House of Commons Endorses Mountenbourg-UK Free Trade Agreement (MUKFTA)LONDON --- The Secretary of State for International Trade and Development, Priti Patel, with the backing of the House of Commons at a 418-10 majority passed the adoption of the Montenbourg-UK Free Trade Agreement as negotiated by the British Prime Minister Theresa May and her counter part, Xavier Bettel in Montenbourg. The Prime Minister was available for immediate comment:"It is a landmark agreement and I hope it brings northern Europe agreement and prosperity throughout this year and many years to come. The United Kingdom and Montenbourg have come to realise that we share more in common compared to what many think divides us, and our nations will continue to march together as friends into the future," Mrs. May said before the vote on the free trade agreement came to Parliament after the Senate handed its recommendations down. Labour Leader Emily Thornberry also hailed the landmark achievement of the deal while pushing the Government to do more to ensure that workers in the United Kingdom would not be abandoned for cheaper labour in Montenbourg."Though their economic growth has been encouraging and noteworthy, it is still an established fact that it is cheaper to pay workers in Montenbourg vs. their British counterparts and no where in this deal are there safeguards against companies sending their jobs offshore and to Montenbourg," Thornberry said in her reply to the Prime Minister, one of the first high profile statements she has made in the House of Commons since becoming Labour Leader in May.