Royal Air Maroc

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    ''Fly Luxary, Fly the Best''


    Headquarters: Casablanca, Marrakechia
    Founded: 1945
    Destinations: 50
    Aircraft: 200
    Revenue: 6433.26 billion Dirham (June, 2014)
    Net income: 3245.34 billion Dirham (June, 2014)
    Employees: 5,000
    Hubs: Casablanca Mohammed II Airport
    Focus Cities: Tangier, Marrakechia

    Subsidiaries of Royal Air Maroc:

    • Royal Air Maroc
    • Royal Air Maroc Express
    • Atlas BlueOwnership of Royal Air Maroc:
      -Atlas Hotels 100%
      -RAM Academy 100%
      -RAM Catering Services 100%
      -British Airways 10%
      -Occoron Air 10%

    Shares of Royal Air Maroc:
    Marrakechian Government 88%
    Kligenberg Motors 5%
    Occoron National Investment Company 7%

    CEO: Driss Benhima

    IATA Code: RM | ICAO Code: RAM | Callsign: ROYALMAR

    Royal Air Maroc is a well known airline in Europe as it known for being the national airline carrier for Marrakechia but also maintaining its unique luxury standards. It is based in Casablanca with over 50 destinations and a fleet of 200 well maintained aircraft consisting of Boeing & ATR.

    Destinations includes Os Corelia, Grossdeutches Reich and Angleter; the airline is focused of extending its network of destinations to other countries and maintaining satisfaction as top airline of Europe.

    Recently the government has put some funding into the airline to maintain the standards and involving new changes to make it much better too witht ehf unding of new destinations airport improvements etc.


    Luggage Policies
    Each passenger are allocated 1 free checked bag with the weight limit of 30 kg. Additional bags will cost 10 Euros extra. Each passenger are allowed to take a piece of hand luggage each on board providing they will fit underneath the seat or overhead.

    Royal air Maroc maintains a strict standard of transferring checked luggage between airport and plane without damage.

    For Your Safety
    Royal air Maroc maintains a strict safety procedure for yours and the plane, Smoking is not permitted on board on any flights. All laptops must be switched during take off and landing. Handheld devices must be Flight Mode or turned to avoid digital problems with the plane. In flight WiFi are available during mid air. We recommend wearing seat belt when seating in case for any unexpected turbulence.

    Check in etc.
    Check in will close 1 hour and 30 minutes before flight. To avoid 1 hour waiting queues at the gates Gate information will be displayed 5 minutes before gate opens. Royal air Maroc has online mobile application to use as check in at the desk instead of using papers.

    Dragon Class
    Royal air Maroc hosts a luxury frequent flyer program for flyers called ''Dragon Class'.
    the lounges contains luxury area sofas, bar and a restaurant including TV and game consoles. with the Dragon Class membership members will be given a free meal and a quick pass to board the planes first.


    Our 200 plane fleet are incredibly maintained to perfection with all planes except the ATR regional plane has a First Class & Business Class.

    Our fleet contains the best aircraft in Europe

    50 Boeing 787
    100 Boeing 737-800
    25 Boeing 727-400
    25 ATR-72

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    Economy Class

    Comfort and entertainment is our priority with providing the best seats for passengers.

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    As flag carrier of luxury and country we provide 5 star prepared food for our passengers which a menu is given to choose from which is catered by 5 star culinary professionals.

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    First Class

    Royal air Maroc tries to and maintain an unique first class experience. Every season Royal air Maqroc renovates and changes the themes of First class to keep its unique touch. Introducing from September 2014 the Home theme for this season.

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    Best thing about First class cuisine is the 3 course catered meals with menus with our finest chefs in Europe & Marrakechia.

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    Routes & Destinations
    Royal air Maroc serves over 50 destinations around Europe.

    Kingdom of Marrakechia 11
    Marrakech-M?nara Aiport, Marrakech
    Rabat-Sal?, Rabat
    Casablanca Anfa, Casbalanca
    Casablanca Mohammed II, Casablanca
    Agadir Massira, Agadir
    Ourzazete, Ourzazete
    Tangier Ibn Batouta, Tanger
    F?z, Fes
    Oujda, Oujda
    Meknes, Meknes
    Nador International Airport, Nador

    Northern Caesarea 3
    Montevideo, Montevideo
    Antanarivo, Antanarivo
    Asuncion, Asuncion

    Angleter 6
    Stanislas III Airport, New Birmingham
    Elkhand Airport, Elkhand
    Corat Airport, Corat
    Helen Smith Airport, Fiecen
    Joseph IV Airport, New Birmingham
    Mantova Airport, Neo-Lombardia

    Grossdeutches Reich 7
    Berlin Tegel International Aiport, Berlin
    Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg International "Robert Mainzer", Berlin
    A?roport International Philippe P?tain, Paris
    Flughafen M?nchen, Munich
    Brussels International Airport, Brussels
    Lyon Aiport, Lyon
    Amsterdam Schiphol, Amsterdam

    Pax Aurea 3
    Pacifica, Pacificia
    Aureanopolis, Aureanopolis
    Port Aureus, Port Aureus

    Duxburian Union 7
    Kaumbrenn Memorial, Kaumbrenn
    Dominion Center, Linden, Dominion Heights
    Verington Bay, Verington, Linbury, Port Vincent
    Gold International, Centrey
    Grand Shore, Centremere
    Laatzen Valley, Laatzen City
    Eastport, Alverex

    Os Corelia 9
    Kaldoon Sea Port International, Kaldoon
    Xantos Leodis Airport, Aeordimus
    Taloshia Forest State Airport, Taloshia
    Yellownak Airport, Yellownak
    Westfallon Isnlands Intl, Westfallon
    Wall of Falador Airport, Falador
    Xantosia State Airport, Xantosia
    The Seacovian Founders Airport, Seacove
    Starliousa Shybek Airport, Starliousa

    Sahara Union 1
    Laayoune, Laayoune

    Inquista 2
    Saint Andrew International, Saint Dominico
    Saint Augustine, Saint Dominico

    Ineland 1
    McNamara International Airport, Dublin

    Airport authorities of Europe are welcome to approach Royal air Maroc in offering desitinations.

