Operation Double Crossed

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    Operation Double Crossed_**

    Secretary: Prime Minister the head of the USF is here to see you.

    Prime Minister: Good send him in.

    The Head of the Unfreedomian Security Force, Charles Stretovich, steps into the room and closes the door behind him.

    Prime Minister: To what do I owe the Charles? You said you wished to consult me on something which could potentially strengthen our interests abroad.

    Charles Stretovich: Yes Comrade, it is a matter concerning one of our most troublesome neighbours in the region; it is a matter concerning Inquisita. Foreign relations with the North are still sour after our liberation of the South from its tyrannical rule. As such we have devised an operation involving replacing the current leadership there with a more favourable one.

    Prime Minister: And how would we go about instigating such a process?

    Charles Stretovich: We have discussed with the government of South Inquisita the option of using their ports as landing bases and the option of liberating the North through the South and they have responded positively. But that is in the much later stages of the plan. We currently have agents encouraging decent in the country. However we need your permission for the intermediatory stage of the operation. This would involve the removal of Alexander Kligenberg. He will have to disappear. This we predict would cause the micro-state to fall into chaos, from which point we could intervene as a ?helping hand?.

    Prime Minister: How long do our generals predict we could seize the country within?

    Charles Stretovich: Conservative estimates predict a week but it?s likely to be quicker. The international community won?t even have time to respond.

    Prime Minister: Then I approve operation double crossed with full deniability of knowledge of its existence.

    Charles Stretovich: Thank you Comrade.

    The head of the USF then promptly shook hands with the Prime Minister and left the room.

  • _In the Europolis European Council Chambers and Emergency session is called to convenece upon the request of The Os Corelian delegation

    Os Corelian European Council representative Praetor Eldert Trilstrea stands to address the council and presiding comission _

    Praetor Trilstrea: My fellow councillors and presiding comissioners my delegation has called convenence of the council in grave circumstances. The nation of our Premier Commissioner no less has been threatened with a prospect of unjustified military action by the nation of Unfreedomia. There is a belief they wish to present swift action to invade North Inquista.

    The nation of Os Corelia pledge full support to Premier Commissioner Kligenberg and to the nation of North Inquista.

    We wish to seek a resolution to seethe protection of the nation by allowing military suppor tto be granted to North Inquistia and we wish to see a union wide condemnation of the actions of Unfreedomia.

    Rest assured Os Corelian troops are on the way to support North Inquistan forces as we speak under the comman of Admiral Okoziothe head of our armed forces.

    We are a nation of peace but we cannot see liberties threatened of a fully democratic nation in an attempt to destabelise the region.

    We must not stand for this political bullying!!

    thank you

    In applause Praetor Trilstrea took her seat and rested in contemplaton of what could be done

  • At approximately 0200 hours the silhouettes of several armed gunman could just about be made out approaching the residence of the Alexander Kligenberg. As they neared their target they switched to radio silence. This would all be over in an hour or so...

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    OOC: Wouldn't the international community be unaware of this until deeper into the operation?

  • OOC: They are meant to be. Maybe Os Corelia was unaware of this. I suggest Os Corelia's post be stricken

  • OOC: Nice ot see north inquista has been notified! why are you attacking it?

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    ((OOC: I must remind you that there are multiple problems with your plan. North Inquista is a direct democracy, so Alexander Kligenberg is nothing more than a figure head. So, if you took him out, the North Inquistan would remain super conservative, if not, even more. Also, Alexander Kligenberg is the Prime Commissioner of the EU... are you thinking ths through?))

  • Europolis Council Chambers, Emergency session.
    Clorinaian Commissioner of Defense

    Charles Monty: As the duly elected commissioner of defense it is my duty to uphold the peace by any means necessary. I condemn the actions Unfreedomia and place my support behind Inqista. I have sent elite royal guard to guard the leaders of the nation against possible assassination attempts. By tomorrow a large portion of my and the Unions forces will be protecting our leader. We shall not allow Unfreedomia to take this action successfully, and shall fight them at every turn until the surrender. Thank you.

    Charles sits down to thunderous applause

    At the residence of Archbishop St. Dominico a squad of highly trained royal guards scanned the grounds around the complex with high tech night-vision infrared visors. The noted the assassins coming towards the compound and raised their sniper rifles. As one they fired.

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    Clorinaia- This was a secret meeting. You don't know this happened unless somehow you have a most impeccable secret service and have managed to infiltrate the unfreedomian secret service at the highest level.

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  • 05:07 Aurean time
    The Presidential Palace Private Quarters
    The capital city of Pacifica, Pax Aurea

    President Julia Glorius carefully sipped her steaming hot coffee, still looking half asleep, but in truth already awake and alert, listening intently to her Chief of Security Staff, Elisabeta Acutus. A suitable name for such a sharp individual, the President mused to herself, a wan smile touching her lips for a short moment.

    "How accurate is this intel?" she asked. "Has there been any contact and confirmation with our Inquistan neighbours?"

    "Not yet, Madam", the whip-thin, hawk-nosed woman answered. "And thus I must emphasize the fact that we have not confirmed these rumours yet. There has been no official contact with the Inquistan intelligence officials. I wanted to bring this to you first."

    "Yet you believe this intel to be true, Elisabeta?"

    "Yes, Madam President."

    Glorius cast her a curious glance, to which the Chief answered: "Call it a gut feeling, Madam."

    Glorius nodded, then sipped her coffee again to gain a short moment to gather her thoughts. The cup was full of tar-like black bitterness. Just the way she needed it to be to get her mind keen in the morning. Yes, unfortunately her intuition is usually in the right place. But I sincerely do hope her gut is only having some gas this time. Loudly, she pondered: "Unfreedomian cells -- ah, yes, pardon me, possible Unfreedomian cells at this point -- operating on Inquistan soil, stirring dissidence. How are we aware of this again?"

    "The Cyber Threat Division of our security service managed to catch some alarming chatter on the net", Acutus explained. "Accidentally, to be honest. As you're aware of, we don't normally monitor our EU neighbours."

    Glorius nodded slowly. "Very well. Continue to monitor these cells, see if you can unearthen any more chatter that indicates possible terrorist activity. Any and all additional intel would be appreciated. And would you please make a discreet announcement of our discoveries to the Inquistan intelligence agencies? Make sure to stress the fact that we have no confirmation of this threat yet, though."

    "As you wish, Madam President."

    Chief Acutus continued to her task briskly, leaving the President to her coffee and worried thoughts.

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