The Republic of Britannia and france

  • History up to 2027

    Our founding: 2010-2019

    our grand nation was founded by prisoners exiled to Northern ireland, after being sent there for treason toward queen and country.

    They then gathered up suppoters in the form of northern irish protestants just fed up of the "irish" irish attacking them because they wern't catholic, and then, invaded ireland with the following weapons:

    Infantry: ak-47, AT4, 4 fragmentation grenades, and light body armor

    Specialist: B 50.Cal, .357 Revolvers and medium armor

    General: 9mm Pistol, rader watch and heavy armor

    Tank: either a Sherman or the stolen British mark V (disputed)

    After the Irish War, as depicted in our french section archives, we prepared for the grand british invasion.

    We sent in covert squads of exactly 25 IFTY, 9 SPCLST, and 1 generals and 3 tanks, masquerading as Museum exhibits or civilians, to all major towns waiting for paratroopers and our "Normandy's" at Aberyswyth, cornwall, bristol, portsmouth and a small diverson in skegness and our 5th and main landing area, in the mersey up to liverpool

    That day happened on the birthday of our British President, November 21st 2014 with the song Preussens Gloria playing on the battle fields as our battle cry.

    Note: all men had 4 flashbang grenades and a sharp peice of glass with the sand replaced with ice cold cyanide, for a suicide method in the unlikely case of capture, added to their equipment as of Christmas 2014

    our most famous event is the battle of the Trent on the 17th october 2016, where the british, repeating a mistake made nearly 100 years earlier, sent their forces from their hiding places to await our artillery and machine guns.

    only 1,000 of our men were lost that day, while minimal damage was done to chesterfield and surrounding townships, the british army retreated with only 1/10 of its 2,000,000 man army escaping to lincolnshire.

    Two years follow that famous battle and addition losses to our casualties, with foolish france joining the side of the british after a misguided shell from the battle of Kent, a Naval battle, specifically from the battleship HMS LondonDerry flew toward france, and exploded above calais, injuring three citizens.

    Even WITH french limited support, we managed to make other invasions of dunkirque, britanny and marseilles, while we placed seiges on paris, lyons and Cannes, while we tried to finish the war with the UK.

    Additional landings on the isle of wight, cardiff, and aberdeen put the british into enough pressure to finally surrender, so a few days after that we finished the war with france by invading paris with our forces.

    They officially surrendered in a canal boat on the Somme River in France, with delegates from all four nations (ROI included) signing the following terms:

    _The UK of great Britain and Gibraltar will become part of the Commenwealth (now Empire) of Britannia And France, along with france and all overseas posessions of both nations (aside from the French guinea, who was subjugated to Guyana the following year)

    the only nation that deosn't recognize us as a nation is the U.S.A, and we sternly reminded them that we conquered two nations in four years, so One nation shouldn't be a problem, and they backed off since then, scared at the prospect of war.

    The territories that we now own are:

    french polynesia, new caledonia and clipperton island (South Pacific Colony)
    corsica (mediterranian Colony)
    saint pierre and miquelon (north Atlantic Colony)
    the french and british antarctic claims

    Gibraltarshire (just gibraltar)
    St helena, Tristan De cuhna and asencion island (South Atlantic Colony)
    The falkland isles & south georgia and ther south sandwhich isles (Antarctic island Colony)
    the dominion of Bermuda And Montserrat (caribbian Colony)_

    In 2025, a war broke out between the nations of syvorji and royal calothonia.

    To protect democracy for all its worth, after clearing up some misunderstandings, entered the war 3 days into it.

    We sent forces toward Neb Visen mountain base and occupied it, along witha stretch of the eastern coastline.

    We recorded tapes in Former president Hillerson's office:

    _Presidential office
    2nd november 2025

    "Good god, gone how long has this war been going on?"

    "About 3 days sir, the communist pig-dogs are attacking our capitalist brethren!"

    "Get me the general of the britannian Guard!"

    "Yes sir."

    "Yes sir, what do you need?"

    "How many Guard can you spare?"

    "Why sir?"

    "There is an incident in Calathonia."

    "Sir, we're spread thin here fighting the IRA."

    "Yes, sir. How many?"

    "I think 40,000 will do."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Looks like you don't have to live under my shadow anymore. I'm sending 40,000 veterans of our French way over to Calathonia and you are the only one I can trust with this mission."

    "Yes sir."

    Hillerson stayed in BAF, commanding the battlefield

    we sent over 3 battleships, 10 submarines to assist in the naval war.

    Presidential office 3rd november 2025

    "okay, what is the airborn status report?"

