Kligenberg Announces Boutique Rename and First Fashion AmbassadorHeiress Lady Luciana Wentworth, heiress to the £500 million estate of the Marquess of Rockingham and the current President of Wentworth & Co., the largest luxury realty company in the United Kingdom.LONDON --- Renata Kligenberg-Windsor, Duchess of Kent and fresh off of her marriage to Emily Blunt, has announced a change of her boutiques. The boutiques, formerly simply "Renata Kligenberg" will now have a name bearing Reveries, the French term for musings. When asked about the decision, the Duchess of Kent said:"I have a lot that I have done in fashion, a lot that I have done as a political figure, and a lot that I have done as a member of the Royal Family. All of these experiences plus my marriage to the love of my life have given me a lot to think about and it has changed the outlook of both the brand that is Renata Kligenberg and my designs. As a result, I wanted to rename my boutiques to Reveries, as it is truly a reflection of the thoughts that I have mulled over the last two years."The most outspoken Royal Family member, the Duchess of Kent has served on the European Commission and European Council as a fairly progressive voice, the fashion designer has opened RK Limited and has made nearly £5.1 billion in the last year, rocketing it to the top of UK department store chains. As a result, the Duchess of Kent has felt ready to continue to expand the couture boutiques in London, Mertz, St. Dominico, Sydney, and Verington with a new couture boutique opening in Angleter and Montenbourg by the end of 2018.The Reveries boutiques will offer the following lines for men and women:Veuve Noir - women's gowns, dresses, couture, and red carpet looksAudace - women's boutique fashions and custom outfitsExtase - men's suits, couture, and red carpet looksProphétie - men's boutique fashions and custom outfitsThe announcement also included British heiress Lady Luciana Day as First Fashion Ambassador, shown at a photo shoot in County Galway, Ireland.