Summit in Marrakech

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    Hegazkiniera 1, transporting president Igor ben Yusuf, lands in Marrakech Airport

  • The FM Andre Moussadi comes and greets Igor Ben Yusuf, leading him to a car that will take him to the Palais Des Congress where the meeting will be held.

  • Igor ben Yusuf: first declarations at the Palais des Congr?s

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    First of all, I want to thank the Government of Marrakechia for the organization of this summit, the European First Commissioner, Mr. Kligenberg, for his presence here and, of course, Viscount Xavier, for his will to solve peacefully the tension between our nations.

    I come to this summit with a will of peace and in representation of all the people of Monogolia. We are a peaceful and democratic nation and we do not want to have a bad relationship with other european countries or the European Union as a whole.

    But this does not mean that we are ready to renounce to our national identity, to our traditions or our historic and religious heritage. Yes, we want more cooperation in Europe, yes, we believe in an European integration, yes, we think that some subject must be discussed and decided in Europolis and not in the national capitals, but we do not believe that this gives any right to any nation or european institution to try to interfere in internal affairs of a determined nation.

    Os Corelia has criticized our dress code. We think that this attitude is not very correct, as it is a law proposed by a democratically elected government and voted by a democratically elected parliament. I still have to sign it to finally approve it, but I, also was elected in a fair and open election. The law can be polemical, but it is, someway, a reflect of what our people think about this issue.

    Thank you very much.

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    Kalistus Xavier: first declarations at the Palais des Congr?s

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    I wish to begin my opening declarations in the same way President Yusuf has by thanking and indeed being indebted to the Marrakechian government for aiding to resolve these tensions in an effort to promote peace and prosperity in Europe. I am very glad President Yusuf has agreed to diplomatically resolve this situation and thank him for agreeing to attend such an important event.

    The corelian people's are of a liberal and peaceful nation seeking the prosperity and liberty of the union something they all whole heartedly support and something we are immeasurabley proud of being part of.

    A union is about a joint effort to create peace and freedom for all something that all member states should be willing to contribute to. We need to promote the rights of the human to prosper in the face of adversity and be able to live an autonomous existence without the interference of the state.

    The issue discussed at hand is a breach of civil liberties what right does any government, democratically elected or not, have to tell people what they can and can't wear? This dress code is not based on any practicality apart from subverting the aroused attention of men implying a male dominated society not akin with gender equality.

    My nation are criticised for interfering with an internal issue but what does it say about the union if a member state cannot grant all its citizens the right of the individual to be themselves and express themselves. We clearly need a statue of human rights that all member states can agree on and sign up to as how are we to progress with attitudes of sexism and misogyny exisitng within this great union?

    Democracy can often neglect minorities whose voice isn't taken into account with these decisions and utilitarianism cannot represent a true picture of how people should be. This is a case of governance interferring with the individual. We must protect the human.

    Thank you President Yusuf for allowing me to present my opinions and I accept your view on this issue and understand you believe it within the right of governance but I urge you to consider the individual.

    thank you

  • -Both of the leaders sits down, and the FM speaks:

    Please welcome MR Alexander Kligenberg, Prime Commissioner of the EU.

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    I am proud that President Yusuf and Kalistus Xavier have agreed to attend this event and I am even more proud that our region resorts to peace rather than war. This is not experience everywhere in the world. This already shows success.

    The Monogolian Gvernment?s decision to implement the dress code has not breached any EU laws. Each nation of the EU has the right to make their own laws, as long as it does not conflict with the EU constitution. If the Os Corelian representatives think that a bill is required and pressed for such a bill, it could be put together. Any EU nation can press for any bill or law to be made and they have right to.

    I also do agree that the EU is ?A union in a joint effort to create peace and freedom for all something that all member states should be willing to contribute to?. However, we must respect that all EU societies and cultures do not operate in the same manor. A law may be fit for one country, but not in another. As a member of the EPP, I do respect the identity of every nation. If the Monoglian government has passed the dress code law, then we can assume that it has been deemed fit for their country.

    But I do also believe in democracy. Xavier has brought an interesting perspective into the field. It is true that not every voice will be heard. But the people must be taken in consideration for this law. I believe that the Monogolian Government should hold a referendum on this matter, and restrict it only on female voters. If this referendum is successful, then we can proudly say that President Yusuf had done the right thing. His people wanted it; they had received it. However, if it fails, I then please ask that the Monogolian Government repeals the law.

    Do the two parties agree with this suggestion, or are there any more recommended resolutions?

    Again, thank you both for showing up and we thank the Minister for Internal affairs for holding this event.

  • Thank you all for attending and excellent speeches.

    As I am the Internal Minister fot he EU it is my duty keep peace around the EU, calm down relations of a nation towards another nation and help out newcomers.

    By the end of this important meeting lets all hope that these 2 nations will agree to normalise their relations and become freinds.

    My goal is to organize many meetings as I can with nations which their tensions are rising with other nations and stop them and get their relations turning the opposite way and cool down the tensions and normalise the relations.

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    Viscount Xavier takes to the stand after consultation with the Vice-president of Os Corelia

    I would offer agreement to Premier Comissioner Kligenberg's idea of a referendum and would wholey accept the outcome of such a vote.

    We wish to seek a bill of human rights to be introduced in european council but feel we are not the right nation to introduce such a bill and ask a comissioner take this role

  • I think that the solution brought in by mr. Kligenberg is a very clever one. As I haven`t signed the law yet, I will call the Monogolian people to a referendum in July, after the Legislative Election to be held in June.

  • The summit finnishes and all of them head off to eat at Restaurant Jana.

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    After a fine meal the musicans starts to sing.
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    An Marrakechian dance groupe starts dancing and ends the evening.
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