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  • The World Factbook of the European Union.

    [ Deceased Nations ]

  • The sole and supreme legislative body of the European Union - each member-state has one vote.

    [ Passed Legislation | Office of the Speaker ]

    Passed Legislation Office of the Speaker

  • The judicial authority of the European Union.
    Judges' Secret Chambers

  • The political groups of the European Council.

    [ EPA | EL ]

    European Progressive Alliance European Liberals

  • The home of the war system, all international and civil wars, military affairs, terrorist conflicts, etc.

    [ War Lists ]

    War Lists

  • Meeting rooms for international organisations.

    [ EUBC ]


  • For the more NS-focussed aspects of the region.

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    WA Delegate EU Security Council Eurocorps Office of the Founder

  • Established embassies of other regions. Apply for an embassy in the EU here.

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