Politics: Liberals Looking to Sweep England, Key Councils After Surprising Poll TrendNEWCASTLE, PORTSMOUTH, and BIRMINGHAM --- New polling looks to deliver Theresa May and key council seats across the UK in the local and English Assembly elections. The three assemblies in England (Southern England [excluding London], Central England, and Northern England) are looking to be swept by the Liberal Party with Labour's leadership election casting much into doubt, with the result being announced April 14th as voting is going on this whole week via post ballots. As such, the Liberal Party have been doing better campaigning around England, with the Prime Minister showing up in key areas of support. "The UK Government, complimented with Liberal councils and Liberal assemblies will deliver on our promises to bring prosperity and jobs to England and our whole United Kingdom and make sure that we have public services that get the most out of what we pay for them unlike Labour's vision of bloated, inefficient, and oversaturated public services," the Prime Minister said in Portsmouth. Holding power in Southampton, Leeds, and Birmingham is important for the Liberals, 3/7 under their control is not as bad as 2/7, and bowling a century against Labour in the council elections would be a good sign for a popular Government that seemed to overlook the regional election in Ireland.