Human Rights Charter

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    Dear Esteemed Members of the European Council and comission,

    I am wishing to seek confirmaiton on what the EU Human Rights charter is if it indeed exists and what can we do in the case of direct contravention of such decree?

    I raise this in line with concerns about the newly introduced 'dress-code' by the state of Mongolia who have made the most outrageous decision to legalize a female speicific dress code accusing women of encouraging the abuse they suffer at the hands of sexually predatorial men. This is blatant disregard for the rights of the human and is creating sexist legislation. I thought we were in the twenty-first century or have Mongolia forgotten this.

    In further to clarification I seek the council's opinions on such actions and if a intervention can be asserted as to protect the women of Mongolia from opression.

    thank you to the council for allowing me to voice my nation's concerns.

    Councillor Eldert Trilstrea EC
    The New Parliamentary Republic fo Os Corelia

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    Dear members of the European Council and the European Commission:

    I want to raise your attention on the reckless foreign policy of Os Corelia in recent times. Their leaders and administration seem more concerned about the situation and the democratic values of other governments of the Union than about the prosperity and welfare of their own citizens.

    Monstrous gaffes like the incidents before the royal wedding in the United Kingdom, with an inadmissible call to insurrection in a foreign country and an attempt to clumsily manipulate the British electoral process or this case, a morally and legally unfair utilization of European institutions to try to curb a legitimate law because it doesn't fit in their narrow and jingoistic point of view must not remain unpunished by the Union.

    Monologolia is ruled from Gernika and not from Aerodimus!!!

    Ion Idigoras
    Prime minister

  • Following the incident the EU cannot intervene another fellow EU member just because of their laws for women.

    In order to try and ban this 'dress code' from the European Union first make a proposal.

    The Office of Marrakechia
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Anatoly Keith stood to speak

    "The rights of the individual are not, as far as I know, yet enshrined in the European Constitution or in any European legislation, and I would urge the Corelian representative to propose such a charter if she [OOC: is this right?] feels it prudent to do so. While I too find the idea of such severe restrictions on women's clothing unsettling, we must remember that this is nowhere near the worst infringement on human rights the EU has seen- we have had the USSR's consistent failure to allow opposition parties, and we have also seen Unfreedomia 'elect' a leader with 105% of the vote."

    "We have to consider the implications for the EU's role and on various countries' positions in this Union before passing such legislation as is suggested here."

  • Should such a proposal see daylight, it would have Pax Aurea's support, providing it would not ban certain garments altogether. We do not believe it is the government's role to dictate the dress code of individuals, nor limit their personal choices regarding this matter. The choice should always remain in the individual's hands.

    Minerva Silenius
    Chair of the Senate Council of Equality

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    In response to mongolia the Viscounts personal comments on the united kingdom monarchy were recinded and not expressed as a government held opinion. If you wish to loom a resolved incident over our heads for your own political baudiness then go ahead. We did not make comments into foreign policy if you want ot make sure I can provide you with all necessary documents.

    On the issue at hand we have been careful not to publicly condemn anything we just express concerns we wished for you to address Mr Idigoras. If I have nothing to worry about, if I have caught the wrong end of the stick then you could have told me that my comments are indeed misplaced instead of making an offensive attack than has no relevance in this chamber! I respect you as a member of ths council and wish to cause no controversies whatever you may believe about me.

    To address the more important and relevant matter I would propose such a bill but would it be wise coming from my nation if we are held in such low esteem in this chamber. I urge a colleague here in this chamber to move with such a proposal as it seems I cannot make comment without being slandered.

    I hope we can be humankind

    Eldert Trilstrea

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    Apart from the usual lunacies from the European far-right about the status of Soviet socialist democracy, my government and I find ourselves in agreement with the Rt. Hon. Anatoly Keith.

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