ECoJ Nominations June 2011

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    In accordance with the Constitution, the ECoJ has now been dissolved to follow the Commission's dissolution, and nominations for the new ECoJ shall take place now. Nominations will end 18th June 2011 at 23:59 BST.

    No nations running in the Commission elections may run for ECoJ, and it is unclear whether a nation may seek a third term on the ECoJ- so if anyone knows that, then please do inform us.

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    Name: Moulay Ismail
    Nation: Marrakechia
    Previous Experience:
    Former Foreign Affairs & Internal Affairs Commissioner of the EU. as Internal Affairs Commissioner Moulay Ismail has managed to calm down the uprising relations between Os Corelia & Monogolia returning both countries to Normal Relations. Moulay Ismail used to be a judge in Marrakechia but went on in his political life. Moulay Ismail the the brother of king Mohammed IV.

    Served 15 Years Chief Judge
    Nearly Been elected of high judge at ICC.

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    Name: Hibus Heth
    Nation: Borvosky
    Incumbent [Y/N]: Yes
    Previous Experience:
    6 Years Chief judge, Court of Appeals for the Borvagrad Circuit
    5 Years Administrative law judge
    8 Years Borvagrad University, School of Law
    Previous member of the ECoJ

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    Name: Jack Straw
    Nation: The United Kingdom
    Incumbent [Y/N]: No
    Previous Experience:

    Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom (in charge of the judicial area of government)
    Home Secretary, Environment Secretary
    Served in criminal court in 1971
    Degree in law from the University of Leeds

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    Name:Ine Kelander am Daen
    Nation:Duxburian Union
    Incumbent [Y/N]:No
    Previous Experience:

    • Juris Doctor from the Verington University Law School

    • 5 year term as Professor of Law at the University of Varia

    • 5 year term (Elected) to the 1st District Court, City of Linden, Dominion of Linden

    • Two 5 year terms (Elected) to the Linden Supreme Court, Dominion of Linden

    • 6 years served (Appointed) to the Supreme Court, Duxburian Union

    • 1 term (Elected) to the European Court of Justice

    • 2 years served (Re-appointed and currently in service) to the Supreme Court, Duxburian Union

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    Name: Alexander Neumann
    Nation: Gro?deutsches Reich
    Incumbent: Yes
    Previous Experience:

    *Three and a half years as President of the Federal Supreme Court of the Reich
    *Eleven years serving as lawyer in K?nigsberg
    *1 term as Chief Justice of the European Union

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