Grand Duchy of Arandora

  • Grand Duchy of Arandora

    The Grand Duchy of Arandora is a relatively young state. Located on the Franco-German border, it gained sovereignty as late as 1919.

    The Grand Duchy of Arandora is a constitutional monarchy. The small Parliament appoints the head of the executive but all legislative can be vetoed by the Grand Duke. The Grand Duke of Arandora, currently Luiz Pintat Santol?ria, is Head of State and responsible for foreign policy.

    Despite its small geographic area and limited natural resources, Arandora has developed into a prosperous, highly industrialized, free-enterprise economy, and boasts a financial service sector and also living standard which compare favourably to those of the urban areas of Arandora's large European neighbours. Advantageously low business taxes -- the maximum tax rate is 19% -- as well as easy Rules of Incorporation have induced about 95,700 holding (or so-called 'letter box') companies to establish nominal offices in Arandora. Such processes provide about 40% of Arandora's state revenue. Many people live in Arandora for the benefit of low tax rates, but work in France or Germany for the benefit of the jobs there.

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