ELECTIONS TOMORROW GIVES A MINOR ADVANTAGE TO PRESIDENT JESÚS AGUILAR President Jesús Aguilar in the Campaing Clousure act this friday Yes, we were authorised by the Electoral Goverment to make this article. The electoral law in Spain, that many parties have promised that they will change if they get to the power, says that the media can't publish any tracking about the election. But, after talking with them, all media today have been authorised to do that exactly, being the 1st time that this become true. So, what would be the results tomorrow? 5 Candidates, 5 Possible Winners If Spanish people knows something about the winner of this elections, the only thing they know is that he will have to coallide with other parties to be the President Of Our Nation. This stage, that it's the first time ever that happens, brought 3 new parties, Ciudadanos, Unidas Podemos and VOX, this last 2, extreme left and extreme right parties respectively. The results would be this: PP: 100 PSOE: 95 C's: 54 VOX: 40 UP: 30 ERC: 11 PNV: 6 JxCAT: 5 Compromís: 3 EH BILDU: 2 Navarra Suma: 2 CC: 1 PACMA: 1 The PACTS On the right parties side, the sum will give this result: PP+C's+VOX+NS+CC= 197 And on the left parties side, we have 2 options: PSOE+UP+Compromís= 128 PSOE+UP+ERC+PNV+JxCAT+Compromís+EH BILDU+PACMA= 153