PM Miliband to Angleter

  • Prime Minister Miliband looked forward to making the journey from London to New Birmingham. It has been a sort of British cultural snobbery that has kept Angleter and The United Kingdom from being closer friends. After all, they were founded by English settlers. But the stigma that, like Australia, the British in Angleter were mostly Irish criminals and the lower half of society has prevailed. Prime Minister Miliband looked to change that view.

    As he boarded his plane from London Heathrow Airport, he thought of ways to show Prime Minister Khaktar and the Grand Marquess that the UK has changed.

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    Khatkar awaited Prime Minister Miliband's arrival at New Birmingham airport. Though he couldn't claim to have been pleased by Britain's massive Leftward shift at its last elections, he was eager to deal with the new PM and to bring about a new chapter in Anglo-Angleteric relations.

  • The Prime Minister arrived after a few hours of travel to the not surprisingly familiar yet different surroundings of Angleter. He immediately recognized the British influence on infrastructure and architecture in some of the airport's buildings and pictures of New Birmingham that were on slide show. He was greeted immediately by Prime Minister Khaktar, who seemed to be happy to see the Prime Minister at the same time as realizing the politics that he represents and how Labour was obviously different from the more Conservative government in the Grand Marquessate.

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    After the initial greeting, there was little time for Khatkar and Miliband to talk as they were taken to the Grand Marquessial Palace outside New Birmingham for the State ceremonies- which included national anthems, military inspections, and salutes- and the banquet, attended by the Grand Marquessial family, Miliband and the most senior figures who had accompanied him, and their Angleteric counterparts. A short audience with the Grand Marquess followed, before the two Prime Ministers sat together, able at last to discuss business.

  • "It's wonderful to be meeting you Mr. Khatkar; in my first visit away from the UK, it's great to be here in Angleter. On this state visit, I'd like to officially invite the Angleteric delegation to take part in occupying an embassy at Belgrave Square in London and an additional embassy in Edinburgh.

    It is my goal here to build a strong relationship between our countries, especially since we've got a shared history."

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    "Absolutely, and we're glad you find New Birmingham good. We would, of course, be prepared to offer you an embassy in return in New Birmingham. Moreover, what would the British government think about the notion of a free trade agreement between our two nations?"

  • "The British government would be most interested in pursuing such a deal, and would view it beneficial to both parties involved. As a growing economy and one of the top 10 GDP's per capita in the region, it is important to continue this upward trend.

    Another proposal that I think would be beneficial to both nations would be the idea of a less restricted travel between Angleter and the UK. If your legislation allows it, we would like to either do away with passports at customs for our two nations or come up with a special travel card that would allow for discounted flights and hotels as well as entry into the United Kingdom and Angleter."

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    "Good. I don't think we'd have the power to run a discount card without the goodwill of both private airlines and private hotels, so that'd be unworkable unless you intend for State-subsidised travel and a discount that way. As for less restricted travel- we can't do away with passports, but we could do away with Visas for our citizens and travel only by passport. Would that be satisfactory?"

  • "That is more than satisfactory. The metropolitan area of London is able to offer a coupon booklet/registry of destinations and hotels in London that would be able to be discounted for people traveling to the city, and I have full confidence that London will be able to send this to Angleter and encourage travel. Will there be any more proposals that the honourable Prime Minister deem discussable?"

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