The Royal Wedding Weekend

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    Rt. Hon. William Hague's Office of the First Secretary of State

    Whilst the Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg represent the parties Conservative and Liberal Democrat in the election debate in Norwich, the First Secretary of State sat in his office and began to issue out details to the guests for the royal wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton.

    "Mr. Hague," one of the secretaries called in.

    "Yes?" Mr. Hague answered.

    "What exactly do you want to be stated on the follow up invitations and security details to the foreign dignitaries?"

    "Please make sure that they are aware that we are planning to house them in the diplomatic area around Belgrave Square and Hyde Park, and that we will have at least 30 security personnel in each embassy, as well as full police escorts from their arrival at the City Airport to that area. They will be able to see the entire city that way from east to west end."

    "Any special entertainments beforehand?"

    "Yes, but I will write those myself."

    To the Diplomats in Attendance,

    On behalf of the United Kingdom, the David Cameron government, and the Palace I would like to issue sincerest gratitude for attending this momentous occasion for our nation. The wedding of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton will be something none of us will ever forget.

    In regards to the weekends plans, we ask that you arrive at the London City Airport rather than Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton or Stansted Airports due to proximity, traffic, and other logistical issues. If you do wish to come into the United Kingdom via a train or another mode of transportation, please let us know so that the mode will receive full diplomatic escorts.

    On Thursday, 28 April 2011, we will be holding a state dinner for the diplomats, The Queen, and Prime Minister Cameron at Windsor Palace with special dinner entertainment by recording artist Leona Lewis, members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and a formal introduction to the United Kingdom by the Queen herself. The Friday will be a day of escorted sightseeing around London, all individual followed by a rehearsal dinner at Buckingham Palace where Miss Middleton will be introduced formally to the European dignitaries present. Saturday morning is when the actual wedding will take place. The general public will arrive at Westminster Abbey at approximately 10, with the foreign dignitaries including U.S. President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard sitting at the front. The Queen will then arrive at 10:15, followed by the Royal Party including Prince William. Miss Middleton will be coming into the abbey at 10:45 and the ceremony will begin promptly at 11, all in the morning. After the wedding, we will return to Buckingham Palace for a reception.

    We will be placing strict control over paparazzi during the event and London will be inaccessible from the Perimeter Motorway (M25) and all motorways leading into London will be shut down until 1:00 p.m. I encourage you to request any details or bring any security personnel that you deem necessary for your abroad travels, and we hope your stay in London will be enjoyable.

    The Rt. Hon. William Hague, MP
    First Secretary of State
    c/o Prime Minister David Cameron, MP

  • The Prime Minister, David Cameron, received word that the guests would be arriving in London today on his escorted vehicle back from Norwich's debate where the Labour Party struck him a blow.

  • From the Personal Diary of President Julia Glorius

    London. It's been far too long.

    The last time I drifted along these roads was, what, twenty-or-so years ago, when I was still a student and on a spring break from the university. Although back then I wasn't being chauffeured in a black limousine with two men-in-black.

    Oh London. I've missed you.

    The plane trip was uneventful (which is always a good thing these days), but at least it gave me a few spare moments to finetune my speech for the newly wed couple. Nothing long, nothing too eloquent; it's their special day after all, and the last thing they need is yet another pompous, blabbering dignitary. Just a few words. Keep it short, keep it simple, keep it warm.

    This is the first time I have the pleasure of meeting with the British Royal Family. If I claimed I wasn't excited, I would be lying.

    Hm. I guess there's a little princess hidden deep down in every woman's heart. No matter how vocal proponents of liberal democracies they declare to be.

    It seems that Flavius is once again more interested in the where than the who. To him, monarchs are interesting because they have history behind them. I would imagine he's more eager to visit the famous sights of London than standing at my side and smiling to the dozens of foreign dignitaries and VIPs he doesn't know.

    Well. I hope he likes the British cuisine at least.