    "they are reaching the calathonian mountains now, if the syvorians get there, we'll give the order to attack"

    "very good"
    "and remind them not to attack anything calathonian"
    "yes sir"
    "and send the londenderry, aberdeen and liverpool and 10 submarines there on the double"
    "as your wish sir"
    presidential office 4th november 2025
    "send the troops on the way to calathonia to change course to syvorji, and pull out our forces at the former to go to the latter"
    "copy sir"
    After a radar misconseption, kylarnatian battleships mistaken for syvorji ones, Hillerson saw that the nation Post War America pulled out of the war after more and more sinking.
    "sir, why are we not attacking?"

    "because we need to bring down the bloody wall first, thats why"

    "why dont you bombard the hell out of it?"

    "because we dont know what its made of, it could be tin foil or titanium or even marble. Bladcirk!"

    "yes sir" said bladcirk

    "research the syrvorjin wall, see what its made of, and i'll give you dual citizenship of here and calathonia in exchange for 3 years salary"

    "oh thank you sir" said bladcirk as he ran of happily to research the wall_
    and BAF aims of the war were the occupation SDA Kabesu (a remote but large military base in syrvorji that gives policing duties of neb visen mountain) by the BAFAF (Britannia and france armed forces), and will support all calathonian war aims until the crisis is over, when we shall send troops to occupy said base in exchange for getting rid of troops in calathonia and returned policing duties to said monarchy.
    Although plans couldn't pass
    but this telegram was sent to the leaders

    _To: Empress Catherine II of Royal Calathonia and Tsar Yuri Volte Hyuga of Kylarnatia
    From: President Peter Hillarson Of The empire of Britannia and france

    we have landed forces on neb visen mountain near the sivorjin coastline, NNE of the capital
    our 35,000 man invasion has flanked the sivorjin from the east.

    we hope this information has proved useful to the both of you.

    yours sincirely: Peter Hillarson, 2nd president of the EBAF_

    after a request to keep the men camped in the mountains from kylarnatia, hillarson agreed.

    Woke up in a cold sweat from a nightmare of surrendering syvorijin men, then double crossing the soldiers to kill them, Hillarson boarded his suite on the Aircraft carrier BAFRN Aberyswyth, and fell asleep to find that a battle had begun, Hillarson self evacuated in a wooden liferaft with him carrying the mysterious document.

    After washing up in the midst of a battle between Calathonia and Syvorjin forces on the western beach, Calathonian forces noticed him, with us promptly sending over a 1,000 man strike force to rescue him, only for the Calathonians to turn rouge, kill our forces and Holding the president hostage, though they insist they did no such thing.

    The acting president, under James Marshall Kennaway, pulled out all armed forces, and the war.

    A Few days later, in light of this treachery by a democratic nation to another democratic nation, Hillerson was brutally murdered in a proletarien coup de tat under Vladimir Pomarov, a russian immagrant who was Hillerson Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    He ruled the country with an iron fist, but he died a few months later of Pancreatic Cancer, Democracy was restored to the British Isles under Stanley Adrien Mole Jr, who ruled as President and King Regent, until aboolishing the mocarchy on the 20th of april 2026

    General Information

    Official name: The Republic of Britannia and France
    Common Name: Britannia (and france)
    Capital: London
    Population: 11,000,000
    Government type: Presidential Democracy
    Homeworld: Earth
    Literacy Rate: 97%
    Average age Age: 50
    Demonym: Brench or Fritish
    Race: white or black
    Founded: 3rd September 2010 (communist coup d'etat on 21/1/30, Democratic Revolution 18/4/31)
    Motto: Death to Calathonia (Our Sworn enemy) And Valencia (threw us out of an alliance, for maiong a scathing remark about the former)
    National Anthem: Tipperary
    National Sport: Soccer
    Civil Rights: some
    Economy: Reasonable
    Political Freedoms: avergage
    WA member: Yes
    Official language: English (british of American accents)/French
    Tech: MT

    **Religion **
    Christianity: 80%
    Islam: 3%
    Judaism: 7%
    Atheism: 9%

    Currency: Pound Sterling (?)
    Exchange rate: ?1 = $.60
    Currency code: BFP
    Tax Rate: 75%
    Unemployment Rate: 8%
    GDP Per Capita: ?45,800
    GDP: ?268,000,000,000,000,000.
    Minimum Wage: ?7.00 under 16
    ?9.00 16-21
    ?13 Over 22
    Economy: Free Market
    Private Business (Allowed or Nationalized): Allowed
    Major Industry: Arms Manufacturing/Were just Lucky

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