a hodge podge of people, mainly from Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Spain, and Ireland.

    Economic Policies: Although the republic of Bohemian Volta is technically a peoples democratic republic, the current ruling party is controlled by Michel Ney, and the Libertarian-Socialists. While social welfare and working class people are considered at the top of all considerations, the private sector is supported whole heartedly, and the party of Ney support only in the heavy regulation of healthcare, defense, and energy.

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