    Despite being an academic to the core, Flavius Knows too many things sometimes, with a capital K. For example, he Knew the British weather would be quite terrible. I'm happy he was wrong, so far the sky has been clear, with no signs of the infamous downpours and fogs of these isles. For the sake of the young couple, I certainly hope for more sunshine than rainbows!

    The security seems rather tight, which was to be expected. The police -- "bobbies", I believe they're called here -- have been most polite and friendly. To keep my security staff from going ballistic, Flavius and I are accompanied by two gentlemen of, how to put this, of the dark-sunglasses-and-no-smiles type from the Praetorian Guard. Both Charles and Marcus are of British descent, which I thought was just the thing for this trip.

    I'm eager to meet the young man who may one day rise to the British Throne, and his lovely bride who is an icon to the beautiful fact that love knows no class nor caste.

  • Kate hadn't been back in London for quite some time. She spent the majority of her time in a small house in the Welsh countryside with Prince William. When she got back to London, she was taken aback by how many people there were. But she couldn't show it on her face. She had to be dignified like the future Duchess of Cambridge and would be brought even more into the public eye than she was as fiancee, and expect to cope with every emotion.

    She was relieved to see William when she arrived at Kensington Palace for a quick relaxing walk around the grounds, but the time spent was much to short for her taste. Kate enjoyed it though, and was thoroughly enjoying the idea of her being married to someone she has loved for so long.

    Prime Minister Cameron officially welcomed the Pax Aurean delegation of President Julia Glorius and her husband Flavius and their team of security to Belgrave Square in an outdoor setting in the middle of the traffic circle, which had been shut down for the occasion.

    "Welcome, Madame President and company, back to Britain. We've heard that you are quite familiar with our fair city of London. We've taken the liberty of fitting out these former embassies to suit new delegations, such as the Pax Aurean delegation," said PM Cameron to Pres. Glorius. Before the state dinner tonight, we wanted to give everyone a chance to get acclimated and maybe see some quick sights in London beforehand. With your security details, or maybe some of our own, please feel free to take your car and go around."

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    Grand Marquess Joseph IV, Prime Minister Navdeep Khatkar, and their wives touched down at Heathrow. After a long wait for their luggage at the new Terminal 5, they were escorted away by their hosts.

    The Grand Marquess: "Well, it's nice to have one of these occasions every now and then. Haven't been to one since 1996- except for Theresa's, obviously, but it's different when you're walking your own daughter up the aisle. Anyway, should be a pleasure to meet the British royal family as well."

  • PM Cameron just received word that the Angleteric delegation had touched down in Heathrow's Terminal 5, and will be arriving in Belgrave Square shortly.

    Good news, then. They seem to be embracing our nation even more since recent remarks, thought the PM. He turned counterclockwise around the traffic circle to the Angleter Embassy at Belgrave Square, which seemed to be one of the more significant embassies in the area, fitted in a brilliant red color and the Angleter flag draping alongside the Union Jack. Prime Minister Cameron looked down at his watch, and wondered to himself, When are the German and other delegations going to arrive? The Royal Family will be waiting at Windsor, and we do like to start events promptly.

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    The Bombardier Challenger 800 carrying the President of the Grossdeutsches Reich, Horsten K?hler, had just landed at the London City Airport. Robert Mainzer, who had announced he was going to assist the royal wedding, had been forced to change his plans and went to Marseille Air Base Hospital, where Grossdeutscher victims of the Marrakechian attack were recovering, so the President went to London instead. After walking down the ladder, the President was greeted by Prime Minister Cameron.

  • King John Lund walked out of the cockpit of his private plane and opened the door, standing back to allow his wife to pass before him. He straitened his suit as it had become rumpled while he had been flying the plane. He walked down to the ground and into the car and drove off. They had received a motorcade to escort them to embassy plaza on top of the two security men in the front. To the average eye they appeared nothing more than two men, but they were members of the Black Guard, the secret elite of the Clorinaian Armed Forces. They were here as always for his and his queens protection. he pulled into the plaza behind limos bearing the flags of GDR and Angleter. he got out the car and smelled the air. he had always liked the air in London, despite the near intolerable levels of pollution compared to he own country. he walked over to Prime Minister Camron and shook his hand.

