ELDL Summer Conference Registration

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    ELDL Summer Conference in Aerodimus

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    This Summer's ELDL Conference Promises to be a great gathering of the most bright and liberal political minds in the EU. With the success of a maiden conference the conference is convened this time in the captial city of Os Corelia, Aerodimus in the Leodis Parliament Building at special dispensation of the Os Corelian Government for what promises to be a fantastic event.

    As we are all aware elections are looming for the comission and we need to rally further support for the ELDL continuing our success and rethinkin and adapting our policies to an ever changing Europe. Please sign up your party and nominated speaker to address our event for what surely willset the presidence for the new comission as wek seek to make europe a more liberal place.

    yours in liberty,
    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi - ELDL Chair


    [b]Nominated Speaker:[/b]

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    Programme of speeches is as follows:

    Consul Servilia Daniolaus

    Chief Executive Officer Sandra Wheeler

    Prime Minister Idriss Letaoui

    President of the Government Irati ben Yusuf

    Prime Minister Ed Miliband, MP - KEYNOTE SPEECH

    Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo - Closing Speech

    OOC: Please post your speeches in this forum at any time you wish - please keep it to a maximum of two large paragraphs - do include a picture in your post

  • Consul Servilia Daniolaus, Chairwoman of the Senate, took the speaker's podium.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Europeans, esteemed colleagues and friends.

    It is a solemn and humbling moment to be here and address a great many so influential and important figures in the European politics. As many of you know, this is my first time to speak in an ELDL conference. And as I stand here, I represent not only my Liberal Center Party or the Aurean people, and neither are you, my friends and colleagues, merely representatives of your own parties and people. No -- we have gathered here because we believe in and represent the principles upon which the entire foundation of the European Union was once laid upon: democracy, personal liberty, justice, peace, and universal human rights.

    It is the last one of those noble principles I wish to discuss today; last, perhaps, but by no means the least, for every other principle lies solely on it, rising or falling with it: the inalienable rights of every human being. The political schisms we have witnessed as of late have created unfortunate tensions between some of our fellow European neighbours. Therefore, I -- along with the Aurean people -- strongly feel that a European human rights charter would be most welcome in this family of nations. We are many; our cultures are many; our customs are many; but there is one thing, one precious thing, that cannot and should not ever change: that every human being is priceless. Upon this statement, I firmly believe, such a charter should be composed; and I cannot see there would be anyone among our European family to disagree with such a principle.

    Our European Union has stand as a shining beacon of hope and justice in the days past; let us make sure she continues to be so in the days to come.

    With a polite bow, the Consul left the podium.

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    The Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband, MP; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, took the speaker's podium

    Ladies and gentlemen of Europe and colleagues of the ELDL,

    I cannot express how delighted it is to have the United Kingdom actively involved in European politics, and how humbling it is to be surrounded by such important nations in our continent. I am speaking to you not as solely the Labour Party leader, nor as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom but as a citizen of Europe. We have seen the good work that the ELDL has done for the European continent, and we have seen the benefits of liberalism in our own societies. However, some challenge our legitimacy as the voice of the left. I am here to say that we must stand strong and be active in our future as Europeans. Great strides have been taken to ensure that our ELDL will be a party that works for a brighter, happier European future. Chairman Liszckoszi has done her part by recruiting and mobilizing our party; she is an example that we as European leaders must follow to set our countries back on track in a cooperative and necessary action. It will be our top priority to back these liberal ideologies and promote them across Europe.

    What is liberal democracy? It is ensuring that our children inherit a Europe where our nations work to support the people, as is the government's job. It is ensuring security when our European brethren ask for a hand. It is maintaining the ideals and values that we so desperately need in this modern time. It is creating opportunities not only for your own nation, but for all of Europe in a time where glimmering hope in our young people is fading. Liberal democracy is the true voice of the people, as we have seen with the majority in the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is these values and our constituency that we must protect. Consul Daniolaus is absolutely spot on in her statement. Every human being is priceless. It is with this statement in mind that our super-national party move forward, not backwards, into the future. Seize the opportunity, responsibility, sacrifice, and privilege that comes with serving a greater good.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honour to speak her, and may the ELDL continue its brilliant work.

    Prime Minister Miliband steps away from the speaker's podium after bowing.

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    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi, ELDL Party Chair,took to the podium

    I now comes the time for the ELDL to reflect on the time past since the conferences last convenance. And in reflection we have to ask and indeed answer difficult questions, hard questions which maybe we would not normally wish to pose. Has the ELDL managed to acheive a brighter liberal Europe? As you can imagine this question cannot have a simple answer hence my preamble. We have had successes in getting 3 members of the party elected to comission. But I feel perhaps we have not made as much of this opportunity than we could have. But alas this cannot be constantly drawn upon.

