Queen Elizabeth to Address Corelian Parliament

  • Queen Elizabeth boarded her plane out of London, making the journey across the sea with the utmost concern. She knew that this was a chance to show that the monarchy was involved with the ever-interlinked continent and she hadn't made a visit to another European nation in such a long time. Sure, she had addressed the Canadian parliament, but that is more along the lines of a home field advantage away from home rather than a truly foreign experience. Her plane was destined for Kaldoon, the center of politics in Os Corelia.

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    'Your majesty I welcome you to Kaldoon the gateway to Os Corelia. It with great honour we have you here ont his visit. We have convened parliament in the Kaldoon parliamnet centre for you to make your address whenever you are ready'- Viscount Xavier

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    The Queen stood in front of the Corelian Parliament.

    "My esteemed friends in Os Corelia, I would like to take this time to commend you for all of your duties that you have performed for the good of your people. The Viscount, the Prime Minister, and Ms. Liszckoszi are adamant about representing your people in a positive, democratic light and have conveyed to our government a sense of willingness to serve. It is the will to serve that is so important when representing the nation and its best interests, and your government should be applauded for its example.

    I am here today to speak on behalf of the British people. We are all tremendously excited about the new opportunities that the signing of the Kaldoon Treaty has given Corelians and Britons alike. Now is a time when our friendship will be solidified by our government's intent and cooperation. We can change the way Europeans view our two nations, at one point past rivals. I encourage the Corelian government to remember the principles of acceptance, friendship, and honesty when dealing with our government. I also encourage Mr. Miliband's government to share these same principles. Only with these in mind will our newly formed joy and friendship prosper. The British people want for all parties to be partners in this new Europe and position ourselves to be leaders by example.

    This is also a time when we must show that we are willing to stand together when it is not happy. As evidenced by recent terrorist activity in Moscow, terrorism can strike anywhere and at any time. This modern world of ours, where we must not only worry about domestic concerns and basic international concerns, is trying all Europeans in its dealings with religious and nationalist radicalism. Britain and Os Corelia cannot and will not be weak with its response, but we cannot allow for human rights to be marginalized for the sake of security. Ms. Liszckoszi has said that she is in full support of a human rights charter to be passed through European parliament, and I not only applaud her efforts but deem it a necessary action. What is first and foremost is that government stands for the people. This guardian relationship warrants assurance by government that it will protect basic human rights. All people must be guaranteed the rights in the charter, and my people fully support its passage.

    I wish Ms Liszckoszi and her ELDL party a successful election campaign for the European Parliament. I thank my colleague, Viscount Xavier, for hosting me here in Corelia. I urge the Corelian Parliament to continue its fine work and continue its championed cause of democracy. Britain, though separated by an ocean, will always stand with Corelia. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of Parliament."

  • Prince Philip looked at his wife with the utmost respect and admiration at her kind words and the Duke and Duchess likewise in awe.

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    The Viscount Stood Up

    'Your majesty your words have been ever so kind and we are honoured that you are supportive of Countessa Liszckoszi's efforts to bring about human rights within europe. You are a ymbol of stability and hope of a naiton and we feel touched by such words you have given today. You are always welcome in Corelia any time'

    With that reposnne a rapturou applause broke out as the Queen was escorted ot her motorcade.

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