  • PM Cameron was relieved when more guests, this time the German-Angleteric-Clorinaian delegations. He made sure to use the proper diplomatic introductions, bowing to the royalty and shaking the hands of the German President and was delighted to see that they would be joining the festivities amidst word that there was a bombing in Marrakechia.

    "European dignitaries, royalty, and heads of state, I welcome you all to the city of London, and for some of you it is a welcome return to a city you've known and appreciated on some level at some stage in your life.

    You may be wondering how recent international events in Marrakechia will be influencing our country and particularly terrorism surrounding the event. As you may remember, the metropolitan area of London will be limited in access the next couple of days, particularly Saturday, and whenever the Royal Family is going to be congregating and en route to the events and of course whenever you are moving. My heart is heavy with sorrow for German, Angleteric, Aurean, and British casualties; but, we must continue on in life and show that they will not win, and this happens to be a particularly happy occasion for all of us here in my country.

    Before we all head to Windsor in our escort caravans, I would like to say that you are free to see the sights of London that or stay inside and get accustomed to the refurnished embassies that we have established for all attending nations as a personal thank you and mutual benefit for all of our nations. With that, I say welcome to the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and I hope the marriage brings happiness to us all.

  • _An car pulls up at the Embassy of Marrakechia in London, and Princess Lalla Salima & Prince Moulay Ousamma gets in the car and driver drove them to Windsor.

    The car arrives and the Princess & Prince gets out and walks upto Miss Kate Middleton and Prince William presenting a gift._

    We Congratulate you two and the King Mohammed IV invites you to a tour around Marrakechia after the wedding. Also the Kingdom of Marrakechia would like to Compensate both of the family of Peter Moss and the Government of the United Kingdom over the loss of his life.

  • The Aurean delegation has confirmed that President Glorius will not cancel her participation in the royal weddings due to the terrorist strike of Marrakechia. "It is especially during dark times like these that we are in need of such brightness, happiness, and love that we can all relate to", the President said.

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    Aelir Dehn barely bothered to hide his frustration as his plane touched down at London City Airport. The weather had been rough and the arrival was an hour behind schedule. However, it seemed to be a perfect, sunny day here in London, and his mood quickly improved. While elaborate outfits were packed for the formal events, Avoldran and Carmen wore street clothes as they entered the airport terminal, quite typical of Duxburian heads of state when abroad. They also traveled with minimal security, as Aelirs never expect to be widely-recognized outside the United Dominions. In fact, neither Avoldran nor Carmen had ever seen Britain. "We should have done away with isolationism a century ago", Dehn joked to his wife. "This city is quite magnificent, it's a shame that we've never visited before." They took in the sights as their escort made its way from the airport to Belgrave Square, where Prime Minister Cameron was waiting.

  • PM Cameron was pleased to see that everyone arrived safely and made a quick announcement to the dignitaries.

    "Now that we're all here, let us make our way to Windsor to meet with the Queen and the Royal Family sans the happy couple tonight for this dinner. If you have any food preferences, I'm very positive we have prepared in any circumstances."

    The Queen prepared herself in a sort of slow manner today; she made sure everything was absolutely perfect, opting to wear a white floor length gown and sash bearing the Royal Standard's colors as well as the Cartier tiara that was gifted to her by her mother, the Queen Mother. She was eagerly anticipating German, Duxburian, Angleteric, Aurean, and Clorinaian delegations, some countries that she was very familiar with and some that were knew to her.

    "I do hope that Mr. Cameron has been hospitable in dealing with the delegations. It would sincerely help our nation's growth to become more friendly and familiar with them."

    She looked down at her address to the delegates and the rest of the Royal Family, members of Parliament, and the nobility that would be attending the state dinner. She had to have read it at least 50 times already, but she just wanted to make sure she was flawless in her delivery.

  • President Glorius was preparing to meet with Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Royal Family.

