The Kaldoon Conference

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    Kaldoon Peace Conference

    Meeting of the National Delegations of Os Corelia, Grossdeutches Reich & North Inquista

    Falleija Parliament Centre, Kaldoon

    The official delegation of Corelia know as the Corelian Democrat League have arrived at the Parliament centre.

    First to arrive are the lower benches of parliament, the barony and the people's bench. The delegates have found their assigned offices and are preparing the preparatory documents.

    Next to arrive is the electoral college and parliament high benches who take their upper offices.

    The county high bench enter and occupy the constituent offices with their official teams.

    Finally the chairs of the league enter the parliament complex set up in their respective high level chambers. After all logistics are in place the delegation gather in the foyer for a photo call.

    Then the main chairs gather on the steps. There is country chair Countessa Heddarige, Military Chair Admiral Okozio, People's chair Cardinal Alderhilt and head of state Viscoutn Xavier.

    They await the fist delegation to arrive!

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    The motorcade carrying the Chancellor, Robert Mainzer, and it's foreign affairs minister had just arrived at the gates of the Corelian parliament. 35 minutes before, the Chancellor's aircraft, a Bombardier Challenger 800 used for the head of government's long distance travels, had landed at the Kaldoon airport. The BMW carrying Mainzer stopped in front of the main gate of the parliament building and the Chancellor dropped out of the car, only to be received by his colleague and friend, Viscount Kalistus Xavier.

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    Viscount - Robert my dear friend I formally welcome you to Kaldoon once again for a conference of great importance. May I present our new delegation who represent Os Corelia at these conferences, the Corelian Democrat League.

    The Viscount introduced all the delegation to the chancellor and showed the Chancellor to his residence house accessed through a sky corridor from the parliament centre

    Viscount - I will leave your to sort out your delegation in preparation for proceedings as we await the arrive of Mr Kligenberg

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    ((OOC: Oh goodness! I am so sorry! I wasn't aware that this actually begun. Let's just pretend this is only happening now?))

    Chancellor Alexander Kligenberg had landed in Kaldoon Airport, by means of the Kligenberg Family private jet, 5 minutes behind schedule. As Alexander and his daughter, Mikaela Kligenberg, hurried off the jet, a limousine eagerly waited outside of the airport. Alexander and Mikaela managed to reach the limousine, dodging the media and papparazzi. In just a few minutes, they arrived at the front gate of the parliament building and we greeted by Gro?deutscher Chancellor, Robert Mainzer and Viscount Kalistus Xavier. Mikaela was the first to roll out of the car, followed by her father.

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