    Fly Luxary, Fly the Best

  • The British government would like to extend to Marrakechia the right to fly into London's 4 airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and London City (all international airports)

  • The Governmen of Marrakechia and CEO of RAM is happily to extend RAM destinations to the United Kingdom.

  • Announcement:

    4 new routes has been opended today being: London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Luton and London City.

  • The Aurean Ministry of Transportation would like to follow the British Government's example and extend RAM's destinations to the busiest metropolises of the Commonwealth:

    • Pacifica (the capital; 18.6 million residents)
    • Aureanopolis (8.5 million residents)
    • Port Aureus (6.1 million residents)

    These three cities are located on the Aurean Isles, in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 600 kilometers northwest of Northwest Africa.

    The Aurean Isles have a sizeable immigration population (circa 400.000) of Marrakechian origins.

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    The Reich's Air Transportation Authority will be willing to give Royal Air Maroc permission to operate on the country's airports included in this list:
    *Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg International "Robert Mainzer" - Berlin
    *A?roport International Philippe P?tain - Paris
    *Flughafen M?nchen - Munich
    *A?roport de Bordeaux - Bordeaux
    *A?roport de Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne - Clermont-Ferrand

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    The Angleteric Transport Ministry - Department of Aviation would be pleased to allow your airline to fly to the following destinations:

    Stanislas III Airport, New Birmingham [SNB]
    Elkhand Airport, Elkhand [ELK]
    Corat Airport, Corat [COR]
    Helen Smith Airport, Fiecen [HSF]
    Joseph IV Airport, New Birmingham [JNB]
    Mantova Airport, Neo-Lombardia [MNV]

  • RAM is proud to announce of 14 new routes which will be start in operation 15th June.

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    During the 4th Annual Marrakechian American Coalition Convention that took place on October 10 and 11 2009 in Washington, Mr. Amine El Farissi, the U.S. General Manager of Royal Air Maroc, confrimed the start of the Casablanca-Washington direct flight.

    _OOC: Just a reminder that places not on the map do not exist. There is no United States/America or Washington, though there is a North America in EUOT. Also a reminder for UK from the royal wedding, there is no United States and no Barack Obama. _

    The Duxburian Union would like to invite Royal Air Maroc to extend its operations to the following international airports:

    KBM Kaumbrenn Memorial (Kaumbrenn)
    DOM Dominion Center (Linden, Dominion Heights)
    VEB Verington Bay (Verington, Linbury, Port Vincent)
    GLD Gold International (Centrey)
    GRS Grand Shore (Centremere)
    LAA Laatzen Valley (Laatzen City)
    EPT Eastport (Alverex)

  • Royal Air Maroc will be opening new routes to Duxburian Union which will start from 20th June.

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    The North Inquistan Minister of Transportation will allow British Air ways to operate in North Inquista's//St. Dominico's 2 international airports:

    • St. Augustine Airport
    • St. Andrew Airport.

    Kligenberg Motors would also like to buy 5% of the company for $100,000,000.

  • Agreed. 2 New destinations start from 13th June.

  • Isabel Per?n, the Minister of Transport of the Democratic Republic of Occoron allows Royal Air Maroc to fly on the international airports of:
    -Montevideo (capital)

  • Royal Air Maroc has announced 3 more desitnations to be added all linking to Occoron.

    The Destinations are: Montevideo, Antanarivo & Asunc?on. all flights starts from 10th July.

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    Royal Air Maroc are invited by the Os Corelian government to fly to the following ariports:

    Kaldoon Sea Port International (Main Hub Airport in Corelia)
    Xantos Leodis Airport (Aeordimus, Capital)
    Taloshia Forest State Airport
    Yellownak Airport
    Westfallon Isnlands Intl.
    Wall of Falador Airport
    Xantosia State Airport
    The Seacovian Founders Airport
    Starliousa Shybek Airport

  • More destinations has been put on the list as RAM heads to Os Corelia from 14th July.

  • The Occoron National Investment Company, an investment company with representatives of the government and of the largest companies of Occoron, would like to buy 7% of the shares of Royal Air Maroc. The ONIC offers $150,000,000.

  • Royal Air Maroc has announced that all flights to St Dominico, North Inquista will have an 50% Discount with free Food & Drinks on board as have an special code on their Eurovoice Ticket.

    The Board has announced they will be advertising the Airline as the new commercial has been released:

  • All flights to Marrakechia by RAM will be half prie as the upcoming festival taking place.

    RAM will be serving all meals on flights for free as starting from 17th January.

    The CEO can neither confirm or deny a merge taking place.

    All flights to Uk has suspended due to British government placing a ban that forbids Marrakechians to enter. Flights may resume when the ban has been lifted.

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    Royal Air Maroc gladly welcomes United Planet citizens to Marrakechia as Royal Air Maroc will be flying to United Planet from Casa-Anfa Marrakech-Menara and Tanger-Ibn Batouta Airport.

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