Governamment Of the Left-Handed Democratic Republic

  • Governamment of the Republic

    President of the Republic: Juan Manuel Prieto González
    Vice-President of the Republic: João Ferreira Guterres

    President of the Ministry's Council: Luke Smith


    Minister of Gobernation: Luis Figueras
    Minister of Exterior Action: Joe Williams
    Minister of War: Jorge Gutierrez
    Minister of Regional Work: Luther Webber
    Minister of Wealth and Family: Marta Díaz
    Minister of Education and Universities: Maria Ramos
    Minister of Justice: Alekséi Petrov
    Minister of Economy: Victor Campo
    Minister of Industry and Science: Gonzalo Martin
    Minister of Infrastructures: Daniel Jackson
    Minister of Rural Advances: Jessica Johnson
    Minister of Migrations and Borders: François Vermont

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    Governamment of the Republic

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