    We have an obligation to the union to protect the citizens and the ELDL wishes to ensure a liberal europe where everyone even in a minority can have there say, we want a more democratic process. We want a charter of human rights to be instigated. We want a European Parliament where citizens can democratically elect representatives as a voice in europe allowing every nations borad specturm of political opinions to have a say. We want to see a Europe that is liberal where poeple don't fear bein an individual and having their own minds. We want a Humankind europe!!

    Here's to our liberal bright future

    Countessa Liszckoszi thanked the crowd and left the podium to return to the conference chair table

  • Nation: Kingdom of Rhine Ruhr
    Party: Liberal Party of Rhine Ruhr
    Nominated Speaker: Thomas DiMarsico, President of Rhine Ruhr

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    PM Letaoui takes the podium.

    Ladies & Gentleman,

    As a Liberal Democrat nation, Marrakechia has been making several changes in the law making more Democrat with other fellow ELDL nations. We have all the keys needed to create an Liberal Democrat Government in the EC and Marrakechia backs the ELDL 100%.

    We believe we have the keys to open the door winning the EC elections which will take place soon and with the ELDL party wins the Prime Commissioner post the other ELDL Commission members can propose an Democratic proposal and others. The Marrakechian people are in support of the ELDL.

    Thank you all and thank you Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi for succesfully running ELDL.

    PM Letaoui leaves the podium.

  • Irati ben Yusuf, president of the Government and leader of the Republican Alliance

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    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Political pundits in Northern Caesarea have always doubts about how to situate us in the political specter. ?Are we in the right or the left wing? I always answer them that freedom is in neither of them: it is in the center of our policies.

    "Republican values" are different according to the nation. In Northern Caesarea, our national motto says "Freedom and Justice", and these are the values we are ready to defend, both in our nation and in Europe.

    We love freedom, because we consider it a basic value in human life. It is the main condition for men and women to deliver all their potential. We love freedom of speech, because it permits to exchange points of view, to understand each other, to improve ourselves and to lead to a richer reality. We are also for economic freedom, because with only the strict necesary norms, the most enterprising among ourselves can achieve their goals and create wealth for all society.

    But we cannot neglect justice, as some liberal or libertarian policies seem to do. We need to do a fair redistribution of the national wealth, in form of good schools, hospitals, social services... to help to create a real equality of opportunity. So that everybody can lead a full life and give his or her potential whatever his or her social or economic situation may be.

    Thank you very much.

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    Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo, Deputy Leader of Os Corelius Party & Head of Os Corelian Parliament

    So we havegathered here this weekend not only to assert what we stand for but also to make a European Wide gesture that we can and will gain change. We may have squandered an opportunity in the past but it is clear that this next comming comission needs ELDL members on it to make change that is in the interest of people and their civil liberties. Party Members I do indeed worry for our party that we have lost sight of things and that we just aren't seeking the freedom in mutual fashion.

    Changes will be happening to the party but you needn't worry as we are in the process of moving in favour of something more libertarian. We need liberty to be a european wide consensus and we believe these upcoming changes will embody this.

    We will be revealing all soon

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  • The Labour Party has officially withdrawn from the ELDL, but the party applying for British participation in the ELDL is the Liberal Democrat Party:

    Liberal Democrat Party
    Leader: Nick Clegg, MP
    Party Liaison: Nick Clegg, MP
    Party Status: Second Party (about 30% representation)

  • The Liberal Party of Rhine Ruhr has officially withdrawn from the ELDL.

  • Country of Origin: The Rhyacian Confederation (a/k/a Rhyacia)
    Party name: Liberal Democratic Union
    Party leader: Lawrence Walters
    Leader title: Secretary General of the LDU
    Ideological platform: Centre/Centre-left
    PEL Representative: Hans Weiss
    Seats in Parliament: Unknown; special election set for 15 July

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    welcome to the party we lookforward ot workin with you - please post a speech introducing yourself smile.gif

    Maleeka Liszckoszi

  • The Istiqlal Party promised to fight back to win the next Marrakechian Elections againts the JD & Union of Popular Forces Party to bring back the ELDL Party in Government..

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    We are deeply saddened that the marrakechian election was made by exterior powers with other nations being allowed to vote on the outcome thus interferring with sovreignty - this election has lost the ELDL the premier commissioner position.

    We intend to support the Istiqlal Party without interferring with sovreignty and will provide any resources we can.

    Sen. Hoiricus Malsteern
    ELDL Membership Secretary

  • Country of Origin: The Democratic Republic of Occoron
    Party name: Occoron Liberal Party
    Party leader:Miguel Rafael D?vila
    Ideological platform: Liberal, pro-Europe
    PEL Representative: Guillermo Fari?as
    Seats in Parliament: 22 of 100

  • Hereby withdraws application to ELDL.

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