    It would not do to arrive without an attire stately enough. Dressed in the traditional Aurean palla, bright blue, and underneath it a long, white, linen stola, with the hemlines tinted with gold, she was -- despite her diminutive stature -- a solemn sight. The only piece of jewelry was a small golden cross necklace.

    While the President was going through the do-nots of the etiquette one last time with her aide (and hoping her sometimes somewhat absent-minded husband would also survive in the morass of protocol), a most polite request was sent in advance to the staff of Windsor, inquiring the possibility to have a vegetarian course and non-alcoholic bewerages prepared for the Aurean delegation.

  • The Queen stood in front of the delegation and delivered her speech:

    "Ladies and gentlemen of the European Union, I am delighted, as are the British people, to have you join us on such a momentous occasion as the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton. It is a period in our history that has reinvigorated all of our spirits and reminded all Britons of what our past and future hold and what lessons we have to learn from the scrutiny that this monarchy receives during public moments such as these.

    We ask that in the face of adversity, whether it be from terrorism or from internal strife, that the heads of state of the European Union stay strong and support each other, for we are all united in an effort to provide the good of our peoples and peace in our continent. This show of support not only of William and Catherine, but of the British people, is so meaningful in this time of international uncertainty. Thank you all for attending this momentous occasion."

  • From the Personal Diary of President Julia Glorius

    I must confess I wasn't this nervous when I first met the Corelian Viscount. Fortunately, it turned out I had no need to be -- no more than during my trip to Os Corelia. Her Majesty is a very charming person, if perhaps somewhat restrained, but that comes with the British way of life, I suspect.

    And before anything else, I must also give ten points to the good chef of Windsor's staff. I've rarely eating anything this delicious. So I can now, proudly and without hesitation, deny all the not-so-flattering things that's been said about British cuisine. Truly wonderful. My compliments to the chef indeed! Even Flavius honestly liked it. If only he ate this well back home when I cook. Hmph.

    Despite the high status of the present company, we discussed hardly any politics. This meeting was, after all, about the happy couple, about William and Kate. Of course, anything involving the Royal House is about politics in the end, but for now, I gladly embraced this opportunity to forge a more firm relationship -- friendship -- between myself and Her Majest, between Pax Aurea and the United Kingdom.

    Hm. So perhaps we did discuss a lot of politics after all.

    Flavius was quite charmed by Her Majesty. They had a lengthy discussion about the ancestry and history of the House of Windsor.

    The Queen seemed interested in my personal -- though somewhat limited -- experiences of her realm. I did my best to assure her that I found the kingdom (queendom these days?) as appealing as I did the last time I visited it, and that I would be more than happy to see more traffic happening between our isles. Maybe something to raise the interest in and awareness of our respective cultures on the other side of the sea? A government-promoted Aurean-British theme day, even?

    Ah, very well. I must admit it. Politics was on the table, no matter how we decided to pretend otherwise.

    There are still some preparations that must be done before my delegation can present the newly wed couple their gift. It would not do for a head-of-state to arrive without any, after all...

  • The Queen stood up once again.

    "Before we begin the formal conversations and meetings amongst our leaders, please enjoy the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Brian May, and Kerry Ellis performing a song that has grown very dear to the British populace, Anthem from the musical Chess," the Queen said to the group waiting to begin the formal meeting processes.

    Kerry began to sing and the Prince of Wales, Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla accompanied the Queen and the Prime Minister as they sat down at the British delegation's table. The song was, as the Queen knew very well, about the Soviet Union in the context of the show, and how the Russian chess player's heart belongs to a land without borders and how Russia has shaped his mind and heart forever. She didn't really care though. She thought that the delegation would do well to hear Miss Ellis' voice, one of the big treasures in the music world in Britain.

    She received word that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, would show up to this rather formal meeting.

  • From the Personal Diary of President Julia Glorius

    Note to self: Do your best to get Brian May and Kerry Ellis to visit Pax Aurea as soon as possible. A truly wonderful talent, these two have. Maybe I am sentimental, but their song moved me almost to tears.

    A perfect way to pave the way for the much-expected arrival of Prince William and his dearest Kate.

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